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Length: 45:04

Voice: Mistress Mia

Copyright © 2023 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

5 reviews for Go Deeper as you Obey

  1. Braxton

    The link between obedience and pleasure is always necessary. Thank you for this session.

    Phenomenal job Mia.

  2. Eddie

    This is why I continue to return time after time to your voice. Such an amazing bond we have formed as you continue to show me new depths to my mind and pleasure. With an absence of the physical world I’m not always sure where you take me. I just feel so comfortable and safe exploring the dark depths with you. In your playground held in a cocoon of your voice pleasure doesn’t seem to have limits or boundaries. Not stopping at orgasm or mindgasm but a pleasure that sweeps through the body in endless waves. Your incredible voice entices every nerve end to ignite every cell in the body all at once over and over and over. Wow thank you Ma’am

  3. Abe

    Losing myself listening to Mia’s voice is one of the greatest experiences ever in my life. There’s no greater feeling that I can feel than mindlessly obeying her instructions, and those instructions are to simply let go, not resist and simply to feel good, to feel the pleasure, that arousal she provides. A powerful and very arousing session that kept me wanting to return time and time again just losing my mind as I listened and obeyed that what she wanted me to do.

  4. mattintrance

    This is one of those lovely sessions that planted Mistress Mia’s suggestions and commands deeply and permanently into my subconscious mind. After listening to it for the first time earlier today, I had little if any recollection of what Mistress did to me. I just had a warm, pleasant feeling for several hours, before I suddenly became very aroused, and needed to immediately listen again. I drifted off again the moment I heard Mistress’s voice. I feel so wonderfully weak and helpless. I want nothing more than to be Mistress’s deeply hypnotized and brainwashed plaything.

  5. Orella

    I love the title of this session ‘Go Deeper as you Obey’. Simply reading these words resonates so very deeply within my core.

    Couple the power of these words with the beautiful irresistible captivating enchanting voice of Mistress Mia and I am lost in helpless devoted obedience awash with desire to please and obey.

    I love to go deep floating on Mistress Mia’s voice, every session of hers is wonderful to let go to and immerse myself as deep as possible within.

    I love repeating mantras as instructed, I love echoing Mistress Mia’s words in my conscious and subconscious mind and especially out loud. Such a powerful effect envelops me, embedding deeply within.

    There is a warning for those in chastity in the description of this session.
    I am lucky to be one of the chastity pets subject to the THM Cum Calendar. Sometimes I know the next date I will be allowed to sexually touch and orgasm, sometimes I have no idea when the next permission or instructions will be given.

    Imagine the intensity of this session for me as I listen to this session with instruction to obey and orgasm.
    As I press play on the session, it has been 58 days since any erect stroking or physical orgasm.
    My needy desperate desire is dialled up to maximum intensity.
    As a Gold tier chastity pet, I was given a task to perform on Saturday 28 Jan that needed to be completed by the session release on Tuesday 31 Jan in order to earn permission to touch and orgasm.

    As I hear Mistress Mia’s voice I let go as she expertly and effortlessly takes over.
    I am already in an intensely horny desperate aroused obedient submissive state.
    I go ever deeper as Mistress Mia’s voice becomes my whole world, blissfully lost in her voice and her words. Obediently responding and complying with her instructions culminating in an explosive crescendo on her command.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for taking me on this wonderful journey into deeper and deeper trance, wrapped ever deeper into obedience loving every moment under your exquisite control lost in pure pleasure by pleasing you and obeying you.

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