Length: 29:11
Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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3 reviews for Kneel and Obey

  1. Orella

    June has been another month of wonderful session releases at THM.
    An incredible new release each week.
    This month I have immersed myself in the exquisite creativity of Mistress Mia, Mistress Amber, Mistress Katya and culminating in the bliss of total submission to the control of Mistress Alexandra.

    I love hearing Mistress Alexandra’s voice, sexy sensual sounds resonating with confidence and authority.

    I am lost in pure bliss as I listen and let go, complete trust in relinquishing control to Mistress Alexandra and immersing myself freely enjoying the journey that Mistress has in store for me.

    I love obeying Mistress Alexandra’s rules, I love being in my proper place, kneeling at the feet of my Mistress. An obedient submissive toy for Mistress to use as she pleases.

    I love these interactive sessions where I respond verbally as directed by Mistress, repeating her words as they are absorbed deep with, enhancing and embedding her control ever deeper.

    I loved the feeling that rippled through me as Mistress Alexandra released a naughty sexy slightly menacing laugh.

    Five words are deeply embedded within, I can feel them repeating over and over and I love sinking into their effect, they hold deep meaning for me, they speak to who I fundamentally am and my deepest desire.

    I also have an eight-digit numeric string glowing in my mind’s eye.

    Thank you, Mistress Alexandra, for permitting me to kneel before you and submit totally to your will. Your toy to use as you please for your pleasure Mistress.

  2. Steven

    5 words and a series of numbers never felt so powerful before. In this session, be sure to leave time to recover after playing by Mistress Alexandria’s rules. I lost count of how many times I have let this session just run on loop. After enough times, I can hear the phantom words ringing in my adel head. I am trying not to give too much away, but Mistress Alexandria shows once more how easy it is to kneel and obey. So much so you will want nothing more to do those two exact things. This is a must have for anyone wanting deep trance or looking to practice/ go deeper into trance. A perfect session and training tool for anyone and everyone. Thank you Mistress Alexandria.

  3. Braxton


    Mind games, and self hypnosis come to mind in this session as Mistress Alexandra speaks directly to your mind, and whispers to your subconscious simultaneously. Were you able to keep from being distracted? Were you able to focus on both of her tasks, while still listening to her instructions?

    Great job Alexandra

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