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Length: 29:53

Copyright © 2017 by TheHypnoMistress
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3 reviews for Instrument of Pleasure

  1. Orella

    I love being vulnerable and submissive for Mistress Mia, helplessly obeying her instructions without question for her pleasure and amusement.
    I am waiting for Mistress Mia in such anticipation and growing arousal desperate to be in her presence, I am unable to control my increasing excitement.
    I hear Mistress Mia’s voice in my room and I naughtily try to peak at her but she catches me and exerts her authority and control as I close my eyes tightly as instructed. I feel her so close to me on my bed as my heart pounds in my chest in response to her touches and scratches from her nails as I squirm in desperation for her intimate touch.
    I am filled with tactile sensations as I am permitted to look at my stunningly beautiful and sensual Mistress, running my eyes over her every detail drinking in the vision of perfection that I behold.
    Mistress Mia positions my desperately aroused body to use for her pleasure and I am so happy to obey and please my Mistress, I am lost in arousal and pleasure as I watch and feel every movement of my Mistress.
    As Mistress Mia uses me for her pleasure, I am so desperate but I must hold back in submissive obedience until Mistress Mia has climaxed and is fully satisfied. Mistress Mia is pleased with me and rewards me with her intimate attention and when she tells me to cum for her I explode as commanded and am left pulsing breathlessly.

  2. Andrew

    This was an extremely intimate, erotic and scintillating session where Mistress Mia, as always, is in full command with her honey-dripping voice. You can visualize every subtle shift of her body as she expertly plays your submissive body as an instrument of pleasure…her pleasure.

    A very good session for submissive boys who like to be teased and see their Mistress take her pleasure from their obedience. Remember, obedience is bliss!

  3. Peter

    Enjoy the ride… this is exactly, what this session is all about. Well, it’s her ride. All you have to do is to wait for Mistress Mia in your bed. Then she enters your bedroom, and then… wooowwww. An erotic encounter with Mistress Mia. It’s so hot, it feels like real! Grab this session while you can.

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