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Length: 83:21

Voice: Mistress Mia

Copyright © 2021 by TheHypnoMistress
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9 reviews for Forbidden Tastes 2: Prohibition

  1. Ryu Dyu

    Woooow, this file really does deserve the award it received, I was asleep past the point we introduce ourselves to our FBI partner and when I woke up she was busy committing some very out of character actions and I heard HER voice. The sultry commanding and sexy voice of the Marquise filled my mind and I completely understood why she was doing what she did. At that moment even I was at the mercy of the marquises commands that I myself might’ve done some very out of character things myself.

    Her commands ringing through my head, my body paralyzed from whatever had happened to me earlier on and then, “JuJu”; I *Fall*

    From there on it was simply the way things worked with the dominant mistress. I did everything she told me to do, I obeyed her commands and I accepted blissfully everything she did to my body.

    All I can do is hope for the day I get to continue my subservience under the Marquise.

  2. pye

    This session is astonishing. No other words to simple put it. The amount of skill and dedication it takes to weave an hypnotic recording like this is more than impressive. Not only is the story in itself thrilling and captivating but add to this Mia’s enchanting and loving voice.

    As a listener, you will be completely immersed and swallowed up by this exciting hypnotic adventure. I do not know when it started but I immediately start purring as soon as I hear Mia speak. It so pleasurable to surrender to her voice whatever accent she might have. I feel so safe and protected by her energy while being cuddle up in my little safe space.

    The ending is so beautiful and almost brings a tear to my eye even thinking about it (the little I remember). I felt so happy and fulfilled when I finally was able to come back from trance. Thank you Mistress Mia for letting us explore our hypno-fetish together with you and for daring to share your personal fantasies with us.

  3. Andi_S

    Highly creative and intelligent, artistically sophisticated, highly entertaining, out of this world sexy, mind-meltingly hypnotizing – these are just some of the adjectives that come to mind when I think of this session as well as its creator. In this new installment of the Forbidden Tastes series, the magnificent Mistress Mia takes us to New Orleans during the time of prohibition to make the listener live through one of her own thrilling sexual fantasies.

    I think this session is a great artistic achievement and a new milestone in the genre of immersive hypnotic storytelling. It works as a well-written, convincing erotic story but also is a full-fledged erotic hypnotic experience that will take the listener deep into obedient trance. With over 1 hour and twenty minutes it is on the longer side for such an audio file but the time just flies by when I listen to it as I am completely immersed in this world that Mia so expertly creates in my mind.

    The sexual themes that Mistress Mia explores here are thrilling to say the least and chances are that even if you might normally be reluctant to indulge in them, the way she presents it to you will sound so desirable and sexy, that all resistance or inhibitions you might have will just melt away because it feels so much better to just give in and let her have her way with you and let her help you to become the mindless obedient plaything what you were meant to be. I love it.

    But anyway, I highly recommend that you check out this session if you haven’t as this is without a doubt one of Mistress Mia’s creatively and artistically most impressive works that will also make your head spin with how hypnotizing and your loins pulse with how sexy it is.

  4. Orella

    I love the Forbidden Tastes series and was so very eager to experience this next Forbidden Tastes journey from Mistress Mia.
    Forbidden Tastes 1 was incredible, evoking a mindscape breathtakingly rich in breadth and depth of imagery also the exquisite auditory sensations with a sensational storyline.

    Forbidden Tastes 2 – Prohibition is in two distinct parts.

    Part 1 – New Orleans
    Mistress Mia utilises her extensive hypnosis, creativity, exquisite story weaving and impressive linguistic talents to perfection in this session.
    Listening to Mistress Mia’s enchanting voice, I am easily captivated and sucked back in time to experience the culture, styles of attire, transportation, architecture and social attitudes prevalent in 1920’s America.
    After breathing life into the characters, setting the scene and bringing the background underlying story themes fully to life it is time to transition to part 2.

    Part 2 – The Marquise
    Ooh boy, wow. What can I say about this very deep, arousing and interesting experience without spoilers……..
    I have green, yellow and blue swirls washing through my mind and the rest of what happens you will need to experience for yourself.
    I cannot believe that I was enthralled for an hour as time ceased to exist and only moments seemed to have passed.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for taking me on another magical journey into one of your very own fantasies. I loved it and cannot wait to listen to it again and again.

  5. Taighdupp

    If you are NOT yet familiar with The Hypnomistress, If you are reading these reviews and wondering why it is they are all 5 star – you might easily think they are paid or fake reviews. Otherwise how could every single review be 5-Star. The hundreds of files here can’t all be perfect can they?
    If you want to know, the reason they are all getting 5 stars is that everyone is simply Intoxicated with desire for Mia.
    She creates this Adulation quite effortlessly, just by being herself.
    There are plenty of videos on the internet featuring sexy models with ASMR, or hypno files in the background. There are lots of women online doing erotic Hypnosis, some of its really quite good.
    But none of them can match Mia.
    As soon as you hear her voice you know straight away – this is different. You can forget about whether you are going to get hypnotised and just enjoy listening to her and the pictures she paints inside your mind…you’ll never be aware of the point where she takes you…its all lost in the wonder of what you are feeling, what you experience under her spell.
    Mia has shared some teasing glimpses of herself online. She really is stunningly beautiful and very sexy. Its clear from the clothes she’s wearing, her heels, her nails that she enjoys being appreciated for her appearance, the effect she can have on men with the way she looks.
    If (like me) you get excited by fantasies of being hypnotised by a Dominant female and made to submit to her erotic power, you’d probably be happy enough for someone to just do a decent professional job of faking it for you, just so you could scratch that itch, live out the fantasy, even for a moment. But when you learn about Mia, you discover that Erotic Hypnosis turns her on too. She’s just as excited to take hypnotic control and bring you to your knees in submission as you are to have someone do this to you.
    When you meet her for real, in her chat sessions, you realise that she’s devastatingly smart, two steps ahead of you as she leads you into some erotic trap that she’s set. Its easy to admit she’s won, she wins every time.
    What else can I say to explain why I am hopelessly infatuated with Mia. Intoxicated with desire and feel so lucky to have found her, to experience the pleasure of just being able to adore everything that she does.
    Listen to this session. See what all the fuss is about. Experience the magic of Mia.

  6. Alexander

    This session will leave you mindless, breathless and erect. Mistress Mia shows once again what she is capable of doing to you. The scene she sets in our minds, the story she has planned, her voice switching accents so effortlessly, I’m speechless. Take your time and listen, you won’t be disappointed.

  7. MicHam99

    FT2, what a great session, great art. My mind didn’t resist long! less than 1 minutes totally melting, I completely lost any mind control.I know that Mia can make me do anything she wants me to do. I love hearing Mistress Mia speak French, what a great talent with languages. I imagine a complete session just in French! humm that would be so crazy.

    Mistress Mia knows how to set a table….. preparing slowly all the scenes, preparing slowly your mind to absorb what she have in store for you! and as always you don’t see it coming, you don’t know… but it’s happening so fast ! Mia is the greatest Hypnos Mistress that I know. She knows exactly what she’s doing as always, what to say, how to say, the exact tone of her marvellous voice that my mind can’t resist. Thank you so much Mistress Mia.

  8. Abe

    I can’t even…

    This is one of those sessions where I have to take my time to finally land on solid ground and walk again. Even now it’s so hard to find balance and write away. I know some words will slip away and if that happens, that for my subconscious to act upon.

    What can we say about Mistress Mia? She’s many things really, endless words to describe the creative and passion she has for erotic hipnosis and erotism in general. Sure her voice is all of that but there’s so much more I need to discover.

    This start, these particular series are a craft that takes time to build and grow and wow, did Mistress Mia made me grow, inflate and finally blow. I want to grow, inflate and blow again and again.

    From the start to finish of the session, my mind absorbed so much that I simply left all my thoughts behind as I descended further and further into the 1920s, a time gap where maybe I was someone else in a past life, who knows. The story here is what’s this session is great for. It’s historic, classic and extremely unpredictable.

    My passive and calm mind fails to invoke the rightful words for this review because I’m still in that mind space that thinks I have returned but part of me still believes I’m still sucking on that glass and fucking away a hard heel as a horny female sub gets cream pied all over her lovely face by thick black cum over and over.

    I’ve been listening to this session over 10 hours and well, it finally happened. A hands free cumming.

    I don’t know how, but massive loads of cum could be seen through my jeans and it transcendent through the fabric of my boxers without a single hump or rub, but just going back and forth in the chair I was sitting on mindlessly for hours among hours. What an arousing and hot experience I did encountered. Mistress Mia is the Goddess of sex, lust, love and desire. It’s in her voice with everything she makes for us her pets. I want to hump away and fuck hells until I empty my balls and there is nothing left.

    Thank you Mistress for having me experience such pleasure in a way I never had before. This is it!

  9. lorenzo

    Another Mia masterpiece is created. The forbidden fruit serie is once again something entirely different and diverse from anything Mia, or any other hypnotist for that matter, ever created. The skill to keep being original is extraordinary on itself.

    Then this file… listening to it made some of Mia’s abilities (once again) crystal clear.

    1. She can easily control our minds in several languages/accents

    2. There is no “I would Never” with her. With the right persuasion she can make you crave/do anything. Which is in my opinion one of the most powerful forms of hypnosis

    3. The way several of my fantasies were woven in this recording, it made me feel like it was custom designed just for me. There is just something to Mia’s approach that makes it feel so personal, even when it is a roleplay like this.

    Thank You again Mia

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2 years 10 months ago

Forbidden Tastes 1 was incredible, such a rich breadth and depth of imagery and auditory sensations with a breathtaking storyline. Can’t wait to listen to Forbidden Tastes 2.