Length: 36:23

Voice: Mistress Anja

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4 reviews for Foot Lover

  1. Dale Roads

    I am finding a real attraction for Anja. I know that she is for real, that she likes pulling on our short hairs, making us respond , taking us deeper into our attachment to THM, and to herself.

    Such an excellent session from the first “awakening moment” within her trance at the corner of Spiegel and Dream Street, to my final “re-awakening” finding myself lying in my dreaming chair. Even then I just could not move for a while, lost in a marvel of wonderment and memory, then to slowly, luxuriously, stretch, before rising to face the mostly lessor reality of the “first world” and shake my head, THM, you just can’t escape. And now more than ever

    Turning right onto Spielgel St, I am walking down a tree lined Boulevard in the fashionable part of a city. There are sophisticated women passing by each way wearing expensive clothes of various styles, heels, stockings, leather pants and thigh high boots, sun glasses. Oh God! Anja describes it all, and I can’t help but respond. But then she gets really unfair as she triggers me by calling out the shops I am passing, the FLR Night School for Women, Club Déjà Vu, and the store, For Her Pleasure, where she stops me to point out a window display. The display features a “little” man figurine on his knees seemingly worshipping the toes of a pair of tall, red, lady’s boots. The way Anja emphasizes that word “little” really gets me, and with an increased awareness, I feel that she is making ME ‘little’, and that even as I shudder in my belly, I like it.

    I cannot go on describing things in detail so I will just say that we finally end up in the offices of THM, where I present a letter from Mia, and voiced by Mia herself. Mia is presenting me for lessons in foot and heel worship. This is where Anja takes me aside to another room and where I realize that Anja, in her voice presence, can take REAL control.

    I know, I know, it is just a recording, she is not here, she does not know me; but, she does know that there are boys like me out here, and she does know that we can be influenced, made more ‘little’, more submissive, weaker, and that is enough for both of us, anonymous though we are …. until now.

    Anja takes sexual control of me and, using her shoes, her stockings, her bare feet, she makes me love sick, as she laughs at me, and it is a very real laugh. She touches me with her feet, she makes me lick, and suck, and fuck, and makes me repeat words for her. Right up until …

    Honestly, even now I cannot help but reminisce, as I fall into a detailed recollection … and arousal. Well then, I hope that this is recommendation enough, Anja is a truly dominate woman, and a talented hypnotist and voice actress. I really need to listen again, perhaps right now.

  2. Braxton

    Mistress Anja delivers again in this sexy session. Such a tease.

    Wonderful job Anja.

  3. lorenzo

    There are several things I really like about this Anja Session. 1st its the storytelling at the start mostly. Going on an hypnotic triggered errand with a vague memory, that whole concept is so sexy to begin with. And then 2nd the fantasy of entering the THM office is just completely wild.

    And 3rd but certainly not least, Anja I just can’t get enough of the sound of her voice and how she talks and mesmerizes in such a playful and teasing way. I love THM‍

  4. Orella

    What a joy it is to listen to this latest session from Mistress Anja. To let go and sink into her deliciously sexy voice.

    A sexy journey to where I belong, worshipping at her beautiful feet, worshipping exquisite heels in the hope of being permitted to tribute to Mistress Anja. Knowing if given permission that it will amuse and please her to watch as I lick up the sticky mess, tongue polishing her shoes, cleaning my creamy mess from her beautiful feet, toes and sexy exquisitely polished toenails.

    I loved the flood of memories and deep feelings that were triggered as Mistress Anja made mention of places I have visited in other wonderful THM sessions.

    As Mistress Anja’s voice weaves and crafts the imagery in my mind with her words, taking me to and then within the THM Office I experienced delicious intensely aroused feelings….
    No spoilers here, you really need to experience this session for yourself.

    Thank you, Mistress Anja, for taking me on this delicious exquisitely arousing journey, I love being in my proper place worshipping at your beautiful feet Mistress.

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