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Length: 28:09
Voice: Mia

Copyright © 2016 by TheHypnoMistress
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2 reviews for Healing Mind&Body

  1. Braxton

    Healing. Enlightening. Relaxing

    In this incredible session, our wonderful Mistress takes on the role of looking after our well being. Whether physically, or mentally fatigued, Mistress Mia provides us with a wonderful trance to heal our minds, and bodies.

    Mia, you are such a beautiful being. A master of your craft, you are. You are thoughtful, and so caring. This session is an example of that. The community is in great hands with you as our mind Mistress. When I created Season of Change for you, it was truly a therapeutic experience. I’ve shared with you, some of my own traumas, and low points in life. I must say that listening to a session like this is very encouraging. It’s encouraging to listen to someone who seems to care about your well being. Thank you so much for this Mistress, yet another gift from you.

    Exceptional job Mia.

  2. Orella

    This is such a wonderful session, providing help and support for when I am feeling physically or mentally challenged or exhausted.
    Mistress Mia takes me into an ever more relaxed state where I can feel comfort and peace, cared for and supported by Mistress Mia as she helps me focus and direct my energies on my positive wellbeing.

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