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Hypnotic Abduction

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Length: 1:00:32

Voice: Mia

Copyright © 2017 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

2 reviews for Hypnotic Abduction

  1. Michael

    This session is tremendous. It’s over an hour long, and there are at least two inductions, one at the start and one within the first trance. It’s basically an hour of repeated conditioning and hypnotic devotional training, which was basically extended bliss for me. I loved the setup of having Agent Mia take me down, train me to serve her, give me the option of leaving (which would be crazy, given the opportunity to serve Mia), having me work, with the reward of her beautiful ass. Induction, reward (including training to make sure that I fully appreciate what a reward it is), work, reward, work, more training….

    It’s amazing.

  2. Jonathan

    I wouldn’t have ever imagined that I really could be talked into performing analingus, much less enjoying it. But while listening to Mia’s seductive sighs as she urged me to go on and on, I simply couldn’t resist her erotic charm. Her pleasure was so infectious that it kept me hard the entire time, hands free. I could imagine her sitting there, enjoying herself, while giggling quietly, watching as my hardon swayed back and forth from equal parts excitement and frustration.

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29 days 23 hours ago

I find the ‘trance within a trance’ in this session to be really powerful. I went incredibly deep easily and quickly in the ‘inner’ trance. Much easier than normal. Thank you Mistress. Love the length of this session too.

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