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Length: 68:41

Voice: Mistress Sophia

Copyright © 2022 by TheHypnoMistress
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4 reviews for Knight in Shining Armor

  1. MicHam99

    Knight, what a lovely session….
    I love when someone take controls of me and perhaps that person is Mistress Mia.. showing me the way. And it is exactly what’s happening here in the foreplay ! And Being brought by Mistress Mia to that peep show! wasn’t even a choice, the foreplay is so excellent as always. Mistress Mia is so creative and talented, it is very impressive that I always fall without any resistances in Mia magic world.

    Walking behind Mistress to the Carnaval and being introduced to Miss Pixie for a wish….. but something went wrong. But “wrong” in Mia’s world have another meaning… my only wish was to be a “chevalier” to serve but… That amazing sexy session with the adorable Mistress Sophia and her contagious beautiful laugh wow just beautiful. Her beautiful voice send me deep into that hold that I crave so much to go. I feel so lucky to be surended by Such talented Mistress’s. Thank you so much Mistress Sophia for another great moment with you, falling into your complete control is so pleasurable.

    Thank you Mistress Mia and Sophia ! I am your biggest FAN. Xxxx

  2. Abe

    It took me a little more time to fully absorb everything from this session. From the lovely story that picks up from Penelope’s Peep Show, Penelope’s Clown, Sophia comes into the forefront in this steamy session. I’m overwhelmed by how easily and effortlessly Sophia takes me under in a quick of second. Which out even realizing I’m turned into a Kinght in shiny armor but not the kind they tell about in dungeons and dragons. I don’t spoil the fun but if you’re a natural submissive male who wants nothing more than to obey and happily serve a special lady in your life, find out how you can become the knight these special ladies dream about. Locked and protected with one goal in mind.

    Pleasure, hers and even yours

  3. Orella

    I simply love the foreplay that Mistress Mia adds to some of the THM sessions. I do have my submissive display, pert nipples, on show for Mistress Mia and her Girlfriends. I cannot control my involuntary submissive responses to the dominant ladies here at the TheHypnoMistress. We males and our displays, the ritualistic behaviour that we automatically engage in to impress females is deeply embedded.

    It has felt like quite a long time since I heard Mistress Sophia in a new session, looking back the last time I heard her bubbly angelically sweet and devilishly naughty voice was in the Klub Deja Vu session released for New Year’s eve 2021.

    This is a beautiful session; I love becoming lost within Mistress Sophia’s sweet naughty sexy voice, she is Mistress Pixie for this session.

    At the Peepshow Mistress Pixie takes over. I am made aware that the Queen from forbidden tastes may be seen around the peepshow and I wonder if I will catch a glimpse of her. However, Mistress Pixie is in control at Penelope’s Peepshow.

    This session reinvigorates the values that my generation was brought up with, a deep respect for women, ladies first always, open and or hold doors for her, stand as a mark of respect when a lady joins of leaves a meal table, women addressed with the deepest respect. The list goes on, from back when women were placed upon pedestals and viewed as so very special.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for the exquisite foreplay.
    Thank you, Mistress Sophia, for this delicious session.

  4. Braxton

    Enchanting. Captivating. Hypnotic.

    Who’s up for another erotic misadventure at the Peep Show? What type of shenanigans will we find ourselves in this time? Does it really matter? We all understand that the carnival is laced with traps designed to lure us in, but somehow we just can’t help ourselves. Returning to the carnival over, and over only to have our minds, and bodies dominated by the alluring carnies. Tonight, the carnival takes on a medieval theme. We are given the opportunity to become a chivalrous, knight in shining armor for all women. We are expertly trained, and wickedly teased to accept that this is what’s best for us, and it will make us more appealing to the women around us every day.

    Mistress Mia, your foreplay is always essential to all sessions produced at the Hypnomistress. No one can set a mood quite like you. You had me aroused, primed, and ready for Mistress Sophia to takeover my mind.

    Mistress Sophia, I loved this session so much! Your playful spirit is always welcomed. I always enjoy when it’s time to trance with you. I found myself easily seduced by your words, and encouragement to become a more submissive, chivalrous man. Acts of service for my lady has always been something that I pride myself on. Although you used a pretty wicked tease to get us to a state of total arousal, and submission before conditioning us, I can’t help but to still aspire to be your Knight in shining Armor.

    Fantastic session Sophia.

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