Length: 35:24
Voice: Mistress Sophia

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3 reviews for Just for Fun

  1. Braxton

    Playful. Erotic. Teasing.

    Have you not learned yet? Mistress Sophia can be an angel. Sweet, innocent, so polite and welcoming. She also possess the skills to lure you in, set you up, and before you know it you’re left in a very awkward predicament wondering how you got there.

    How can you not fall for such a sweetheart as Mistress Sophia? It’s no wonder she leads the store in sales at “Just for Fun”.

    Great session Mistress Sophia.

    I’ve had my awkward moments in adult entertainment stores. Browsing the store only to get ready to head to the counter, and realize I knew the girl working the register. Yikes!

  2. Neil Hinson

    Revelatory. Or, to use Sophia’s preferred language, yummy. She gave me permission and inspiration to indulge my deepest desires as a femme soul and worshiper of powerful Women.

    This session has been the apex hypno experience, bringing all my desires, kinks and yearnings together in one session, in one voice, in one deliriously sexy Adult shop. I’ll be floating in lust and a deep need to serve until I listen again. Thank You to all the Women on this site, and the magic that You’ve given my shy mind and body.

  3. Orella

    The foreplay for this session is deliciously arousing, I would expect nothing less from the wonderful Mistress Mia, I have recently learned something about expectations from Mistress Mia but that is a private story.
    Mistress Mia knows exactly how to push all of my buttons for her amusement and pleasure. I am indeed one of those boys who has written YT comments, messaged on Discord and sent emails begging and begging her to play with me.
    I have learned that it is not about what I want, it is all about what Mistress wants and my deep desire to please and amuse her. All I need to do is submit completely, obey Mistress completely and relinquish all control to her.
    Mistress Mia’s voice is so enchanting, her words are so intensely arousing, I have no ability to resist her and why would I ever want to resist. My mind is completely open and empty for her to fill and play with as she pleases, I am happily caught in her traps and shared with her girlfriends for her amusement.

    This session is indeed a short fun session, a little blackmail and playful humiliation for Mistress Sophia to amuse herself with at my expense. I am so lucky to be the object of her fun game.

    Mistress Sophia’s bubbly, sweet, naughty and sexy voice is so pleasurable to hear as she approaches me to assist my failed efforts to find what I have been sent to Just for Fun to purchase, she is so irresistible, how could I possibly not be completely captivated by her and her offer to help me.
    I am so aroused as she talks about all of the sexy items in the shop, I am a little embarrassed too and have to swallow hard to maintain my composure.
    Mistress Sophia, the shop girl, takes the list of items that I have been sent by my Mistress to purchase, my embarrassment increases, I feel my cheeks flushing red, I am hot and my head swims a little. I obediently follow the shop girl to the viewing lounge and wait there watching the images that I am shown, images and voices fill the background of my mind swirling around and around.
    I drift off deeper and deeper into trance listening to Mistress Sophia’s voice, I feel so very relaxed, aroused and happy as I float away on her words.

    I awake from trance and in my groggy confused state I am feeling very sexy and sensual. I cannot help feeling like my legs are gently but completely encased, like some sort of sock that runs the full length of my legs, I feel a residual silky smoothness where my boxers would normally be and I cannot shake off the feeling that I have something filling my ass.

    Thank you Mistress Sophia. This is indeed a well titled session that really is Just for Fun.

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