Length: 32:27
Voice: Mistress Mia Croft

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  1. mattintrance

    There’s an answer in here, in the lovely, deep dreams that filled my mind, carried on Mistress Mia’s voice. It’s really just the question that had eluded me somehow. Was it hypnosis, or was it seduction? I’m not sure that I’ve ever fully known, or even considered the difference, since the first time I heard Mia’s voice. All the women Mia is and has been, in each of our individual minds, have the Goddess of Love in them, adding to the inherent and unique magic of every trance. And we, the devoted pets, can rely on Her for comfort and protection through any lustful fantasy. Before I could learn that lesson, I had to sleep. Sleep more deeply than I ever thought possible, bathed in the soft, pure light of Goddess’s presence. Now I just forget, feeling only the glow of Her sensual energy. All Her suggestions are planted deep in my subconscious, permanently. And the answer is that, no matter what side of Mia we see at a given moment, the Goddess is there, pleasing us with Her own pleasure, shared graciously and lovingly with us all. And it’s beautiful.

  2. Braxton


    Goddess of Love is a very intimate session with Mistress Mia. It is a great opportunity for you to demonstrate your obedience, and restraint to her. Will you be able to resist the temptation?

    Great job Mia.

  3. Justgoodvibes

    Every once in awhile, you are pleasantly surprised by an outcome. You might have had an expectation, but things ended up differently.
    Not only was the result unexpected, but turned out even better than what you may have imagined.
    This was the case with this file.

    Imagine you have a favorite artist, whom you have history with. You’re familiar with their catalog. You always await new works with eager anticipation. Somehow, they manage to surprise you, and take you down a road, that is refreshingly different from anything you’ve known from them. Perhaps this new work had elicited a different response from you.
    This is what I love to see in artists.

    As artists evolve over time. You can look at their works, and recognize what they were about, throughout different points of their creativity. I really love where Mia is at, currently. I feel Mia is doing her best work, to date. I smile and eagerly await her next creation. It is quite possible that “The Goddess of Love “, could effect you in that way?
    The session has all the makings of a future classic.

  4. lorenzo

    To me, personally a very intimate session as only Mia can do it. It perfectly describes the form she has taken for me over the years: a Goddess who can effortlessly influence and induce me again and again. Wether by hypnosis or by simply being her beautiful and sometimes seducing self. The layers upon layers of deepening inductions in this session feel so warm and lovingly.

    This whole session just makes you feel at ease and loved by a Goddess Mia who enough warmth for the whole hypnosis community. I am striving to send back more love and adoration to our lovely hypnomistresses. Even if its only a fraction compared to what is received thru their sessions and their presence.

    I Love You Mia

  5. Abe

    Many see Mia as a dominant Mistress, a lot of the majority of her fans and followers see her as a Hypnotist, those looking up to her see her as a mentor, a wise and smart teacher, a queen who rules many many minds and those who devote themselves purely, pay worship and tributes of any kind, we see a Goddess.

    There might be other names for Mia that I’m leaving out, wonderful names of characters who she presented to us over the years, who also captivated our minds. This session takes us through a timeline of the names she has adopted and that leads to a name that fit all into one.

    Goddess. Mia is Full of Love and this session, she spreads all the love to her fellow followers, to all her boys and girls who worship and devote themselves for her pleasure and happiness. Her words of love would touch you deeply inside you, caress your heart all while stroking and touching your entire body to a point where you are overwhelmed with happiness, arousal and smiles.

    I simply allowed my body to relax and sink deeply into trance and feelings to flow with all of this excitement, happiness and arousal. At the end of the session, you’re left witnessing The Goddess’s pleasure in all its glory as you lay at her feet feeling helpless and aroused yet very happy.

    Her pleasure and her own arousal is all you will ever need for Happiness…

    Beautiful session… I’ll never stop being thankful…

  6. Orella

    Goddess of Love, what a perfect title for Mistress Mia.

    Mistress Mia talks about her many roles and facets glimpsed in her wonderful THM sessions and I love them all.

    The freedom to give up freedom and let go to become immersed and deeply lost within the world’s that Mistress Mia weaves so expertly is wonderful.

    I am lost in pure joy as I listen to Goddess Mia’s voice floating along effortlessly lost in the golden light enveloping me so completely as I relax ever more deeply.

    A sensation of sinking into golden light, somehow the light is like a liquid surrounding and filling me completely.

    My recollection becomes ever more vague, more one of shadows and whispers of feelings, images and sensations lost in warm feelings of love, bliss and total contentment.

    Thank you, Goddess Mia, for this blissful journey lost deeply in happy loving feelings of devotion to your pleasure filling me with pleasure.

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