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Length: 20:55

Voice:Mistress Mia

Copyright © 2017 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

5 reviews for Indoctrination by Name

  1. Mia’s beast

    Do you find yourself craving to go deeper? To have Mia wrap Her grip around your mind even tighter? To have Mistress Mia’s voice turn you, again, to putty? This is a session for you then!
    Mistress Mia will have you shaking when She’s done with you after this session, and the word Mia, will have an even deeper meaning to you.
    i am so glad that i added this to my collection, and it will go into my regular Mia time daily. i bet it would yours as well.
    Thank You Mistress Mia, i am honored to wear Your collar.

  2. Orella

    The word Mia has such a strong influence on me, but after this session that was taken to a whole new level.

  3. Danny

    The concept of freedom is part of everyone’s self-awareness, although the meaning might vary from person to person. We need a word and a concept for it because we don’t truly feel it in ourselves. What Mistress Mia does here is a stroke of genius. She unchains you and your idea of what freedom means to you from this awake-reality and chains it to her world, her being, her name and further makes it a trigger for pleasure. Mia is freedom and freedom is pleasure. And freedom can only be achieved through Mia. That’s the simple truth that emerges from the foggy haze that this session is. I’m aware this is a paradox but believe me… you won’t care once the echo of her name reminds you to not stray too far. We all need our freedom, don’t we?

  4. andrew asoka

    For the project of trance, I’ve given up all of myself to Mia. Her name conjures a world through my body-mind apparatus, a sensorium that she can call and inspire with just a word of three letters – her name itself. Mia, takes me back to meditation. Mia, is bliss. Mia… and I’m lost, in thoughtfulness and mindlessness at the same time. Mia is it. Mia is the most powerful sound.

  5. SoVeryBlissful

    Sublime and simple:
    There are these simple things that sometimes can feel sublime.
    They can give a special feeling of connectedness.
    It’s about a Lady saying her own name.
    It’s not just a word. It’s her name:
    Mia. Hearing Mia saying Mia is such a special thing.
    It’s about her. It’s about my connection to her.
    It’s about what I feel for her.
    When I hear her saying her name,
    I can feel blissful sensations in my whole body.
    I can feel arousal.
    It feels like a perfect moment: Feeling so connected to Mia
    that her name spoken by her own mouth creates
    such a reaction.
    Feeling this reaction makes me even more aroused and blissfully happy.

    I love Mia saying “Mia”.
    It’s a simply timeless delight. I listen to this recording again and again,
    eagerly awaiting every time when Mia says “Mia”.
    I really enjoy the way this recording was created.
    I like the lightness sensations very much and
    I love the idea of “Mia’s World”.
    It’s such a great place.

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