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KDV extended 1:15:33

Return to KDV 1:21:24

Voice:Mistress Mia

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3 reviews for Klub Deja Vu 1&2

  1. Orella

    Five starts are nowhere near enough.

    Klub Déjà vu Extended:
    This extended session is an even longer and more convoluted incredible journey where I was taken through such a rich mindscape painted by Mistress Mia, how I loved being taken to Klub Déjà vu as nothing more than a submissive obedient naked confused fashion accessory for Mistress Mia’s amusement.
    There are so many aspects to this session that you really need to experience yourself as I cannot adequately express them with mere words, I will never ever be able to get the memory out of my mind of holding those red leather doors open with the scent of leather and vanilla filling my sense of smell and taste, you will need to listen to the session to find out why.
    Finding myself in Doctor Liz’s clinic, in a daze with no idea how I got here aroused and hard, the Russian nurse teasing me with her breasts and sexy uniform.

    Return to Klub Déjà vu:
    My words are not adequate to describe the incredible mindscape and deep feelings that Mistress Mia created in my first visit to Klub Déjà vu, you really need to experience this for yourself and explore how this session makes you feel. Klub Déjà vu Extended took me on a journey with additional dimensions to play with my mind. I would recommend listening to one of these sessions before Return to Klub Déjà vu as this will enhance your experience even more.
    My night with the Return to Klub Déjà vu session was astounding, the mindscape rendered by Mistress Mia and Mistress Alexandra is breathtakingly detailed and alluring, the level of arousal and desire they allowed me to experience was exquisitely delicious, as for what I found beyond the red doors this was simply a paradise with a vast variety of pleasures awaiting to be explored and all I need to do to experience them is surrender all control to my Mistress, submit totally and obey all commands I am given. Oh yes please Mistress.

  2. Abe

    I think this series unfolds perfectly in two sessions. In the first part, Mia takes us out for the night to a place she knows very well and quite possibly might own. The Klub Deja Vu. The wonderful erotic adventure and enless joy inside the klub is something every fan of erotic hypnosis should experience. Being part of a show. In part 2, this changes as we go in a Mias guests. We get a behind the look tour of the Klub exploring the wonderful doors that lead to different rooms, different fantasies.

    This is what TheHypnoMistress is to the mind of our wonderful Mistress. The Klub DejaVu lives inside THM and THM lives inside The Klub DejaVu. One of the best creations, sessions and fantasies that ever came to this wonderful world .

    Hopefully there will be more visits to this wonderful place again, sometime soon

  3. GuyC_UK

    Absolute Wonderment, after Listening to both, one straight after the other, i awoke with moist eyes, heart pounding with feelings that i needed to Hug someone, and that someone is ♡Mistress Mia♡ it is a Beautiful Session Bundle, giving a clear view into the world of TheHypnoMistress. A world i am truly grateful to be a part of now, and when ♡Mistress Alexandra & Mistress Mia♡ are together your Mind loses any/all resistance, the only way your going, is Deeper and Deeper.

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