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Length: 37:09

Voice: Mistress Mia

Copyright © 2023 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

8 reviews for Her Divine Power

  1. Eddie

    Great session Mia, like being right there. I finally got to meet the infamous Miss Johnson in Corporate Takeover and Her Divine Power. Everything I had heard of her abilities to influence the staff was grossly underrated. I’ve found myself bowing to her training methods immediately diving headlong into my evaluation with a two handed approach. I think I can best serve the company by remaining here indefinitely so I can see first hand,up close all she has to offer. The president has also expressed she has some unique assets that may require my deep commitment to review. I expect I will be a little behind in my work at the start, but with such great tutors I’m sure I’ll be up to my ears in praise in no time at all.

  2. Braxton


    Corporate Take Over is easily one of my all time favorite sessions in HypnoMistress history. A sequel was expected after the massive success, and raving reviews from the community. The way Mistress Mia revealed Her Devine Power: Corporate Take Over 2 was very exciting. She did it in grand fashion at office hour leaving everyone stunned! Her Divine Power introduces a brand new way for the boys of the office to please their sexy bosses in a very intimate way. What a session! Thank you for this sequel!

    Phenomenal job Mia!

  3. Orella

    I really loved Corporate Takeover, the session was a worthy joint winner of THM session of the year 2022, along with Please Mia.

    Corporate Takeover was also the 2022 winner of the most arousing session and voted the most anticipated session for a sequel to be created.

    Just looking at the session cover is spellbinding, my eyes drawn irresistibly to Mistress Mia’s beautiful, magnificent ass, then flicking to her eyes the back to her ass over and over, I could stay lost in this cycle for a very long time.
    My anticipation of listening to Her Divine Power and experiencing this sequel to Corporate Takeover is exquisitely intense.

    Then here I was about to press play. My anticipation by this point was off the scale at the thought of being back in the office once again.

    Oh my, how the office has changed, all positions of authority held by wonderful ladies, no spoilers but the employee training and reward scheme is unique and very special, my mouth is watering as I write this review thinking about the session.

    So, kind of Ms Johnson to show me around the new and improved office, I felt so lucky and grateful to experience the training and reward scheme under the supervision of Ms Johnson. I simply had to become a new employee happy to be in a dream job that I would never want to leave.

    I cannot help myself wondering what the company Christmas party will be like.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for creating such a wonderfully mouthwatering session, that you for this experience of Her Devine Power. What a dream job it would be working in your deliciously arousing office.

  4. GoodBoyLance

    *Her Divine Power* by Mia is my favorite file in THM by far and really sparks my imagination and fantasies, I would struggle to list them all but I will try to list some here: *Her Divine Power* shows powerful Women taking over the reigns from foolish men and creating a massively successful Empire of Women that has all of the outdated male lead companies jealously looking for the answers only to be swept up and added to the collection of males happily serving Women to add to the Gyneocracy. I love the idea of Women taking charge and doing things better than the foolish men that now serve Women. And all of the once foolish men now working hard for their Female supervisors just for the chance to see the Women’s perfect ass and maybe even lick Her Divine Ass if he worked really hard. And to think of what serving Women in the Gyneocracy would do to the male psychology, I can only imagine starting as a foolish lonely individually minded man only to join the Matriarchy and find purpose, meaning, and direction all to serve a purpose higher than himself all lead by a powerful Woman far more intelligent and wiser than himself supplying him with structure and beautiful Women with delicious asses to motivate and keep him in line and on the right path. Will you submit to *Her Divine Power*? All it takes is one lick of Her ass and you will find yourself busting your ass in a cubicle working overtime for a pay raise of one whole extra minute of licking delight.

  5. Ass Licker

    First of all, that Cover !!!
    You can be hypnotized just staring at it and imagining being on your knees. Then it hits you. That is actually a picture of Mia Croft. The Goddess herself. And now my head is spinning for real, with visions of being told to crawl forward and give it just one kiss.
    Like a dying man’s last wish. Crawl, kiss, sigh and sink.
    Her Divine Ass.
    It makes me so I can’t write or think. I’ll have to come back and try again to review the session.

  6. Abe

    Her Divine power is a marvelous session that left me in a state of horniness and immense need of more of what I’ve just seen, heard, and did during my time being hypnotized. I won’t spoil the fun, but this sure brings back memories of an agent. I can’t wait to close my eyes again, get comfy and experience one of the steamiest erotic scenes I experienced this year inside my mind. Any session that is meant to pleasure a woman is a gift that keeps on giving. This easily is a candidate of best session of the year.

  7. Justgoodvibes

    Many of us are thrilled at the idea of a sequel to one of the most popular THM files. I listened feverishly and absorbed as much as I could with a smile. I suddenly awoken from being knocked out, realizing I’d lost about 13 minutes. I backed the file up, and resumed my journey.
    I’d be willing to bet this file is going to have lasting effects, in many diverse ways. The impact the session will have, is only limited by your imagination. It did cause me to react without much thought at all, being thankful for the gift that I was given.

  8. GoodBoyLance

    I want to say to Mia before I listen to this clip, every bit of the description and cover for this file is perfection, Mia’s perfectly round never before seen derriere immediately fascinates and hypnotizes the simple male mind and primes him to read the perfect description of his past present and future: from Mother Nature raising men from their knees to walk erect and become magnetized and hypnotized by the sway of Women’s backsides down to the prehistoric simple ape, Homo Erectus. Women know of this preprogrammed control stick that goes from Her backside, to his Homo Erectus, up to his brain. Even men like me that know that Women know this can’t resist or deny Her Divine Power from Her powerful posterior.

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