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Mistress Scarlet

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3 reviews for Hypnotic Embrace

  1. Orella

    Naked and taken down into trance by Mistress Scarlet’s sensual sexy voice, it is so pleasurable to relax and let go of all control ready to obey Mistress Scarlet’s words as I float in a happy trance state.
    My arousal builds as Mistress Scarlet guides me to a blank state where I feel intense anticipation of blissful pleasure as my arousal increases and increases.
    I am lost in intense arousal as Mistress Scarlet removes my blindfold and I behold her naked form in her bedroom, the pressure in my cock feels extreme and it is so ready to burst but not yet as I must wait for Mistress Scarlet to play with my mind and body as she wishes.
    I am taken to the edge and kept there, no release yet as I must beg Mistress Scarlet to use her beautiful naughty mouth to slowly drive me over the edge and into deep erotic bliss.

  2. Michael

    This is probably the best session I’ve ever experienced with Scarlet if not one if the best sessions I’ve ever been blessed to experience as a hypno lover. Scarlet’s usual triggers are in place for the induction as well as strong effective deepening methods to give a deep, relaxed trance. Then Scarlet proceeds to take you deeper and excite you over and over. Pushing to the edge of release, she toys with an ultimate erotic bliss, keeping you right on the edge of exquisite release,. Just when you are floating in extreme exstatic excitement, you are given that final command and the world shakes. I have listened to this recording three times in a week since purchase and each time I find new levels of personal erotic bliss. Highly recommended for any erotic hypno listener.

  3. WF

    You’ll want to be prepared for this session, having listened to Falling Deeply repeatedly and sitting back in a comfy chair, laying down in bed or on a couch before listening.

    Scarlet is a mind mistress who loves to please and she wastes little time in this session. Quickly taking firm grasp of your attention, confident control of your body and pulling you deeply, so very deeply down into hypnotic trance.

    I can’t actually remember much at all from this session, even after repeated listening. What I can vividly remember is the feeling that I have when Scarlet guides me back up from hypnotic trance. The arousal, the bliss, the desire, the need, the power of her aural embrace, her talented oration and one very, very naughty thought about Scarlet as those feelings reach their natural, intense conclusion.

    Highly recommended.

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Longer teaser on TheHypnoMistress Youtube page for this session: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypJRjNhQ0rU