Length: 60:29
Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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7 reviews for High Heels Hard Boy

  1. mattintrance

    Click, click, click. The sound of high heels. It’s coming toward me, the click steadily making me so aroused, and making me sleepy. So sleepy, open, and docile. So submissive. And when I see them—well, the title says it all. It’s because I’ve been programmed by Mistress Alexandra. She told me what She had in store for me. All I had to do was listen, breathe, count, and follow Her instruction as my eyes closed, then opened, then closed again. Over and over. When I got too sleepy to keep counting, She took it over, and before long She’d taken me over. Completely. I’ve always loved high heels on sexy women, and Mistress Alexandra knows that, so She did a little tinkering and conditioning, and now I love them even more. Just another tool for sexy, dominant women to captivate and manipulate horny boys. The inherent magic of feminine power.

  2. Braxton

    Mesmerizing. Calming. Wonderful.

    This classic hypnosis session is the perfect way to lose yourself in the pleasure of submitting to sexy women. Mistress Alexandra introduces you to a very powerful trigger, and reinforces it’s affects on your mind, and body. Can you resist the allure of high heels?

    Mistress Alexandra, I love your methods for conditioning. I have always enjoyed the way you seduce us with your melodic voice. I vividly remember having an attraction to women’s feet, and heels when I was very young. Thank you for this trigger, it feels amazing to let go, and allow you to condition me.

    I am submissive toy, an instrument of pleasure for Mistress to enjoy.

    Excellent session Alexandra.



  4. Abe

    I’ve been heavily brainwashed to crave and lust after high heels. Month after month here at TheHypnoMistress, the desire and need really got stronger until I couldn’t control this desire that I have for sexy heels.

    Being the third time listening to this session, I felt it very stronger ,my aroused mind seeing visuals of Mistress Mia’s heels, wonderful and sexy images that she shared over at the TheHynoMistress Discord, these images took over my mind and I felt the pleasure in every part of my body, leaking, being hard, then soft, then hard again after hearing the trigger word and just leaking some more.

    My previous listens where quite relaxing as I was reminded how weak I was for high heels but just now, last night, Mistress Alexandra and Mistress Mia got the better of me, they taunted me, teased me to the brick of sexual insanity, making this craving for high heels that much stronger.

    What must I do from this day forward? Worship their heels

  5. marcushavland

    Such an impressively thorough induction. Mistress Alexandra has such a beautiful voice. it feels so easy to lose myself; to be swept away. I get a really strong out-of-body experience with this session. Like I cease to exist and only Mistress Alexandra’s voice remains. The trigger definitely works, so only listen if you’re sure you want high heels to make you hard.
    The production values with THM sessions are also really impressive. The background track to this session is a gentle, charming piano melody. The melody is easy to miss but is also calming and seductive.

  6. Taigh

    It works! I’m having so much fun with this trigger. Thank you Mistress Alexandra.
    I listened to the session and felt very, very connected to everything you said, it just felt like you were telling me things I needed to know about myself the whole time…wow.
    Then afterwards I went to look at some high heels, just to see what would happen. I found some images of very sexy women in heels on the HypnoMistress Discord.
    Oh yes!. Bang! I felt an instant tightening all around my balls and then this rush of adrenalin or arousal, not sure which and then it just kicked in like someone was pumping air into my cock, inflating it It just filled and stiffened.
    Holly fuck.
    I cant wait to see what happens when I am near a woman with heals for real. The buzz from the trigger felt like it wandered around my body for a few minutes and then ended up in my hands and thighs. What a sensation.
    I will be listening to this again and again. I can feel it.

  7. Orella

    I am always, as I listen to her foreplay, drawn in and deeply captivated by Mistress Mia’s enchanting voice. I love to be lost in her words and the pleasure that they instil within me, accepting them and making them part of who I am in the deepest core of my being.
    It is simply bliss as I relax, let go and absorb the words and images filling me and I learn more about hypnotism and triggers from my Goddess.
    I have complete trust in Mistress Mia and the wonderful Goddesses here at THM, it feels so good to relinquish all control to them.

    Heels, heels, heels and more heels, what is not to love about them and this session. This is another amazing session from the deliciously talented and compellingly skilful dominant Mistress Alexandra.

    I have been fascinated by high heeled boots and shoes for as long as I can remember, my eyes are irresistibly drawn to them and there is nothing that I can do to stop gazing at them no matter how hard I try.

    Mistress Alexandra takes me down so effortlessly, her delicious voice disarming any defences that I may foolishly believe that I have. Images grow in my mind of her recording studio as she describes the room, her outfit and especially her heels.
    This session is very deep indeed, very arousing and although I am given the option to stop the trance and avoid this permanent trigger being placed deep within my mind, I have no wish to avoid being programmed by Mistress Alexandra, my deep desire is to go wherever she wishes to take me.
    The deepening of my captivated arousal and deep desire to worship heels is most welcome and I love it.
    I awake from trance with an aching cock, whisps of Mistress Alexandra’s voice and heels, heels, heels deep within my aroused mind.

    Thank you Mistress Alexandra I love being your helpless toy to be played with in any way you desire. Yes Mistress, high heels make cock hard.

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