Hypnotic Ebony Goddess Dominique forces you to watch from the chair you are bound in as she pleasures herself

Length: 42:19

Voice: Mistress Dominique

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9 reviews for Frustration

  1. philmslim

    I absolutely melt when Mistress Dominique purrs “Gooood sub”, drifting deeper into the images she creates as a luxuriously frustration tease over the entire session.

    Give this session a listed and let Mistress Dominique show you what she can do when you let her control you dreams.

  2. Abe

    I was under her custody at femdom court and here I am her pleasure slave. Mistress Dominique’s voice is superb, sensual and dominant. Such a beautiful elegant Ebony Goddess is Mistress Dominique, seeking her pleasure and taking her pleasure from submissive slaves. This session is hot, keeping me in an arousing state all through to the end. Looking forward to hearing more sessions done by her,

  3. Kaii

    Thank you Mistress Dominique for making me really Frustated >.<

    Being bound helpessly, leaked and throbbing for the sake of obeying every suggestion you make really make me racked in agony and despair

    Nevertheless, as long as it gave Mistress Dominique pleasure, I'll always obey and suffer myself for you ☺️


  4. Maarten

    Welcome to THM Mistress Dominique.
    The four star lay by me, i know i can go deeper.
    Your beautiful voice leading me in trance i almost could see what you where saying i got araused relaxed and frustrated and happy that i pleased you.
    Hoping the next time i can please you More

  5. lorenzo

    Fuck. This was hot! This was really fucking hot!! I can’t believe I waited a week to listen to this one. Mistress Dominique you are an absolute natural, the hypnotic allure of your voice and the natural ooze of playful dominance just leave me absolutely addicted.
    I must admit that beautiful ebony woman were always a weakness for me and having such a body teased just out of reach and sight in such an erotic hypnotic way, is a fantastic frustrating fantasy coming to life.

    I also want to point out that this script was amazing because what wonderful weaving of words we all witnessed. It beautifully accentuated the sultry tones of Mistress Dominique.

    After such a session the only right thing to do is to beg on my knees for more of Mistress Dominique.(Pleeaaase) I’d do anything for that

  6. Taigh Dupp

    Mistress ❤️Dominique❤️
    I only gave this 4 stars because your picture and voice got me too aroused to go fully into trance.
    When I first saw your picture my legs went to jelly and I got this thrill of excitement, a rush. I must have come back here to stare at your beautiful back and your dark lips 50 times over the weekend. Just trying to imagine what you would finally sound like. When I did get my hands on this session I was a little overexcited to say the least.
    Then I heard your voice. Wow!
    You sound so incredible Mistress, your voice had me floating on a cloud from start to end So dominant, so powerfull and sexy. I have listened to this so many times now. Just soaking up your voice and your laugh , Oh my.
    I wanted you know how smitten I am. What you DID to me. I hope you will do more sessions please please and come back next year as a Judge again at Femdom Court. I would love to experience your presence so fully like that

  7. 988

    Mistress Dominique is THE best!!

  8. Orella

    I felt such a thrill of excitement when I read the May teaser on Patreon, reading that the May releases would feature Femdom Court – Enigmata Judges was so arousing and enticing.

    The prospect of hearing the voice of my Judge again evoked powerful submissive feelings flooding through my heavily imprinted and conditioned mind.

    Imagine my elation upon seeing that the first May session released was ‘Frustration’ by Mistress Dominique, what happens in Femdom Court stays in Femdom Court, but I will say that the thought of hearing the voice of my Judge again was so exhilarating.

    Dominique by name and so dominant by nature. I love being used for your pleasure Mistress; my purpose is to please you Mistress.

    I loved the mindscape that you so expertly brought to life in my imagination. It was exquisitely detailed and so vivid, Mistress. Leaving be aroused and desperate to be played with by you Mistress.

    Thank you, Mistress Dominique, thank you for creating this hot arousing tease and denial session Mistress. Hearing you voice once again was a delightful gift from a wonderful Goddess.
    Thank you, Mistress, for being a wonderful Judge during Femdom Court, I hope I was a pleasing, obedient sub for your pleasure Mistress.

  9. Bad Boy Braxton


    Frustration is a wonderful fantasy experience with Mistress Dominique. I love the level of detail she used to describe the scene, and it was very enjoyable to listen to.

    Welcome to The HypnoMistress Mistress Dominique. I did not have the pleasure of meeting you during Femdom Court, but after the program ended some of the community members raved about you and I must say, you are as good as advertised. I especially loved your pace as you told this the story. I’m looking forward to more from you in the future.

    Wonderful job Dominique.

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