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Length: 1:15:33
Voice:Mistress Mia

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6 reviews for Klub Deja Vu – Extended Directors Cut

  1. Hammy

    I am at a loss for words, what an wonderfully trippy experience, I was completely engrossed in Mistress Mia’s story telling and was completely turned around inside my head, I couldn’t do anything but be lead by Mistress through this hypnotically induced trip, thank you Mistress Mia for taking me on such an unique experience.

  2. GoodBoyLance

    This session starts with you warm and cozy in your bed then Mistress Mia leads you away without needing much persuasion to Her car to take you to a magical place called Klub Deja Vu where women are in charge of helpless naked boys. Mia is always in control of everything here and she leads you past the hypnotized bouncers as a VIP guest. You are to be naked only covered by a blanket and you are passed around by many Mistresses in a hazy dreamlike state, you occasionally wake up in different places with different Mistress’s, like a busty Russian nurse in a latex nurse outfit putting you out with drugs to dream of Her breasts. You wake back up at the beginning and pass through red leather doors for a special surprise from Mia.

  3. Pye

    I love this session. A hypno-fetishist dream trance of going in to a labyrinth confusion and misdirection. Especially in a subject that seems so dear to Mia and I can as well sign up to that. I so much love going to fetish clubs in London like (TG and Antichrist), and this session capture that feeling of buzzing anticipation and blissful fun where one just let go for an eve and express one’s inner self.

    As for the confusion, I do not know what really happens in the session (I suppose like when going to these clubs for real ;)). Mia takes you so deep (and I have no idea how it happens, I was a couple of time asking myself ‘where am I?’). I do remember bits and pieces though, like the breath-taking accent of the woman in red boots. The amazing pulsing dance music, the wonderful feeling of being plugged up. Waking up, I was in a beautiful hypnotic glow, fantasising of being a leashed naked plaything at a fetish party (I usually go in a quite different attire).

    I donno if Klub Deja vu exist for real (well of course it does), but if it’s a physical place so to speak but would surely like to go and explore the Amsterdam scene after listening to this session.:)

    This is a complete go to session whenever you want to go on DEEP hypnotic journey on a cosy rainy dark eve.

    Thank you Mia!

  4. Braxton

    Trippy. Loopy. Blissful.

    Get ready for an epic night in Amsterdam! Go round n round in your mind as the night unfolds, and you get closer to discovering the reality of the events that actually happened during the evening. A trip to Klub Deja Vu is truly unforgettable! Layers of techno, dance, and house music fill the night, along with a lively crowd enjoying everything that the Klub had to offer. Just let go, give in, and enjoy your night.

    Mia, I understand why many people rave about this session. It’s outstanding! Without question, Klub Deja Vu is as good as advertised. Masterpiece!

    Simply Amazing Mia.

  5. Andi_S

    Oh my God…I just woke up from listening to this session for the very first time and my mind is blown. This was the most immersive hypnosis session I have ever had the immense, unbelievable pleasure of listening to. I am so grateful, I am so filled with admiration for the incredible woman who can take my mind and create these unforgettable experiences. This session has it all. Deep trance, even deeper trance within a trance within a trance, excitement, joy, arousal, intense euphoria, happiness. It blows my mind immersed I was in this experience. This is the best state of mind to be in. Without fear and doubt. Just immersed in the moment. Just feeling and experiencing. And I felt it all. So intensely. As the session went on I was more and more lost in euphoria, so thoroughly entranced, so completely enthralled. So many scenes and words and sounds that made me squeal, and twitch, and moan, and throb, and writhe in pleasure and euphoria. Words cannot express the range of emotions and experiences this session can give you. You really have to experience it for yourself.

    I have never been as fascinated by anyone as I am by Mistress Mia and never as intense as during this session. She is a Goddess to me and I mean it. Even if this was “just” a trance, these are the kind of experiences we never forget and shape who we are. Mia, I thank you from the bottom of my submissive soul for creating this mind blowing experience.

  6. Orella

    This extended session is an even longer and more convoluted incredible journey where I was taken through such a rich mindscape painted by Mistress Mia, how I loved being taken to Klub Déjà vu as nothing more than a submissive obedient naked confused fashion accessory for Mistress Mia’s amusement.
    There are so many aspects to this session that you really need to experience yourself as I cannot adequately express them with mere words, I will never ever be able to get the memory out of my mind of holding those red leather doors open with the scent of leather and vanilla filling my sense of smell and taste, you will need to listen to the session to find out why.
    Finding myself in Doctor Liz’s clinic, in a daze with no idea how I got here aroused and hard, the Russian nurse teasing me with her breasts and sexy uniform.

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