Length: 19:46

Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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2 reviews for Happiness

  1. Braxton

    What a wonderful experience this was!

    Amazing job Alexandra

  2. Orella

    The title of the session is ‘Happiness’ and who would not want more happiness in their own world experience.

    This session is also very easy to fit into my day as it is a little under 20 minutes.

    ‘Hi it’s Alexandra’, I hear her calm yet arousing, confident, sexy voice dripping with authority and I start to melt. I am instantaneously automatically on a glide path to enthralled relaxation and desire to let go and hand over control to Mistress Alexandra.

    I love the sessions that teach me new things and that enable me new experiences and to explore the rich variety of wondrous mindscapes here at THM.

    I also deeply love sessions that resonate with my own thoughts and beliefs, this is such a session and hearing Mistress Alexandra, an intelligent, knowledgeable, talented, skilled and wonderful woman whom I deeply respect and admire expressing so many of my own beliefs and values is indescribably blissful for me.

    Thank you, Mistress Alexandra, for creating such a wonderfully positive and uplifting session.

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