Length: 55:53 (+Foreplay 64:29)
Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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7 reviews for FHP1 – Heel Display

  1. GoodBoyLance

    Alexandra is the best at seduction and gentle persuasion to see things her way, her conditioning will run very deep if you consistently listen to her. If you find yourself at “For Her Pleasure” you wouldn’t mind the idea of serving Women in sexy high heels because Alexandra will make sure you see things her way and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

  2. Bamboo Ban

    Alexanda’s Heel Display serous are The Best shoes worship senssons.

  3. Steven G

    Last night was my first time at Her Pleasure. Really, I didn’t know what I was getting my self into with this one, but I desperately wanted to hear Mistress Alexandra voice again and more of her conditioning. She has such a unique conversational style and a sing song voice that just beckons you down into trance that you just can’t help but follow. I know I am starting to have a more perfound appreciation and desire for women’s high heels and beautiful feet. A highly recommended session to those that already went through some conditioning by her. For those that are a little too eager, don’t spoil it for yourself, I recommend Therapy for the Submissive Boy first for a week before this. I can’t wait to listen to this again tonight for another chance to serve those sexy powerful women and there heels.

  4. Braxton

    Erotic. Intimate. Sexy.

    From window shopping, to delivering pleasure to two women with your eager devotion to women’s feet, and heels. In this wonderful scene you are approached by Mistress Alexandra as you greedily stare at the magnificent display in the window at ‘For Her Pleasure’, the high end sexy women’s shoe store. You are caught in the act, standing in the street visibly aroused, so she invites you into the store, you know, to spare you from a would-be awkward moment in public. Once inside the store, she has already discovered that you are a submissive boy with a weakness for women’s sexy heels. She gives you the opportunity to show your devotion to her, as well as Mistress Sophia who also looks to add to her collection of sexy heels. On your knees, with two sexy, dominant women above you…what else would you want?

    Wow! I remember hearing the primer on this one a very long time ago. This session was incredibly sexy, and arousing. I can recall as a child having a fascination with women’s heels in particular. As I grew into my adulthood, I began to enjoy, and find women’s feet more, and more arousing. This session reinforced my attraction for sure.
    About 10 years ago, I decided that I wanted to ‘woo’ my girlfriend. I took her to get a pedicure, and a fresh coat of polish. Her feet were beautiful! When we got home, I went and prepared the scene for what I was about to do for her. I lit candles, played soft music in the background, and invited her in. Once she was there she was amazed. I sat her down, and placed her feet into a container of warm water, and oils. I kneeled down in front of her, and thoroughly washed her feet. I took my time, and made sure she enjoyed the experience. After that, I gave her a very sensual foot massage. I’ve always been one to please my woman. I truly felt pleasure myself, because I know she was being pleasured. That moment with her was incredible, and this session reminded me of that experience. I would love to role-play this scene!

    Outstanding session Alexandra & Sophia

  5. GuyC_UK

    The words “For Her Pleasure” really do leave a lasting impression with this Session.
    What with succumbing to the Harmonious Voice of ♡Mistress Alexandra♡ and led into the shop being at your most submissive mindset.
    Visualizations of Heels and Feet are brought to the foreground of your mind, with an ever growing need to Pleasure Her.
    Then on top of that the Harmonious Voice is ♡Mistress Sophia♡ is brought into the mix and your mind is then set on fire with Visualizations of the situation you are now in.
    So Aroused, So Excited and so very Submissive, on your knees in total Submission to the Dominance of Mistress Alexandra and Mistress Sophia.
    There is some extra icing added too, but leaving that for you to find out for yourselves.
    If you dont already have a Feet and Heels Fetish, you probably will after listening to this Session.
    Thank You ♡Mistress Alexandra♡ and ♡Mistress Sophia♡

  6. Abe

    Oh my… I can’t resist the need to check out the female shoes and boots section everytime I visit a shoe store at my local malls. The elegant yet sexy shoes that are super expensive, a boy can only dream of owning a pair or gifting them to his Mistress. I’ve tried holding them in my hand and taking them closer and closer to my face making sure I wasn’t seen. Looking left and right trying not to humilate myself, this poor boy, masculine man checking out the female section of this expensive shoe store… all the ladies would probably stare and look at me differently as I kneel and fell into my desire. I love this fantasy and I’m happy I can indulge in this same manner here in the safety and comfort of my mind through Mistress Alexandra. Its a sexy idea and fantasy that I would probably never fulfil in real life, but here a TheHypnoMistress, there is no limits, everything is allowed as long as its safe and sane, and this is the greatest of all desires…

  7. Orella

    The foreplay introduction by Mistress Mia sets the scene in rich sexy detail, wonderful images of confident powerful women fill my mind and arouse me intensely, seeing them in towering heels, a symbol of the sexy power that I simply love to submit to.
    My mind becomes locked to thoughts of Mistress Alexandra’s beautiful shoes and feet and my deep desire to worship them. I suddenly have thoughts of Mistress Sophia’s beautiful shoes and feet. I become lost in thoughts of heel worship and so aroused that I cannot think of anything else.
    I find myself in front of the incredible high heels in the shop window in front of me, the boots being described by Mistress Mia have me transfixed and unable to look away from them, I could gaze at them in awe, lust, arousal and the desire to worship and submit to the woman wearing them forever.

    I hear a voice and eventually realise that the voice belongs to Mistress Alexandra and that she is talking to me. Wow a shop called ‘For Her Pleasure’, just the name makes me feel so aroused and this is a phrase that resides deeply in the core of me, my deepest desire is to obey for her pleasure, this is all that really matters.
    Mistress Alexandra takes me into the shop, how could I resist following her into such a temple of sexy heels.
    I cannot believe how lucky I am that Mistress Alexandra will allow me to serve her on my knees helping her try on the mesmerising high heel shoes in the shop, I am simply in submissive paradise and bliss on my knees where I belong obediently serving such a beautiful powerful Mistress.
    I am lost in thoughts of being forever on my knees serving women with their high heels here in ‘For Her Pleasure’. Why would I ever want anything else.
    I love the feeling of helping Mistress Alexandra out of her high heeled shoes, seeing her beautiful feet so close to my face the exquisite polish on her toenails, the feel and scent of the leather of her shoes filling my senses, touching all of the detail of the shoes and heel lost in desire and arousal.
    My eyes are locked to the sight of Mistress Alexandra’s feet, so close to my face lost in pleasure and arousal, desperate to kneel here forever lost in submissive obedience for her pleasure.
    I love my new job working in ‘For Her Pleasure’, pleasing women by helping them to try and buy their shoes and boots, I love being allowed to be on my knees serving women in this way, I have such happy feelings of bliss.
    I am so happy serving Mistress Alexandra, lovingly fitting her shoes for her. Oh, what pleasure I feel as Mistress Sophia enters the shop and I will be able to kneel before her and help her with her shoes also, the opportunity to worship her feet fills me with desire and bliss.
    I love being conditioned to be ever more submissive and obedient, my only desire is to please dominant women and worship in any way that will be pleasing to them, for her pleasure is all that matters.

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4 years 2 months ago

I need to train more with Mistress Alexandra’s previous sessions to enjoy the full effects of this session but the image of myself kissing and licking Miss Sophia’s heels and feet is definitely stuck in my mind. So hot…I just know I will soon be a complete slave to women’s heel and feet.