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Length: 33:14
Voice: Mia

Copyright © 2016 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

5 reviews for Invitation to Sleep

  1. Orella

    I love being lost in Mistress Mia’s voice, she is so expert at compelling me into such a relaxed state of mind and body. The lovely images that Mistress Mia places into my imagination become so real, the image of the lovely woman approaching me with such hypnotic movements is mesmerising as my eyes are captivated and locked to this incredible vision.
    I become completely lost in those eyes, voice and body making me feel so captivated and so willing to spend the night kept safe whilst I fall into a deeper and deeper tired sleepy state as I follow this mysterious woman to her home. I feel so safe and relaxed in her presence as I comply with her suggestions and I seem to melt into deep trance and the deepest sleep wrapped in her coils.

  2. Isaias

    I just picked this up this month and I have to say Mistress Mia does a phenomenal job playing a sexy Lamia. This has/is a fantasy of mine to fall under the power of a Lamia and this hit such a sweet spot when I listened to it. The story is so well done and it all played out in my mind so vividly. Mistress Mia is a fantastic story teller! A great file to listen to whenever you wish to drift off to sleep. Just let the Lamia lull you to sleep in her warm embrace. I hope one day Mistress Mia decides to continue a bit more with this Lamia.

  3. Tommy

    I agree that making a follow up to this because this was so was so seductive and hypnotic. I especially liked the way you create the scene of being lost in a forest and you come and lull the listener into a state of trance and get them to follow you. So yes Mia I think it would be great if you did another one I’ve listened to lamia sessions before and they don’t put me to sleep like this one (also I’m glad there’s no vore)

  4. Jonathan

    There’s so much to love about this session. My favorite part is when, after the seductive lamia Mia has already pulled me into a deep, deep trance in which I desperately want to lose myself in peaceful sleep, she instructs me to open my eyes and then sends me on a walk along her long, strong coils as she slowly twirls them under my feet, making me even more tired as I take a long walk within the endless path of her coils as they urge me to walk further and further, just like Kaa did with Mowgli in their second encounter (, only better because I had been captured by a lamia, the seductive lamia Mia.

    Mia, it would be great if you would make a follow on session in which the wayward traveler awakens the next morning, still enchanted with you and feeling sad that he has to leave the forest, something that he actually makes the foolish mistake of saying aloud.

    Quick to notice an opportunity to seduce and trap a good boy, you begin putting him in a trance, using only words initially. You rise up to look him in the eyes, but he thinks that he is too smart to let you trick him into staying, so instead of looking into your eyes, he immediately looks down, only to see your tail as it slowly rises up between the two of you. Your words and the swirling circular movements quickly triggers him to remember what a wonderful night he spent with you, as his weak, defenseless body was wrapped so firmly within your strong, protective coils.

    You urge him to allow his glance to follow your tail as it continues to rise slowly, and then that magical moment happens again. He’s looking into your eyes, fixated on their color as they begin to swirl around and around and around – completely captivating him as he feels your strong will easily slipping through his weak defenseless mind…

  5. John

    I got this session several years ago, and it remains as one of my go-to sessions when I have trouble falling asleep. The soothing voice of Mia as the helpful lamia is incredibly effective. A must-have for fans of monster girls.

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