Length: 41:12
Voice: Mistress Katya

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6 reviews for Katya’s Puppet

  1. mattintrance

    There is an overriding lesson here. There is no escaping Katya’s voice. There. Is. No. Escaping. Katya’s. Voice. And once Her voice grabs you, it’s just down, down down from there. With Her voice in your mind, getting weaker and weaker, She hypnotizes you deeper and deeper. Her nails. So shiny. So fascinating. Her strong, slender sexy fingers on your temples. Massaging all thoughts and resistance from your sleepy mind. And then, Her girlfriends are there, and although you can hear their voices, your mind will remain totally fixated on Katya’s voice. Because THERE IS NO ESCAPING HER VOICE. You want Her to manipulate you more and more, because you keep falling deeper and deeper the more She puts you on display. I want to go to Her office again and again.

  2. Taigh

    Oh lord. This is beyond perfect. Sexual and mental submission to a perilous sexy Russian hypnodomme. Feeling myself become a jerking puppet, hearing voices all around me and swimming in delirious hypnotized pleasure, no real sense of what or where or who I am, just a pleasure puppet jerking on a string. A hypnotized mindless shell feeling the strings pull on my wrists as each word from Katya tugs at my mind..then suddenly the sound of women laughing all around me…excited and encouraged to stroke faster as I fell into the abyss….
    I would definitely recommend listening to some or all of the earlier sessions in the series called Submissive Display, to get the chance to have the full treatment here with Katya.

  3. Abe

    I started this entire series last week and just listened to SD 5 and this one last night. To be playfully humiliated by the ladies of TheHypnoMistress caught me by surprise because well, who wouldn’t feel embarrassed to cum in front of them all? Mistress Katy’s lead me to a place of comfort and relaxation as she lead the way to where the rest of the Mistresses were waiting for me. How wrong was I thinking that I wouldn’t enjoy cumming right in front of all my mistresses together in one room. Mistress Katyas commands to stroke, hearing the other ladies speaking to themselves and laughing as I wanked away felt to good and normal.

    Sexy humiliation but at the same time sexy encouragement to perform an act that I’m very good at all for the pleasure and amusement of the ladies who rule my mind here at THM. I’ll love to perform for them again and again…

  4. Braxton

    This Session was outstanding. It was exactly what I was hoping it would be. I’ve said for a very long time now, I am Katya’s puppet. It seemed like my Mistress wanted to play with me, and also show off my obedience to her thru my Submissive Display. Once she seduced me she invited all of my Mistresses into her office to have a little fun at my expense. Mistress Katya hypnotized me so easily, that my body naturally followed her commands without any resistance at all. My inability to overcome Mistress Katya’s influence over me compounded with the fact that I became a mindless, stroking puppet gave Mistress, Mia, Sophia, and Alexandra a good laugh. This is one of my ultimate fantasies, Erotic humiliation, suffed at the hands of a sexy dominant woman. I loved it.

  5. Orella

    I was so excited getting ready to listen to this session, my Owner Mistress Mia had given me, her chastity pet, an explicit command to comply with Mistress Katya’s instructions in my first listen to Submissive Display 6 – Katya’s Puppet.
    I have listened to the whole Submissive Display series several times however my training in SD4 and SD5 has been limited as erect cock cannot be touched and must never cum without obtaining explicit permission in advance from Mistress Mia, also the use of nipples requires permission in advance from Mistress Alexandra.
    An obedient pet always obeys the THM Goddesses, it is pleasure to serve, obey and please.

    Upon hearing Mistress Mia’s voice in the foreplay, I become erect as always, listening to her enchanting voice and her words my arousal grows and grows, cock is straining more and more demanding to be touched. I helplessly listen as cock twitches and pulses unable to touch it as it dribbles, increasing amounts of precum oozing out and I become more and more sticky. I am also aware that cum and precum must be obediently licked up to please my Mistress, my core focus is to please as her pleasure is all that matters.

    I am already intensely aroused from Mistress Mia’s foreplay and as I hear Mistress Katya’s dominant sexy voice, I fall instantly under her control desperate to obey her for her pleasure.
    Mistress Katya takes me down into deep relaxation as I sink into the pleasure of obedient bliss. My thoughts dissipate and drift out of my mind as they are no longer needed. I am an empty toy for Mistress Katya to play with as she pleases.
    Nipples, nipples, nipples teased, tormented and tortured following Mistress Katya’s instructions, I am lost in aroused obedience helplessly caressing, stroking, flicking, tugging, squeezing and twisting nipples. Cock is a dribbling mess on the verge of exploding from the intense nipple stimulation, an oozing river desperate for more.
    Mistress Katya’s dominant sexy voice is irresistible, I am Mistress Katya’s puppet lost in obedient arousal adrift on a sea of intense nipple stimulation, cock desperate to erupt.
    Suddenly I become aware that Mistress Katya is no longer the only other person in her office, she has been joined by Mistress Mia, Mistress Alexandra and Mistress Sophia, I hear their beautiful voices cut through my cloud of aroused bliss and I become even more aroused.
    Deeper and deeper I go for Mistress Katya, I obediently take cock in one hand and stroke as the other hand continues to play with nipples. The stimulation from nipple play and cock stroking is overwhelming, the need to cum so intense as I try to hold back desperate for the command to cum and then………

  6. Andi_S

    My first experience with this session last night was so satisfying. It is exactly what I needed right now. The last time Mistress Mia released me from chastity I had a physically strong but emotionally very unsatisfying orgasm. She had kept me chaste for a long time and I was so looking forward to that orgasm. But one of the things that did not quite go as I had hoped for on that night was that in my dazed horny stupor I ended up cumming while watching a porn movie and it left me feeling so empty and hollow. I felt that it missed the entire point of what the orgasm a submissive boy is granted to have by his Mistress is supposed to be. I felt really bad about it. And actually for over a week I was mostly cut off from this powerful energy field of trance, arousal, and denial that Mistress Mia had me trapped in. I confessed everything to Mistress Mia but the whole thing still weighed pretty heavy on my heart.

    Why am I telling you this? Because this session represents the other end of the spectrum. If you are submissive and you are not feeling your erotic energy flowing as intensely as it could or are not satisfied with your orgasms, I think the Submissive Display series is a really great training program that could really introduce you to a new and possibly much more satisfying and exciting way to experience arousal than you have known before. Personally after listening to this I know more than ever that this is exactly how I want to and need to experience pleasure. Only as instructed. Only as commanded. It feels so much better. Physically and emotionally. I don’t know if I can put it into words but it just feels so right and so overwhelmingly satisfying.

    Mistress Mia’s foreplay talk catapulted me right back into this energy field of arousal that she enjoys keeping me trapped in. Her talk about orgasm control, orgasm denial got me so hot and horny. Experiencing this with a dominant woman I trust and admire is such a physically and emotionally thrilling and exciting experience. I cannot deny it. Mistress Mia’s power over my arousal and my ability to cum and to think that her treating me this way gives her pleasure amplifies my arousal a hundred fold. Any doubt that I may have had going into it was replaced by certainty, arousal and the intense emotional comfort that comes from being in this place where I can comfortably and happily succumb to Mistress Mia’s will.

    In the main session Mistress Katya has you lying down in a large leather chair in her office and you get the opportunity to show her what you have learned in the prior sessions in the Submissive Display series. I do not remember how I got there but at some point during the session I was playing with my nipples and stroking my cock with wild abandon all while being watched and “cheered on” by four sexy, powerful Mistresses. I really truly felt like a puppet. I wanted my Mistresses to see my performance. I wanted them to know what an obedient submissive slut I am. All my resistance and defenses were completely gone. In this state I would have obeyed all and any command without even thinking about it. This feeling is not only incredibly arousing but also so deeply satisfying. I heard the comments of the ladies watching me, I heard their laughter, I felt that they were enjoying my performance. And I felt so happy to know that I can entertain them and give them pleasure Mistresses with my obedience. My submissive display. The orgasm I was commanded to have at the end of the session was such a satisfying experience as well. Cumming on command feels so much better than any other type of orgasm I could have. Thank you so much. Really I am so grateful for everything that I am learning on this journey and I thank my Mistresses Mia, Katya, Alexandra, and Sophia from the bottom of my heart for teaching me and guiding me on this path to fulfillment and happiness.

    So in closing let me just say this session really made me feel like such a mindless obedient puppet. Now more than ever I know that I need my arousal and my ability to cum to be controlled by my Mistresses. From now on I only want to receive pleasure as instructed by my Mistresses and only ever cum on command.

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