Length: 46:32

Voice: Mistress Mia

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  1. Andi_S

    From the first I listened to this session I was fascinated by HER. The Queen of the Darkness. I must confess the darkness is so attractive to me when it is represented by a sexy, powerful woman. Here is what I wrote in an email I sent Mia right after listening for the first time “I do not believe in any beings but I want to summon the energy represented in the idea of such a being. I want to see you having this kind of sexual power and see you experience all the carnal lust you desire and nothing would make me happier than getting to play a part in bringing this about. I want to be a slave in your flock. A toy in your collection. I want this entity in my mind. I want it to possess me and enslave me so that I may be of more use to you.”

    Mmmh…Yes…I so want this. Mia is my Queen of the Night and to me this entity is a manifestation of her carnal desires. Yet I found myself wondering who she is, when she lived, etc,. Increasingly I wanted to feel her come alive in my mind and longed for her to play with me. But she is so elusive to me. The more I listened to the file, the less I found myself remembering about her. Just that laugh. Images of perverse, carnal lust and sexual slavery and me begging her to enslave me. At some point I ended up barely remembering a word that was said during the session. Just Mia and the clock taking me down and bringing me back up, awakening with a raging hard on. Tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…mmmh. I would love to see HER make more appearances. Until then I guess I’ll just have to keep listening and trying to remember her. Thank you Mistress Mia for this wonderful file. You are the Queen of the Night and I love it so much when you tinker and toy with my mind.

  2. Abe

    I was on the fence on whether or not getting this session, my mind was determined to wait until it would become available on the VIP claims and I would get it once the time came, but now, I must say that I had the longing to not wait on and listen to it being that today was Halloween, or a day from now depending on the date you that you read this review. Now, I think I know why this was. First off, I would like to point out that I truly believe there’s a strong force that pulls me to Mistress, a powerful energy that binds me to her, to be mentally programed and controlled by her voice. I read the description and followed the warning willing to listen anyway considering the explicit disclaimer, but I trust Mistress and therefore I knew that I was in safe hands.

    As the mention of fear was being presented to me, I analyzed that very thing that I’m most scared and afraid of, what I’ve been scared of for many years, yes the beating of clocks. The beating of my own heart, very similar to that of a clock that just kept me awake most of the nights in my early years getting used to that ticking. Silence was a torture and I needed a distraction most of the nights. There was always fan in my room to lull me to sleep no matter if the night was freezing cold and I was finding myself trembling under my covers. As the session progressed, I got reminded of these fears but I noticed that I wasn’t scared anymore. Those fears become part of you, therefore you accept them and they become part of you, you embrace those fears and make them part of you as fear themselves take you and truly never let go. I’m so into the way Mia portrays her wonderful creations, her wonderful characters but this Woman here, whoever she was truly made me feel something new, something very strange. She took me to a path of the unknown like those first years I had to learn to live with the ticking of the clock deep inside beating on the heart, very much like, I feel that she’s slowly has become part of us. Mia, Myself and Her. It might have been that I’ve encountered her spirit of sexual lust and sensual deprivation in the past, not sure where or when. Now, All I want is to be taken by her, to be one of those sexual deviants and slave boys who bring her pleasure as she rides our faces and cocks for nights to no end, without limits just embracing that sexual lust inside our bodies and live on forever obeying this task…

    This was a Halloween tht I’ll never forget, the best thing about it is that it doesn’t have to be Halloween to let this Mysterious Woman enter our minds during the deep late night hours.

  3. Mold Clay

    Mistress Mia has knocked me out of the park with this one. I was captivated from the very start. I became so curious as to why Mistress Mia was making this out to be such a scary recording. She really set me up with the whole disclaimer at the beginning. Mistress Mia sets up this induction so expertly it’s mind boggling. I have become so conditioned to her voice she could read from the phone book and I would be under but with every recording she does something special that gets to me in another delightful way. I remember most of this session but there is always a part or two when I go back to listen again that I am surprised by. I think I will be surprised by this one when I return to listen once again. She gave me a feeling of anticipation no doubt and when things turn they turn unexpectedly and subtly. I kept waiting for something inside me to recoil but nothing did. I embrace what Mistress Mia tells me. All I want is what she wants. All I can think about is how to release, relax and let go more, She has bewitched me and I love it. There are parts of this session that probably should have made me think twice but I didn’t. This session put me right there in the middle of it all and I didn’t want it to end. All I ever want is more and more. This may be one of those sessions where you either like it or you don’t. Maybe not much in between. Still I adored it. I also feel intensely that there is more to come…

  4. Orella

    Wow a special session for Halloween 2020, an annual occurrence as there have been Halloween themed sessions in previous years but this one is somewhat different.

    Mistress Mia weaves her magic in the Foreplay, her wonderful voice turning me on instantly and preparing my mind with her words, my mind simply waiting for her to mould me in any way she pleases.
    Listening to her speak my curiosity builds and builds, I have to admit that I am drawn to the dark and happy to explore.
    I do have a deep desire to be helplessly under Mistress Mia’s control, waiting for her instructions. Her description of what I might experience is so arousing and exciting.
    I find myself once again kneeling at Mistress Mia’s feet absorbing everything that she is saying, once again I learn new things from my wise and incredible Goddess. I had never heard of the term ‘Tulpa’ and now have another new subject to learn more about.

    I was not sure what to expect from my journey into fear, the cover for the session is fantastic as they all are, the description has me very excited to experience this session.
    Mistress Mia starts the session by setting the scene, building up the spookiness that occurs at this time of the year as we approach Halloween.

    I am reminded, by Mistress Mia, of the warning that I am accepting responsibility for the fear and any short or long-term effects that I may experience by choosing to listen to this session.

    Mistress Mia prepares me to enter the deep trance state in this session, her wicked laugh runs through me stirring up emotions from the depths of my mind. She talks about things that might visit me in the dark hours of sleep such as Incubus and Succubus which I have heard of but also the Night Hag and Mare (the origin of Nightmare) these I had not heard of before. I must admit at this point I was feeling my anticipation and adrenalin levels start to rise, a little trepidation starting to make presence felt. I glance around the dark room not knowing what I am looking for or expecting to find.

    I snuggle down under the covers after one last look around the room, close my eyes and give in to Mistress Mia’s voice and await my journey into fear under her control.
    The tick tock of a clock I don’t have draws me in as Mistress Mia takes me down deeper and deeper and deeper, sleepier and sleepier drifting off to the tick tock and thrum thrum. I drifted off at some point into the land of dreams or nightmares……………..

    Suddenly I am aware of Mistress Mia’s voice again as I emerge from trance and awaken from sleep. There is something that I must do…………

    Will you venture into the unknown and fear that you will find here in Insomnium?

  5. David deitz

    Such an intense and arousing session. I love submitting to my sweet goddess… Even if it means surrendering my soul.

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