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Length: 39:10
Voice: Mistress Katya

Copyright © 2020 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

9 reviews for Katya’s Pleasure Program

  1. 456

    This session with Mia’s foreplay was so powerful that after the session i was so aroused for hours and hours, I had 2 energy orgasms when i was just lying in my bed. I could not even sleep because i was so horny.
    I had to use Mia’s Mind Reset twice so i could finally get to sleep 🙂

  2. Cron4881

    I have listened to this session 6 times in the last two weeks. Katya assumed control of my body; I no longer have any.

    Your subconscious will be absolutely trained for persistent arousal. The subliminal loop does not go away. I do not recommend listening just before going to sleep, because you will NOT sleep after Katya has reprogrammed your mind.

  3. Cron4881

    Caution: Be prepared for a Long / Hard day after listening to this session.

    The posthypnotic programming is very effective.

  4. Little fly

    This is one of the sessions you don’t want to end. Mistress Katya’s voice has a great variety of enchanting inflections that inspires the listener to respond with an immediate willingness to submit to Her. Working for Her in the office would mean to eagerly wait anytime for any of Her commands.

  5. Braxton

    Erotic, and powerful!

    You lucky boy, you! Congratulations! You got the job. Now let your programming begin! In this wonderful session you are taken by a very sexy, very dominant woman. She slowly, and methodically, seduces you before leading you into her office for further programming of you subconscious mind. Simply Obey, and except all of her suggestions, it’ll make your job much easier at The Hypnomistress Office…

    Mistress Katya, can I just tell you that you are amazing… Without a doubt, each time that I trance with you I am blown away. Your style, you’re sultry voice, and your deliberate approach drives me wild! The Submissive Display series is among my personal favorites, thanks to you. Excellent work.

  6. Dale Roads

    It took a while to really respond to Mistress Katya, her authoritarianism her and Russian (Ukrainian?) accent left me initially feeling like she could just step on you and walk away without even an afterthought. But about the third time listening to SD4 I began to pick up on the nuances and now feel that she is a pet lover. Just like in “the real world”, lady dog trainers do love dogs and appreciate their doggies enthusiasm and affection.

    Mistress Mia did a perfect job in introducing us to Katya, leaving us SD1-3 boys sitting at a workstation for Mistress Katya’s approach. Each time I listen, the visualization and tactile reality of those initial moments when Katya puts herself in our life become increasingly vivid, and, well, mentally self historical.

    Later, after working us up, and putting us down, she makes us realize that we ARE … HERE in the very real psychic THM offices. And, that sexually submerged in this new reality, even after she relieves us from our entrancement, she will be with us and teasing us to crawl into her office anytime we become too desperate and squirt on her floor, ruffing and whining, and thanking her aloud, “Oh Katya, oh, oh … OH THANK YOU, THANK YOU, KAAAATAAAYA.” and squirty squirt squirt on her cool, black tile floor … Oh God! (In this really just happening in our minds! But what isn’t.)

  7. Abe

    This is such a powerful and intense session that I wish to listen over and over.

    The sexual programming embedded within me is one that is powerful, fulfilling and one that has left feeling so good. I don’t know if this programming was embedded earlier but I wanted to serve Mistress Katya this way.

    The foreplay by Mia here is a great start for even greater arousal that just builds deep inside your mind, there in my brain and just overlaps my entire body to the point that I need to release such overwhelming pleasure, but not able to do that following eight hours listening to this session.

    I remember listening to it a few days ago and simply getting lost in the trance, taking her suggestions and remembering the feeling of just how aroused it made me feel. For me personally, being able to work for all of the ladies here at TheHypnoMistress isn’t really a job with pay for a submissive boy, but an honor and dream. I’ve never worked in my entire life but it is here where I can work as a servant, obeying orders, special tasks and assignments. Maybe I’m too tripped and aroused by the thought of holding out 8 hours after listening to a new session that comes out, but it’s so fucking worth it. The pleasure just gets you and you are unable to resist or escape it.

    I shake and tremble feeling the pleasure inside my body, with tingles of heat burning, imagine feeling that every half hour or so for eight hours, it will burn you eventually. I went to bed really aroused that day I listened after a few hours. I sinked and drifted off to sleep, when I woke up the next day,I was talking, thanking her for allowing me release.

    Mistress Katya’s program is that pleasure. It did this to me. I long to serve a Mistress this way because it feels so good to do so.


  8. Orella

    I so loved the first three sessions and although you could listen to them as individual sessions, I would highly recommend listening to this series in order as each one builds upon the previous session and you will get so much more intensity from going through them in sequence.

    Mistress Mia’s foreplay is a must for me, I love listening to her voice at every opportunity. I am instantly captivated by her enchanting voice as I lose myself is her words and the sexy scene that she describes.
    As I sink into complete relaxation a rich mindscape of imagery dances across my mind painted by Mistress Mia’s words. My mouth starts to water as Mistress Mia describes Mistress Katya’s attire and how she moves through the office in exquisite detail.
    Oh! those nails and I become a helpless drooling aroused mess of a pet lost in nails, nipples, eyes and back to nails transfixed as I am played with. Then Mistress Katya speaks a word that pummels my mind to mush as I fall deeper and deeper into trance and arousal.

    I am completely helpless as Mistress Katya leads me to her office and obediently sit upon her leather chair as instructed. Mistress Katya says ‘good boy’ and I feel so good hearing this, I love listening to her voice, I am increasingly mesmerised and aroused by her nails and her words.
    I vaguely recall responding ‘Yes Katya’ I think that there were other responses but simply cannot recall exactly what they were, I love these interactive experiences.
    Mistress Katya says her trigger for me to fall deeper and deeper into trance, I can only describe a feeling like falling into a giant pile of feathers, the fall turns to one of slow motion and a feeling of becoming enveloped over and over deeper and deeper lost in arousal, pleasure and obedience.

    As I awake from trance with a groggy cloudy mind and unsure of where I am for a while, my arm brushes against my nipple and I feel that it appears to be trying to burst off my chest, I look down and the other nipple is likewise trying to be a moon rocket ready for launch. I realise that my cock is doing its best to be naughty, straining to be as erect as possible and demand my attention. In my cloudy minded state something is preventing me from taking any immediate action in response.
    In the back of my mind there is something that I feel I simply must do later in the day.

    Thank you, Mistress Katya, for programming and conditioning this obedient ‘office pet’ and ‘property of THM’ to become more and more obedient and pleasing to all of the dominant women in the THM Office.

  9. Andi_S

    I just woke up from listening to this session for the first time and I still feel dizzy and aroused from this incredible session. I love the Submissive Display series and this new installment is taking things to a whole new, very intense, and very arousing level.

    Mistress Mia’s foreplay talk had me completely melting. Every word was like sweet, sexy candy for my eager and slutty subconscious. It is honestly getting difficult for me to write reviews as often Mistress Mia’s voice just floods me with arousal, making it difficult for me to tell a coherent narrative about what she did to me in a particular session. In this foreplay talk she effortlessly took me down into trance, making me so open, receptive, and obedient, listening intently to every nuance of the sound of her voice, feeling intense pleasure and arousal, feeling so happy to be allowed to please her by receiving this training.

    When the main session started I felt a very noticeable contrast. I am so conditioned to Mistress Mia’s voice and at first I did not react to Mistress Katya all that strongly. She does have a beautiful voice, a very sexy accent, and I love to feel her whispers in my mind but I was only in a light trance. I don’t know what triggered it. But at some point I could feel it. At first very faint. But it was approaching. This moment. This beautiful, powerful, thrilling feeling of her voice taking over. Slowly but surely engulfing my whole body. A growing arousal. My mouth wide open. My face a mask of lust. Moaning in pleasure. Close to the edge of orgasm. Lost in trance. Completely under her power. No thoughts of my own, hanging onto her every word. My body felt like it was just an energy field of arousal. Waves of obedience. Waves of arousal. This programming is so fucking sexy. It is beyond comprehension. I woke from this trance feeling so sexy and so grateful for this amazing experience. I still don’t feel entirely coherent. I get so horny when I think about my programming. I think there was some task Mistress Katya gave me but I don’t remember what it was. I must listen again to see what it was. But anyway, this is without a doubt a very powerful and sexy session. Definitely my favorite Mistress Katya session so far. I love it.

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