Length: 37:45
Voice: Mistress Katya

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12 reviews for Good Doggie

  1. 456

    I am not really into this pet play thing but after listening to the sessions i was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to obey Katya’s commands. And now after listening the session a few times, i can give myself a raging hardon just by saying the trigger in my mind.
    Thank you for this wonderful gift Mistress.

  2. Subjekt81

    Mistress Katya, with that wonderful accent that makes you immediately follow orders, without hesitation.
    She will train you, like a little puppy, for her pleasure. If you like joi like me, this file is an absolute must have. Stand in hand, will forever remain etched in my subconscious. Thank you Mistress Katya.
    5 stars!!!

  3. Steven

    Good doggie…such a powerful word and a need attached to it. I was never really into pet play, but my eyes (and my mind) have been opened to something rather new and exciting. Starting with the forplay…I wasn’t expecting such a smooth and sly induction with such a attractive voice behind it from Mistress Mia and Penelope. It had snuck up on me, but then again, I have always been weak to such a voice…before I knew it, I was at Mistress Katya’s feet.
    A highly recommended file for those new to pet play like I am. Mistress Katya has such a dominating yet seducing voice that enforces the idea of doing what Mistress wants. Beautiful, controlling, and a want to keep returning is a perfect place for those looking and wanting to submit. Even now I want to return and hear her voice for more conditioning and excited to feel what it would be like to do things on command without thought.

  4. Little fly

    Mistress Katya’s voice has a magical power that makes a submissive mind unable to resist. To obey Her command automatically and mindlessly is the ultimate wish a true submissive mind will ever dream of. In this session, this is exactly the gift that She sublimely gives the listener. It’s one of the sessions the submissive mind wishes it never ends. Her voice is so captivating and enrapturing to a extreme, sometimes sweet as a lullaby, and sometimes strict and frightening as a whip.
    In the middle of the session, i felt myself falling in love with Mistress Katya, to the point i wished i could see Her, but Her voice was so present and real to me that it became not so much important anymore to see Her. Only obeying the sound of Her voice, became quickly my all concern. So eagerly willing to hear Her command. It didn’t even matter what was the command. Obeying Her without any thought was all what was my mind.
    Thank You very much Mistress Katya for this wonderful session. Thank You for revealing in me, this beautiful and deep eagerness to become Your following obedient pet.

  5. Braxton

    I showed up to Penelope’s peep show a man, and my world was soon flip upside-down, and backwards. I didn’t know if I was coming up, or down. Wait… Is that a dog collar? “Yebo”? This is so confusing, and yet so arousing. Why do I find it so pleasurable to lower myself onto my hands and knees in the presence of sexy women? It didn’t matter, thinking became too hard. It was easier to simply let go and allowed Penelope to guide me to another sexy woman who would assume ownership of me. Mistress Katya…

    She took pleasure in controlling me with my own weakness. The dominance she displayed when she told me the name of the game we were playing sent a wave of obedience over my mind, and body. “Good Doggies kum on command for Mistress” she said. This made A Pup named Braxton very excited. Ready to be trained.

    Mistress Katya, whatever you want to call me, I welcome it. I’ll be Katya’s Puppet. I’ll be Katya’s puppy. I surrender. Train me.

    Excellent JOI session.

  6. Dale Roads

    Reading the previous reviews, savoring my experience, I get it. We are doggies now, our psyches have been realigned, it occurred when we “squirted” in Mistress Katya’s hand. We grew a tail, a desire that wags our butts and it’s for good. Having doggie cums is now a thing and THAT is so exciting. Peculiar desires, specialized needs, eccentric orgasms, we ARE being channeled and habituated, mind fucked. It is just the beginning. I remember what Mistress Katya did with her little finger, she did it to all of us. What am I left with? … adulation, gratitude, and a desire to run with the pack

  7. Andi_S

    As soon as I lie down naked in my bed to listen to this session I just melt away, hot and horny, open and empty, completely fascinated with the hypnotic power of our Mistress’ words. The scenarios and images that Mistress Mia paints onto the canvas of our minds; the ideas and emotions that she weaves right into the very fabric of who we are; and the physical sensations that she makes us experience; it is done with such a level of creativity, such a hypnotic talent and expertise; it is unlike anything that I have ever encountered on my hypnotic journeys. I think you will agree after you have listened to the spectacular foreplay talk that she has recorded for this session.

    The main session is pure erotic bliss. Just hearing the sound of Mistress Katya’s voice gets me so horny. Her personality is so incredibly erotic. I want to follow her lead. I want to be trained to be her good, obedient doggie. Automatic, mindless obedience. Good doggies don’t think, they just obey. Just thinking about it…oh my. I cannot resist. I just woke up from listening to the session just a few minutes before writing this review and now I all I want is to hear Mistress Katya’s voice again. So helpless and horny for Mistress. Wow.

  8. Alexander

    The foreplay to this session is really excellent, it will build up the scene inside your mind and drop you deeply into a relaxing trance. You will be a pile of putty, your mind will just slide down to the spoken words and Katya will have easy access to your tranced will. She will train you to be a good little Doogie, such a hot session. This dominant Russian mistress really knows how to work a submissive man and train him however she likes.

  9. Abe

    Penelope’s Peep show has to be one my favorite series, it goes right behind The amazing Klub DejaVu or it might be just side to side, it’s that amazing. I don’t know why, but I get vives and flashbacks to when I was at the Klub DejaVu, totally confused and lost in blissful pleasure imagining things that that made my mind numb and dumb not knowing about the night but waking up later totally zoned out from the events that happened. This session helped me to imagine Mistress Katya perfectly, her voice speaks dominance, authority and I have no will power to not do what is asked from me.

    The foreplay was just as deep as the actual trance in which I wasn’t too exactly too sure who was putting me under, but that didn’t matter the moment my mind got filled by seductive words. I remember the mention of this door here in which we enter to meet Mistress Katya in the previous part, I’m craving more of this peep show, to enter the remaining doors and to meet Penelope and the rest of the sexy ladies in that carnival.

    I’m always available to be used for entertainment

  10. Orella

    As per Taigh and Abe’s reviews regarding the primer for this session, Wow! So hot, so enticing and I am left with such an aroused deep desire to listen to the full session. I am lucky enough to be able follow the primer and listen to the full session without delay.

    Mistress Mia is so expert in stimulating every part of my mind in whatever way she chooses, her foreplay is sensational in setting my mind up for this session, her exquisitely woven imagery fills my senses, add to this Peep Show Mistress Penelope’s voice drawing me ever deeper into a relaxed state of trance as I do deeper and deeper. My anticipation of the show and my arousal building more and more.
    Images of red and gold swirl around my mind, I am so happy to follow wherever I am lead, confused by images in a mirror of me and not me or is the other crawling image actually me and the clothed image of me not me? I don’t know anymore, my mind is filled with images of dominant female curves in tight black latex, exquisite impossible high heels, long red nails. Then there is the collar around my neck and the tag with the word that I must embrace completely.

    Mistress Katya is so dominant, beautifully clad in tight black latex and towering heels, her voice so sexy and irresistible.
    Much of the session detail is beyond my ability to recall, I feel so aroused and happy to obey Mistress Katya as her obedient pet, I am desperate to be a good doggie for her, I want to be trained as a good doggie to please Mistress Katya, I must obey as a good doggie should, I must please Mistress Katya as this is all that matters to a good pet.
    What a wonderful training session with Mistress Katya. Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, Wooooooooof!

    I must return to the Peep Show and Mistress Katya when I next have permission for release so that I can fully obey and cum on her command.

  11. Abe

    Yes, I agree with Taigh here… The Primer…My Goddess, The Primer. All that was such a journey of it own. I think the primer was just the first night of a two Night event, or it seems that way in my mind. If someone catched the wonderful experience as Taigh and I had, you will understand where’s we getting at. I always felt a little intiminated by a Russian Mistress, I happen to know one very quite well and believe me, Mistress Katya is just like her. Her dominance truly speaks everytime I feel close to her, and I too am no match for her or any dominant women in sexy leather and latex.

    I just had to share this thought here as well… I can’t even imagine the full sessions…


  12. Tiagh

    I admit I haven’t even listened to the full session yet. Only the Primer on YouTube for this one so far.
    So this review is really more about the Primer, or as Mistress Mia calls it, her Foreplay.
    I am so excited waiting this one to come out as a full session. The Primer was spooky and left me very excited about what might happen next, just feeling teased and aroused, as I know Mistress Mia wants me to be.
    It’s a huge thrill knowing that its going to be a new Katya session.
    I remember the first time ever I heard her voice on The Hypnomistress. I remember feeling a little intimidated by her, and at the same time incredibly compelled to listen.
    She sounds so thrillingly Dominant, like that classic image of a powerful, perhaps even a little cold, goddess in black leather with heels and a crop.
    Caught between running away and wanting to rush in and throw myself at her feet. I feel that same ‘moth to a flame’. feeling now. I know I’ll give in to it, Its too strong to resist. And in the back of my mind I can hear a soft-strong voice saying ….”I am no match for Mia” and that just relaxes me so I can give in to what I know I have to do.

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