Length: 51:22
Voice: Mistress Mia

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30 reviews for Flustered

  1. Rob288

    Thank you mistress for me it’s a double whammy first one was Mia’s chastity pet now this one on top I’m totally yours now and there is no way out or back but I love it l obay and submit to my Mistress Mia ♥️

  2. GuyC_UK

    relaxed and blissful even when led to such a conundrum, Thank you Mistress

  3. Fence

    This file is a very powerful tool if you’re curious about the idea of staying denied for Mistress. Very worth a listen.

  4. Monline

    Tease and denial, a real pleasure to be hypnotised and tormented once again.

  5. mattintrance

    This is one of those sessions that just has to be experienced to be believed, and even then…
    Mistress Mia captured me, lulled me, teased me, soothed me, tormented me, reduced me to a quivering helpless puppy. Now, I sometimes don’t even get to listen to the session, because I go into trance from looking at the cover art alone. And once I’m in trance, I’m all Mia’s. She has Her hands on all the control centers in my mind. And the only objective is Her pleasure. It’s magic.
    142 (ARA)

    (Mistress–My apologies for the duplication. This was edited to clarify ARA)

  6. mattintrance

    This is one of those sessions that just has to be experienced to be believed, and even then…
    Mistress Mia captured me, lulled me, teased me, soothed me, tormented me, reduced me to a quivering helpless puppy. Now, I sometimes don’t even get to listen to the session, because I go into trance from looking at the cover art alone. And once I’m in trance, I’m all Mia’s. She has Her hands on all the control centers in my mind. And the only objective is Her pleasure. It’s magic.

  7. geowill

    I’m not even sure if I understand what just happened to me. I know that I am not the one in control

  8. Jalang

    Erotic tease sessions like Flustered are among my favorite at TheHypnoMistress.

    Being teased and ultimately denied by such a powerful hypnotist is such a thrill. It reminds you that Mistress Mia’s control is very real.

    If you enjoy the sound of that then Flustered is for you. And when you’re done listening, you should follow it up with Mia’s Magic Show (the best tease and denial session on THM). And when you’re done listening to that, you should come back to Flustered and experience Mia’s control all over again.

  9. 731

    Starting this session you’re welcomed by the beautiful and soft voice of Mistress Mia. Her words bring you quickly in a state of relaxation which is always a nice and pleasant feeling. Like you expect it won’t be the only purpose of this session. Your submission will be increased, and the grasp Mistress Mia will have over you as well. You will give up control of something that brings so much pleasure, but will be replaced by something that even brings more pleasure. I would definitly advise you try it out if it’s of your interest! -731

  10. 845

    I never felt so frustrated and utterly defeated in my surrender but at the same time oh so so wonderful. What a beautifully torturing circle of Frustration. At the same time I‘m so confused it feels like I have no own will anymore and everything I do is decided by Mistress it’s not my cock anymore it’s totally hers and she can apparently do with it and me whatever she wants and determines to be the right way. Thank you for turning my brain upside down!
    – 845 (ARA)

  11. Subjekt81

    Are you ready to pay the price that will be asked of you? If you like tease and denial like me, this session is a must have!!!
    I want spoil anything, but this one leaves you very aroused, and frustrated afterwards: Flustered…
    Hot session Mistress Mia,
    5 stars!!!

  12. Jude

    Really great session that would leave you truly flustered

  13. Chrissy

    It is difficult to compare due to the depth of the trance, but I believe this to be certainly one of the most pleasure giving sessions I have experienced to date. Masterfully powerful delivery ending in delicious frustration. 863

  14. David

    A really sexy and devious session. I am anticipating greatly how the results of this file play out. I was kindly given the FDC version of the file but am now curious as to what the regular version ends with so many have to request… Thank you for the experience Mia -172

  15. 968

    Mistress has given me a gift with this trance, and perhaps I have a bit more understanding of my submissive nature.

    What could ever compel someone to surrender all control of their pleasure response to anyone? The answer is Mistress Mia.

    I listened again, unable to escape the compulsion and dropped so much deeper. No fear, no trepidation, just a desperate need to feel submission overtake me and willing to pay any price for the pleasure that Mia gives me when I submit.

    The question that was posed was what would I give? Anything Mistress, to feel the pleasure of submitting to you I will give anything. Mistress Mia, I submit, I will pay your price, thank you for my gift of losing control.


  16. Hammy

    The thrill of giving up such an essential part of one’s pleasure to Mistress Mia far outweighs the pleasure of reaching orgasm on my own, during the file there were many times where I came close to orgasm even if I was stroking slowly the whole time, Mistress Mia’s voice only added fuel to the fire.

    I realised I am unreliable with my cock, which is a tool submissive boys like myself born with that should be used to bring amusement to dominant woman, I was foolish, and Mistress Mia showed me a path to take where I can fulfill my duty as a submissive boy by giving up my orgasm to her, so with the bluest ball and blankest mind, thank you Mistress Mia for pointing me in the right direction to a life of submission.


  17. Nick

    Now that I’m at the end of selection for FDC Enigmata, this file has poured gasoline on a tinderbox.
    I have a feeling that it’s setting me up for a moment that will push me fully out of control.
    Thank you Mistress Mia

  18. Alex

    I love the curse Mistress Mia puts on my cock. My cock is just a mere toy for her to get easy access to my mind.

  19. David

    This sounds incredible, thank you -172

  20. 754

    What a powerful session this is – Mia’s silky, velvety voice explaining that the chance for the most powerful orgasm of your life shouldn’t go begging. But of course, there is a price to pay.

    After listening to this session, I was definitely getting Flustered. Yet I couldn’t resist the suggestions Mia had implanted in my mind. Without going into detail, expect a very sexy period in your life ahead.

  21. 864

    This is an immensely enjoyable tape.
    Makes you want to listen to more and more tapes.

  22. Tharasmund

    I started this audio with mixed feelings. Nervous and excited at the same time. And what should I do with this warning?
    What would I sacrifice for the chance to completely loose all control to Mistress Mia? I don’t think I can answer this thrilling question in general, yet but during this session there was not much left I would not.
    Melting my mind is an accurate description to what happend to me. Giving up all control was just so easy and satisfying turning into a massive pleasure of arousal. And wow, this warning should be taken as what it is: Serious. The effect of denial worked frightening good for a period of time. What a hot experience here at THM again.

  23. Abe

    Mia’s mind games, the longer they go, the better they feel, the better they are. Flustered is definitely a session that is meant to play longer, to stroke to even longer, yes, there is JOI instructions but definitely so far from climax and that’s where the fun is. The things we do under Mia’s command, to serve, to obey and play such a sexy fun game as this. I felt as if my entire body was locked into chastity, overflowing and overwhelmed by pleasure and arousal in one of the hottest sessions ever created by Mistress Mia.

  24. LC

    One of the things I’ve learned here at the HypnoMistress is to take Mia’s warnings seriously. So if you don’t want to experience the most wonderful orgasm of your life maybe you should pass on this one. I’ve heard Mia say that she can’t make someone do anything they really don’t want to do, but this session again leaves me wandering: “If she can do this what else could she do”.

    Thank You Mistress Mia

  25. Braxton


    What can I say? I love to be teased and tormented by my Mistress. This session is wickedly sexy! Flustered is a session that left me so aroused.

    Great job Mia.

  26. RonC4880

    I relinquished control of my mind and body until there was nothing left to surrender, and had became weak and vulnerable. I was subjected to a complete body erotic experience and was conditioned to be sensitive to touch. Then, repetitive finger snaps and a trigger word repeated over and over again that was targeted to increase the level of pleasure until the experience was elevated to an unbearable level.

    The session is worth everything it costs, and it is a price that will be paid over time.

  27. Dale Roads

    This sessions description provides the context. That is, are you willing to pay the price for ‘undoings pleasure’?

    Huh? To the uninitiated this sounds cryptic, a bit hyperbolic, no? Well, in that case maybe this is not the session for you. As they say “baby-steps”, pick something that starts you down the first few steps of the Spiral Staircase because this session requires a certain level of initiation, otherwise it won’t seem more than a moments tickle by your doorman’s hand while the real show only plays within.

    On the other hand, if your response to the description already has your cock climbing your leg, has you feeling an almost anguish of anticipatory pleasure, then you have no choice but to proceed.

    Anguish? … because you are aware that you are playing beyond your depth and losing your way. Soon, helpless, you will have no libido except as directed by your Mistress. No self-directed pleasure, no personal relationship will do, will be strong enough, can compare. Ruined. Fathom that from your bottle on her shelf – stick around and that will be more than an allusion.

    The only protection is dullness or a lack of preparation. Read the reviews below I hardly need to say more than … me too. And yet we are still but cookies browning in her oven, most not yet ready to be favors served at her parties.

  28. Taigh

    Oh my goodness. I’ve been on this loop for days now. I’ve already lost count of the times I’ve been caught by this file, on the edge of cumming one minute and then coming around minutes later with a soft and flaccid member. Floppy and flustered, wanting to try again for that elusive orgasm and suspecting I already know what’s going to happen.
    I’m not sure how long it will take for the suggestion to wear off, or if I even want it to. Right now it feels like its only getting quicker each time. Like a male yoyo going up and down on a string. That string wrapped around Mistress Mia’s finger.

  29. James

    As a longtime listener and plaything of Mistress Mia, this may be my absolute favorite recording. These 50 minutes highlight Mistress Mia at the height of her craft. After a few minutes, I’m already fully hypnotized and under her control. She then ramps it up with mantras and hypnotic triggers that cause me to quiver and buck with pleasure. By the time she gets to the finger snaps, I’m awash in ecstasy. The only thing holding me back from orgasm is knowing that Mia hasn’t commanded it yet. By the end, I know to my very core that I will do anything and everything Mistress Mia tells me to do.

    I’ve listened to this file every night, and I still can’t get enough of it. 2024 is clearly going to be the best year yet for Mistress Mia and all of her lucky toys.

  30. Orella

    Oh my! What a start to 2024.

    Flustered has a sensational cover that is irresistible.
    I love seeing a session with a warning, this actually makes me feel a greater pull to listen to the session to experience the exquisite control of the wonderful Mistress Mia.

    I have total trust in Mistress Mia, I love the feelings that flood through me when I relinquish control to her.

    My answer to the sessions opening question is simply ‘anything Mistress’.

    I have loved every moment of being Mistress Mia’s chastity pet for quite a long time now, and this session is so perfect for intense tease and denial.

    This session is extra teasing for me as I am locked in no touch chastity. I am so deeply lost in the need and desire to obey Mistress Mia, consumed by the need to be a pleasing pet lost in the pleasure and arousal of obedience. Obedience is pleasure. All I can do is float on my imagination lost in deeply aroused frustration desperate to physically follow Mistress Mia’s instructions, I so desperately need to beg for permission to touch.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for permitting me to be your chastity pet.
    Thank you for playing with me and for this intensely exquisite frustration, thank you for the tease and denial that is such sweet torment.
    Thank you for the opportunity to please, amuse and arouse you Mistress.

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