Length: 98:10

Voice: Mistress Mia

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9 reviews for Klub Deja Vu – Dreams

  1. Jamesmac

    I love this file! I love the entire series of “Klub Deja Vu” files! It has so many elements that I love such as CFNM, shaving fetish, Sci-fi and conditioning.

  2. Eddie

    I keep coming back to this file and series as a true favourite. An incredibly realistic experience filled with such deep levels of submission that felt so right. I can’t describe the overwhelming feelings of pride and joy I felt to be escorting The Hypnomistress, having the crowd held in envy and part as we pass a Domme and her pet. What a great night out cherished and locked away deep waiting for me to return.

  3. lorenzo

    This might not be my fastest review of all time, but I feel this was one of those sessions I had to personally listen to multiple times before I could truly describe just how good it really is.

    Klub De Ja Vu might be the most anticipated sequal of the community. I, myself, was also humping pillows in anticipation after Mia’s announcement of spending new years eve at the Klub.

    So what makes KDV so enticing?
    For the series in general I think its as the other previews also stated: it feels like multiple sessions in one. Multiple ladies, multiple rooms, multiple inductions. The feeling of going from one hypnotic experience to the next.

    Now for this session, part 3, specifically .
    It is so good. A lot of familiar experiences: being escorted into the club, led by Mia across the dancefloor, meeting some of the ladies, the spiral staircase‍

    There were also new experiences. I wont spoil them all, but there was one that truly rocked my world. One of the inductions is based on a total and complete trust in Mia. Trusting her to lead me to wherever She wants me to be in the klub, in my mind…

    Mia hypnotizes you with trust, so much so that the phrase ‘Trust in Mia’ becomes a powerful trigger. She even proves it by waking you up mid-session just to demonstrate how much you trust Her and become a goey puddle of submissiveness upon her whim.

    O Mia, how you rocked my world with this one

  4. MicHam99

    Kdv3 session ! A nice way to finish 2021 and start a new year, what a great gift. So thankful. It took me several day to recover or almost recover should I say. There still some parts that it is a complete mystery, a blackout. Can’t explain, even after 2 listen the transition or my arrival with Blue. I was pretty attentive and following but it happen a second time, totally lost in trance. At some point I was not able to make difference of what is real or not. I recommend the complete series ! It is so exceptional.

    This session make me travel in time, past and futur. My adorable Mistress make me fell so secure by holding me and walking through the club with her. Meeting very interesting Mistress’s such as Mistress Alexandra and Sophia. Hearing Alicia was delightful.

    I think there is no limit of what Mistress Mia can do as an Hypnotist, she is powerful, it is just so incredible that hearing her voice only seconds and affecting me instantly. My trust to you Mistress is 500% even more. I have no doubt about Mistress taking full control of my mind. I always let go and giving in totally.

    Thank you Mistress for that sublime session. I will revisit of course. And taking that moment to wish all THM a wonderful 2022 lots of love and success. Xxx

  5. Michael

    The Klub Deja Vu sessions are probably the best erotic hypnosis sessions that I have ever listened to. This one (like the others) is simply incredible – over an hour and a half of deep hypnotic bliss. You get multiple inductions from Mia and the other hypnodommes, such that by the end your mind is an empty bliss-filled hypnotic mush ready to follow any of Mistress’s commands.

    100% pick this up.

  6. Orella

    What a wonderful 2021 New Year’s Eve night out this was. Lost deeply within the Klub Deja Vu Dreams session.

    What’s the saying ‘better than the real thing’, but to the mind what is and is not real? Reality is whatever the conscious or more powerfully subconscious mind believe it is.

    This session is long, very long according to a clock. But time here in the universe that Mistress Mia weaves is different, here in trance floating on Mistress Mia’s words anything and everything is possible.

    The reviews already posted are great, this session is indeed like 4 sessions in one. It is a stunning awe-inspiring step in the Klub Deja Vu series.

    The vivid imagery, visual, auditory, olfactory, mouth wateringly delicious and tactile physical sensations flooding my nerves. Filling me to overflowing with pleasure, pain, arousal, desire and desperation swirling around every atom of my being.

    Other reviews have commented on the difficulty in finding words to adequately pay tribute to this wonderful session. Likewise, I am finding it difficult to find words worthy to express my feelings on this session.

    There is so much that touches how I feel when under Mistress Mia’s control, so much that fits me perfectly.
    The deepest post session residual feeling is one of infinite trust and the deepest desire to please that I feel when I am with Mistress Mia.

  7. Abe

    Quite possibly the best erotic dream of a paradise ever designed for the mind. Mistress Mia once again proving how she is the Mind Mistress of our wildest dreams that holds all the Keyes of the night and every door inside the Klub DejaVu. I’m amazed by the power of her mind, being capable of presenting such vivid and real experiences with just the sound of her voice. Klub DejaVu is all of THM, every session ever released rest on the endless doors inside this incredible Klub. 2021 is about to end, this was the last session released this year but it is through this same night that I start a new journey here, with just a little view of what’s in store for the future.

    This session was truly an unforgettable experience. I can’t be thankful enough.

  8. Taigh Dupp

    This is a New Years Eve Trip to erotic Amsterdam.
    Klub Deja Vu Dreams is like 4 sessions in one, so hard to adequately describe in review. (so 20 stars for me)
    Imagine if you had mastered the art of Lucid Dreams and could have any dream that your horny mind desired. Now imagine that, instead of you being in the pilot seat, steering your dream, it was your co-pilot Mia Croft at the wheel! Where would SHE guide your erotic dream, if all you could do was to follow while Mistress Mia leads you by the cock, from one erotic scene to another, and another…and another. And just like in dreams, reality is not a factor at Klub Deja Vu. Anything that Mia finds hot or entertaining can happen to you and probably will.
    The scenes with Mistress Alexandra and Mistress Sophia are zipper-busting hot too.

  9. rabbit serro

    Wonderful its The very Best Ending for 2021 this Session let you so deep and builds an arousal with every second.
    Every Sesion of The Klub Deja Vu is very cool but in my opinion this is toping and it makes it special.
    I am really thankful its long but you will see how fast time disappers if Mistress Mia talks to your mind…uhw.
    Thank you Mistress Mia

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