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Length: 1:00:32

Voice:Mistress Mia

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9 reviews for Hypnotic Abduction

  1. LC

    This session is so hot I had to stop midway on my first listen. Just be aware it may leave you as it did me with a lasting fetish and attraction for Mistress Mia’s attributes. One thing that astonishes me about this session is how young and yet so commanding Mistress Mia was when she created this Masterpiece.

    Thank You Mistress Mia!!!

  2. RonC4880

    I learned something new about myself.

    Hot! Sexy! Deeper and deeper. I love the part about being rewarded for finding the solution. It’s an amazing reward that I found erotic and also a fantasy kink that I am very surprised that I found very stimulating.

    Prepare for a whole-body experience.

  3. Abe

    For the longest of times I’ve been craving to experience this session live and in person, of course, that may never happen but one of Mistress Mia’s long Game starts right here and it’s amazing that our minds are able to make us feel things through Mistress’s voice. She starts off the relaxation and deepening process so tenderly, then before you know it, she switches the scene entirely and you’re in for a wild ride. Anal pleasure through this session feels incredible, imaging licking and lapping away between Mia’s cheeks, rimming and licking her ass makes me leak with arousal. There is a sexy and very arousing reward of feeling those same licks and tongue I’m giving to Mistress, there in my most sensitive spot. A great session, a sexy classic I can relive over and over

  4. Curiously Curious

    Another first, introduced to another new experience, and what an experience.
    I have never responded to trance in the way I respond to Mistress Mia, as a result I have huge gaps in my memory of this session, but the physical reaction; that was another level.
    My body responded so automatically and so vigorously to the pleasure that Mistress was creating that at one point I felt like I had cramp in my tongue (is that even possible?).
    Today, my head has been full of the thoughts of a sweet rosebud on my tongue, of the pleasure of pleasing, of the mindless joy of obedience.
    I will revisit this review when I can think straight, possibly even structure a sentence.
    Mistress, you have led me to a new place again, thank you for the joy, the joy of you.

  5. Orella

    This session made me desire to lick exactly as instructed for as long as possible, erect and desperate not to cum so that the licking could continue.

  6. Jonathan

    I wouldn’t have ever imagined that I really could be talked into performing analingus, much less enjoying it. But while listening to Mia’s seductive sighs as she urged me to go on and on, I simply couldn’t resist her erotic charm. Her pleasure was so infectious that it kept me hard the entire time, hands free. I could imagine her sitting there, enjoying herself, while giggling quietly, watching as my hardon swayed back and forth from equal parts excitement and frustration.

  7. Michael

    This session is tremendous. It’s over an hour long, and there are at least two inductions, one at the start and one within the first trance. It’s basically an hour of repeated conditioning and hypnotic devotional training, which was basically extended bliss for me. I loved the setup of having Agent Mia take me down, train me to serve her, give me the option of leaving (which would be crazy, given the opportunity to serve Mia), having me work, with the reward of her beautiful ass. Induction, reward (including training to make sure that I fully appreciate what a reward it is), work, reward, work, more training….

    It’s amazing.

  8. Taighdupp-and-swept-away

    Oh my god! This file goes for an hour, and takes you down through two different levels of trance – a trance inside a trance. If you are someone who feels that they want more trance – more depth – deeper surrender – then you just have to try this. Its amazing, the confidence with which Mia led me into surrender and easily had me do things I never dreamed of
    (well actually, umm, always dreamed of – but, well you know I mean.) This file is a sumptuous feast of hypnotic surrender – If you haven’t experienced this you have to do it – its just so overwhelming.

    * * * * * * * * * * (ten stars)

  9. Johnathon

    This was a incredible experience. Mia really out did herself with this session. It just when I went under and wasn’t sure about it how Mia convinced you to relax and trust was completely different from previous sessions with her.

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4 years 5 months ago

Teaser video for this session available on TheHypnoMistress Youtube channel:

4 years 10 months ago

I find the ‘trance within a trance’ in this session to be really powerful. I went incredibly deep easily and quickly in the ‘inner’ trance. Much easier than normal. Thank you Mistress. Love the length of this session too.