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Voice:Mistress Mia

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11 reviews for Klub Deja Vu

  1. Braxton

    Trippy. Loopy. Blissful.

    Get ready for an epic night in Amsterdam! Go round n round in your mind as the night unfolds, and you get closer to discovering the reality of the events that actually happened during the evening. A trip to Klub Deja Vu is truly unforgettable! Layers of techno, dance, and house music fill the night, along with a lively crowd enjoying everything that the Klub had to offer. Just let go, give in, and enjoy your night.

    Mia, I understand why many people rave about this session. It’s outstanding! Without question, Klub Deja Vu is as good as advertised. Masterpiece!

    Simply Amazing Mia.

  2. Orella

    Such a long deep session where I was taken on an incredible journey through the rich mindscape painted by Mistress Mia, how I loved being taken to Klub Déjà vu as nothing more than a submissive obedient naked confused fashion accessory for Mistress Mia’s amusement.
    There are so many aspects to this session that you really need to experience yourself as I cannot adequately express them with mere words, I will never ever be able to get the memory out of my mind of holding those red leather doors open with the scent of leather and vanilla filling my sense of smell and taste, you will need to listen to the session to find out why.

  3. Chaz

    Mistress Mia really succeeded in providing a truly amazing experience which i honestly think is one of her best sessions so far that i was able to listen to. Not having a clue of what is happening around you, what has happend or what hasn’t happend… Truly amazing.

  4. Kin

    I am new to this but have tried hypnosis with a few other sites on the internet. This is the first time I have felt completely lost inside the picture painted for me by a hypnotist. It was quite beautiful. I feel that if if someone could cross Virtual Reality with Manga, it might be experienced just like this.
    I liked the sound effects and especially the music in the club.
    Thank you Mistress Mia

  5. andrew

    Wow. So many amazing things have been said about this session. What more could I say? Well, let me add this – that for me, Mia’s voice manipulates my experience of time and the matters I feel inside that time. Imagine, she took you to a party, on her time – drawing you in, ever more deeper, into the time she wants to show you – as the music keys in, movement flows, the party enacts. As I try and recollect how the party went… memories… and the opportunity to jump back again to the party entices…

    Such a pleasure in surrendering to Mia and her party.

  6. Quiet Joe

    This was one of the most vivid and deep trances I have experienced with Mia. In the car counting the white lines was so effective on me because I was an EMT for 13 years and driving at night I had to avoid doing things like that and looking at things like that while driving or it would completely zone me out on the 55-mile drive to the hospital. Thinking about the warm vibration of the vehicle in combination was the easiest I have ever gone under then been brought back up.

    Going to the club I could feel myself shuffling along with her trying to keep up in those slippers and the blanket. I enjoyed being with her and look forward to repeated returns to the Klub to get the most out of the session with the amazing music I can hear parts of in broken pieces in my memory of the night.

  7. James

    One of the sexiest rides you will ever take! Just like classic film noir this session will take you on many plot twists, dream-like sequences, and flashbacks. There’s even a mysterious femme fatale in red boots with a British accent that will lure you in and you will be unable to resist! I was so turned on by this session that I was rock hard throughout most of it and was shaking from erotic pleasure! A must listen and one I’ll never forget!

  8. MattyMatt

    A perfect moment in time…
    I sit here still confused about what happened. I awoke out of this trance with a throbbing cock and that overwhelming satisfaction knowing you pleased your Mistress. This morning was one of those perfect moments to trance. The house was quiet, I had called in sick, recovering from a cold trying to own me and nothing on my schedule. I got myself drugged up and propped up in bed, then headed off to the Klub! Inside, I wondered if I would just fall asleep and miss out, but there was no problem in that respect. Mia’s trancing skill got a hold of me and I lost count of the number of times Mia told me “wake up boy!” I still don’t know how many levels of trance I went through, but I had an overall feeling that Mia was breaking down any vestiges of resistance to her control; in the end, I was proud that she chose me to be an important accessory to her outfit. I was comfortable being lead about, naked and on display for her! There was some point in this session where my cock was sliding down red leather, this triggered an old memory, back to 10 years old, and me sliding down a tetherball pole; that slide sparked a dry orgasm which took me off my feet for several minutes (I never could repeat that experience), but for the briefest time, Mia brought me some of that sensation 😉
    The final part with the sensory deluge was erotic hypno-candy filled with vanilla and the ultimate treasure…mmm!

    For Mia, my mind blossoms and is open to her control…

  9. Taigh

    Could this be the most amazing experience ever with Mia Croft. I’m not confident that I do really remember everything that happened at the Klub. Or is that what I remembered didn’t really happen?
    Its confusing, I know, and I know that its supposed to be, that’s the way Mia wants me, aroused, slightly disoriented.
    Really the best thing to do, the only thing you can do, is just to follow along and follow Mia’s Instructions.
    One thing is clear to me. I can listen to this session over and over again and each time will be like the first, or perhaps not like the first, I can’t say for sure. Only Mia knows.
    ******* (Seven stars for me for this session).

  10. abe

    The most real vivid trance I have ever experienced with Mia. This is that perfect date night with one of her boys. Klub Deja Vu allows the mind to live out a night where you’re entranced, teased and toyed with all for the amusement of of a Russian Mistress. She’s the sensation of the night and Mia guides you to her, but before getting there, she drives you through her city in her car. This part of the session is truly the highight of it since it is where my trancing begings. If you happen to sleep during night time while in a car, you will surely enjoy that. I had to be woken a couple of times before reaching our destination.

    I won’t spoil the fun that awaits at the clubs or the events that happened there, but I can only wish that many can visit The Klub Deja Vu again and again…

    • Mia Croft

      It sure is my idea of a perfect date night with my boys. The Russian Mistress however, is not included in this version; this was a special added scene for you my sweet boy in the lengthened version of 80 minutes.

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