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Hypnosis is simply an alternate state of consciousness, like a daydream or sleep. Something you’ve already experienced many times before in your normal waking hours. In this session, you are completely safe to experience and enjoy the great feelings of erotic hypnosis without any worries or cares. With a long induction and natural transition into trance, you will be fully relaxed, and notice how easy it is to let to, and enjoy this sexual experience naturally, without any effort.

Let your mistress lead you to a place where you are safe to explore your sexual desire to be more submissive. Notice these feelings amplify with each stroke, with each word. If you have a significant other in your life, you may freely allow these feelings to belong to them as well.

Length: 27:01
Voice: Mia


Copyright © 2016 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.



4 reviews for Gentle Submission

  1. Abe

    It’s beautiful to return to this session every year. It’s been a long while since I listened to this session but now, I decided to do that, to listen again to this beautiful session where the magic of connection with my Mistress formed. If I were made to choose just one file out of the library of sessions that I’m honored to have, I would choose this to keep. To take and hold on to that connection again and again and allow those beautiful deeper emotions flow out of my eyes, the feelings of freedom, safety and home is something truly wonderful I got to feel. This is my session, there’s no other like it, every time I listen I drift and fall and cry as I remember the beautiful memories that I get to live each and every time I hear it.

    Happy in bliss…

  2. Orella

    I love sessions where Mistress Mia guides me and instructs me on how to touch myself, being sexually controlled by and totally submissive to Mistress Mia is simply heaven and intensifies all of my senses, the enhanced levels of sensation, stimulation and pleasure are indescribable.
    This session is so relaxing and takes me to a very calm state, then Mistress Mia takes me on my sexual journey of pleasure obeying her and becoming ever more aroused and submissive awaiting permission to cum.
    Since embracing life in long term chastity to Mistress Mia the occasions when I am given permission for sexual touching take all of the sensations I experience to levels I never thought possible.

  3. Abe

    This is the session where I surrendered to Mia completely for the very first time. I layed a body, an opened mind and soon later, my every emotion. It is there were I felt safe, secured by her voice and kind words. Remembering that day, and how much influence Mia has had over me since then truly makes this session the best ever I have heard…

    Thank You, Mistres…

  4. Dan 85

    This was one of the first files I tried. Highly recommend this for anyone new (and known) to Mistress Mia and this scene. Pure and blissful feel-good relaxation, masterfully guided by a true Mistress. A pleasure to the ears, mind, and body.

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