Length: 34:59

Voice: Scarlet

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1 review for Hypnotic Imprint

  1. Orella

    Although I am not into being tattooed the session builds a detailed journey in my mind and I think that this session for anyone into tattoos would be especially arousing.
    Mistress Scarlet expertly induces a deep trance and elicits such an arousal response to her words. The desire to stroke and cum grows ever stronger throughout the session.
    I love the vibrating sound in the session, although I imagine it as a sex toy and not a tattoo device, as it adds feelings of physical stimulation and elicits tingling sensations strengthening my arousal more and more.
    I found the description of Mistress Scarlets attire so very sexy in this session, how could I resist being seduced by such a captivating vision sending my desire off the scale.

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