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Length: 66:52

Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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5 reviews for Hypnotized by Sexy Nails

  1. mattintrance

    Wow. I absolutely love what Mistress Alexandra did to me in this session. One of my favorite things about erotic hypnosis generally, and the work of the Mistresses at THN in particular, is how they intuitively know all of the right buttons to push, and the right strings to pull, to keep us all deeply and helpless hypnotized. My fascination with long, shiny, manicured nails has been with me as long as I can remember; and Mistress Alexandra knows this, of course, without even having to be told. So, She uses this weakness to Her advantage—quickly and easily grabbing hold of my attention, and proceeding to blank my mind with a long, fractionating induction. Once She has me completely helpless, in a deep sleep with a wide open, accepting mind, She thoroughly brainwashes me for Her benefit, and that of all dominant, powerful women. And it makes me feel so good, so happy, and so contented.

    Another thing I love is how Mistress Alexandra tells me in advance precisely what She intends to do to me, and exactly how She intends to do it. This way, I start to get a little tingle here, an subtle twitch there, from the first word She speaks. Then it unfolds just like she describes, and I have no way to resist. Beautiful.

  2. Braxton

    Soothing. Calming. Sexy

    Wow! This session is straight forward, and It’s so relaxing! Mistress Alexandra takes you down very deep delivering a soothing trance experience. Sexy nails are a classic trigger, but they will always stimulate and incite pleasure and arousal in boys.

    Mistress Alexandra your countdowns are very powerful. I must be honest I was so deep in trace with you during this session. I actually needed to go back and listen to this file 3 times, because I was so calm, and relaxed. You guided me into a sweet surrender, and I fell asleep. Great session Alexandra. I love what I have become… “Alexandra’s Toy Soldier”.

  3. Abe

    Let’s start off with the Foreplay, it’s sexy, seductive and it also pushes you towards a slight humiliation by female power. Mistress Mia starts off reading a sexy letter about feminine enforcement into a male who’s probably confident about himself, strong in every aspect but also kind and not cocky and opened enough to try out certain kinky things with just the right push and discipline. How I wished that submissive male was me, just finding out about my own desires and cravings, my lust for all things silky and smooth and to be playfully teased by strong dominant woman got me thinking about my own place in that story, how I desire to serve and obey a sexy women this way, to be pushed and enforced to do something humiliating for the entertainment of a female crowd without truly breaking myself as a confident but gentle man. Feminization can often lead me to questions I rather not know the answers of but here at THM, I feel free and happy but most importantly safe to indulge in this practice if the Mistresses desire.

    As for the actual session, Mistress Alexandra’s induction is deep and very powerful felt here. I got instantly calm and gave total control of my body and mind in just a matter of minutes into the session. It just happened so naturally. It was long but very relaxing which time truly felt like it fly fast. The confusion is still floating in my mind, what do I like most about nails? What about them make me hard?

    It was a sexy enforcement towards liking nails after being put into a deep trance and letting myself go, accepting everything Mistress kept suggesting and making me realize.

    Long nails make my cock hard

  4. Orella

    Another gorgeous session to enjoy, another chance to hear the voices of not just one Goddess but two if you are wise and include Mistress Mia’s foreplay.

    Mistress Mia’s voice weaves her spell in my ears and mind as she unfolds the foreplay for this session. I am swept up in her voice lost in her words, happy and aroused as I listen, only to find a delightful component this time. What a sexy and arousing feeling to hear Goddess Mia reading the sexy letter and story that Goddess Alexandra sent to her with the Hypnotized by Sexy Nails session. Such as sexy scene unfolds across my open and willing mind as I visualise every word dripping into my ears from Mistress Mia’s lips, simply delicious and I am deeply aroused and erect before the actual session begins.

    I ask myself who would not want to be Hypnotized by Sexy Nails, or anything else that Mistress Alexandra chooses to embed into our minds to demonstrate her power and control.
    Although this is a long session time becomes meaningless as I drop deeper and deeper under the influence and control of Mistress Alexandra’s sexy, sensual, beautiful voice.
    I remember feeling my eyelids becoming heavier and heavier as I tried to keep them open to focus on something, then the whatever it was that I was trying to see became meaningless and I drifted into Mistress Alexandra’s mindscape, a happy submissive pet lost in the words from the lips of Goddess Alexandra.
    I love looking at long sexy nails, even more so when they are exquisitely polished. I also love being programmed by Mistress Alexandra and how she so easily places triggers deep within me so that I automatically respond to please her.



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