Length: 1:05:03

Voice:Mistress Mia

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3 reviews for Erotic Massage

  1. Acezero

    What a moment one to revisit all the time truly claiming those stairs above the clouds of bliss heaven with the mistress.
    It all starts with falling deeper into trance I feel a warm sensation of the oils that are being rubbed into my legs and back by the mistress she has complete control over me even when she told me to climax at the end it was total bliss good that it was a dry climax but the more you listen and obey your mistress it will be real glad I belong to you mistress Mia thank you for your hard work.

  2. Orella

    I am whisked away into one of Mistress Mia’s wonderful dimensions, guided to explore the world that my Mistress creates so expertly in breath taking detail in my mind.
    I am so happy to surrender completely to Mistress Mia, always aroused intensely by her enchanting voice and so desperate to be under her control happy to obey her instructions and commands.
    I drift away into a deeply relaxed state carried on her words as I climb the staircase almost weightless as I ascend higher and higher leaving behind my cares and concerns.
    I approach the obscured figure of a woman. She becomes clearer as I approach and I behold such a stunning beauty, she speaks and I realise that I am standing before Mistress Mia. I am taken by the hand through the gate, I happily remove my clothes and lay on the massage table as instructed.
    My anticipation of her touch grows and grows until the massage begins and I cannot believe the depth of relaxation that Mistress Mia guides me into at the same time my arousal stirs deep within me building more intense with each moment that passes as Mistress Mia expertly massages my body.
    Mistress Mia removes her top and as she whispers into my ear, I feel her nipples on the skin of my back as she straddles my body, I am filled with even more aroused desire than I thought possible as the massage continues and Mistress Mia shifts her position on top of me.
    I am desperate for Mistress Mia to instruct me to turn onto my back, she removes her shorts and I am consumed with desire. The feel of my Mistress Mia’s lips on mine as she parts my lips with her tongue and nibbles my lip, the erotic massage continues to drive me wild with arousal and desire but I am helpless to touch myself, Mistress Mia is in control and I must obey.
    The whispers in my ears and the massage from Mistress Mia’s hands are heavenly. Mistress Mia takes my cock in her skilled hands and the sensations of pleasure reach hights that I have never felt before. I need to burst with aroused desperation to cum, but Mistress Mia is in complete control and I must helplessly wait for her permission before I can cum.
    I am so lost on a sea of arousal and bliss that I cannot remember who I am anymore, all that exists are Mistress Mia’s hands on my cock and balls, my Goddess of pleasure taking me to her universe of pure arousal and bliss.
    I helpless watch Mistress Mia, her hands moving between her legs. She is above me now as Mistress uses my cock to tease herself, I can no longer think, all that exists is desire and desperation for my Mistress. As my Mistress slides down onto my cock I am lost in ecstasy and I comply with her every movement so willingly, faster and faster desperately awaiting permission to cum. We climax together as Mistress Mia commands me to cum.

  3. Abe

    This is one of those sessions where you can feel Mia fully just by listening to her voice. After a hard and tired week of work one just wants to be cuddled and being taken care of through a nice massage and great sex afterwards. Mia creates the wonderful illusion of how it is to feel her hands all over your body as she relaxes you in a gentle, seductive and caring way with her voice and hands and the reward of an HFO is the happy ending everyone will be very satisfied with. I love this!

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