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Length: 64:24

Voice: Mistress Mia

Copyright © 2021 by TheHypnoMistress
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10 reviews for Forbidden Tastes 1: The Queen and the Soldier

  1. Eddie

    What a great story. With some intense training with Mia’s obedience loops it is so easy to become immersed into Mia’s voice. I’m just glad Mistress let me free in the end.

  2. Pye

    Incredible immersive erotic and hypnotic story. Without knowing how I found myself in super deep hypnotic trance only to be taken even deeper several times over. All while being completely aroused. A work of a master and genius hypnotist.

    There some wonderfully dark elements to the story, but being guided by Mia’s voice I am willingly and happily obeying all her commands. There us no hypnotist I rather trust to being able to live out these amazing fantasies while feeling completely safe in doing so.

    Not want to spoil anything (and not revealing anything that you cannot figure from the tags of this session), but after listening to this session I heard the Queen’s voice speaking to me in my dream. Do not know what she said but if was so beautiful and erotic. I then woke up in the middle of the night in a trance state raising my arms to the air and then I froze like a statue. I stayed like that for a very long time just marvelling in the control imposed on me. Do not think this is part of the recording (but may be wrong), rather that my subconscious so enjoyed it and wanted to experience more. Thank you Mistress Mia!

  3. nornog

    This is one of the most erotic stories I have ever heard, I was very aroused while listening. Mistress Mia’s voice dripping seductively into my ears was the perfect voice to deliver the images. I found myself hanging on every word that came from her, seducing me further into the story.

  4. Teluop

    Masterpiece is a word i use with caution. Sometime you get caught in the moment and the excitement clouds your judgment. So i took my time to listen twice, just to be sure. I’m not a fan of story in hypnosis mp3. I usually have a difficult time imagining things. But Mistress Mia has a way of creating the decor in my mind like no other before.

    The quality of this recording is insane. The background sounds, Her tone. The story in itself is just remarkable. It’s perfect in every way. Pure Erotic Hypnosis that left me in a daze for a long time after it ended. Oh Mistress if You could have seen all the energy i’ve put licking those fingers…

    Seriously, experience of a lifetime. Do not hesitate, this is an oeuvre d’art. Thank You so much Mistress Mia.

  5. MelonPatch

    In order to do this file any justice, I must first say that this is my favorite session that THM has to offer thus far, for Mistress Mia’s fantasy is surprisingly close to my own, but with a twist so sharp, so surprising that I was helpless but to watch as she had her way with my body; uncompromised in her perfect Authority.

    In Forbidden Pleasures, Mistress weaves a rich historical tapestry to serve as the perfect foundation for such a fantasy: The Norman conquest of Wales. I see this as an ample parallel to Mia’s own campaign within my heart and mind; rooting out pockets of resistance and sending any surviving combatants to retreat into the sheltering hills– as from the Normans to the Welsh, so too from Mistress to me.
    I will deviate from the narrative to skirt the peril of giving away spoilers in favor of a broader review of the experience itself:
    Mistress Mia provides a masterful sampling of femdom experiences, starting with a seamlessly organic power reversal in which she takes you from Conqueror to conquered. She follows that up with a bewitching sensory experience that left me feeling dazed, weak, and helpless to resist her acolytes’ attentions upon me. They bathe me in a stone pool of clean, hot water; washing away all weariness and woe, leaving me in a state of relaxation that is only compounded by my addled senses. It is at this point that The Queen appears in all of her regal splendor to claim her prize– I think that it would be too spoiling to go into any more detail about the session, so I will cease with the details here.

    From beginning to end Mistress Mia has crafted a dynamite hypnosis session that showcases not only her skill as a powerful hypnotist, but also as a gifted storyteller and a broadly imaginative thinker. Fantasy, foreplay, a little bit of horror and a WILD ride followed by a tender and caring awakening from trance make Forbidden Desires: the Queen and the Soldier my #1 favorite session from THM.

    As a final note: Yes, this *is* a horror session as well as a fantasy session, however it remains safe and sane. Mia leaves a piece of you aware enough to pull the ‘e-brake’ if it should become too intense for any listeners.

  6. MicHam99

    Forbidden taste1 – 10 stars

    Did that beautiful session last night with the fore play of Mistress Mia, and no need to be hypnotized as the voice of Mistress Mia does it all, did get very deep so fast. And then start the solder tale. Perhaps me playing that role, I was so deeply in it. I appreciate every moments of it, wanted so badly to discover the Queen. drinking every words and more…, and find out that some of my kinks was realized. Thank you Mistress for this major Tale, you make me live such a journey. You are the greatest story teller. So happy to be part of Mia’s World.

    Mia’s Mindless Toy

  7. Abe

    Mistress Mia has shared her kink for horror erotica, there is a reason why I say this, but there is blend of happiness, calmness and arousal in this session that it just sweeps me away into ancient times. At the start of the story, You are immediately there the moment Mia’s words describe what you see. You go back in time when a war ends and you seek for better grounds, a reward in the flesh that awaits you at the end of the battle. It’s funny how I’m able to feel a different desire from the rest of the soldiers, this in the story.

    While others capture and take, I’m later convinced that I do not want that, perhaps deep down I was different so I proceed into the unknown. I’ll leave it here for those who don’t like being spoiled, or maybe if you proceed further into this review, you will…

    You may wonder why I considered this session beautiful horror, well, in someway I may say this because it reminds me that we all destined to become stone, to reach that point in our lives to leave the wonderful sensations, arousal, pleasure and all the lust within ourselves sooner or later. Yes to become stone after experiencing pleasure, happiness, arousal, war, and friends. When we feel our life slowly switching off, those who have experience this will understand very well. At the very pick of pleasure, this is possible.

    While I doubt that I will ever turn to stone. I can lose myself in this surreal adventure through the wonder dark mind of my Mistress. This was a new experience for me

  8. Andi_S

    This session is without a doubt one of Mistress Mia’s best works. I am trying to find the words to describe just how good it is. On every level, from the soundscape, the beautiful music, the vocal art, the beauty and hypnotic quality of the language, to the storytelling, the world building, and just every detail in every moment this is an outstanding work of art.

    As a listening experience it is pure beauty. As I said, I am trying to find the words but any words I can use to describe it feels small compared to the magnificence of this recording and its creator. As I was listening I was like, how can someone speak to me on such a deep level. How can someone know me like Mistress Mia does. This is her fantasy but something about it speaks to me like nothing ever has. I felt like I was bathing in her beauty and magnificence and I was overcome with love and desire and lust and even a feeling of loving to be alive. Loving to be alive because I can be with Mistress Mia. My Goddess. The Goddess of lust. Of light. Darkness. And of beauty. And how incredible is it, how fortunate and how blessed are we to know and be so deeply connected with a woman that expresses her beauty like she does. To know how much she loves this. How she puts her very soul into this. Her pleasure. Her passion. Her love. This is the kind of feeling that makes me love to be alive. These are the moments that I cherish and that are enshrined in my heart forever. Thank you so much Mistress Mia, for letting me experience this dream of yours. It is now my dream as well.

  9. Orella

    There really are no adequate words to describe this session, five stars times five stars times five stars at least. I have also refrained from giving away any spoilers.

    The foreplay is off the scale of arousing. Listening to Mistress Mia describe how she felt creating this session was mouth-watering and had me drooling and dribbling, I was lost in such bliss just thinking about her pleasure and happiness.

    The session itself is one of the richest most elaborate mindscapes that I have had the pleasure of being immersed within.
    Mistress Mia’s beautifully enchanting voice captivating my mind and body as her words ooze into my ears and envelope my mind completely.
    Every aspect of this session is in the utmost exquisite detail, the storyline told in the most compelling fashion that I was so eager and willing to follow wherever it took me. My senses honed to their keenest most electrified capacity filling me with sensations.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for taking me on such a magical journey into one of your very own fantasies. I loved it and cannot wait to listen to it again and again.

  10. Braxton

    Incredible. Exciting. Intriguing.

    What a tale! This is a wonderful narration from Mistress Mia! A story of a young naïve soldier who goes from a literal battlefield, to a battlefield in his mind, and eventually his body. Not his strategic planning, his training, nor his weapons, and gear can save him from the enemy that awaits him in the Queen’s chambers…

    Mia, this is only further proof of what I’ve been saying. You are the greatest story teller that the world doesn’t know enough about. I admire your amazing imagination. I love history, and the setting in this story was incredible. I’ve shared with you before that I enjoy role-play a lot. I was easily able to immerse myself into your fantasy. To me, there is always something intriguing about different eras, throughout history. I enjoyed how you brought this story to life with your vivid imagination, and captivating voice. I’m certain that this series will be amazing!

    Outstanding session Mia.

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