Length: 31:47

Voice: Katya

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3 reviews for Kum with Katya

  1. Orella

    It is such fun when Mistress Mia allows her friends to play with me, I must always ensure that I obey and follow instructions to prove how well Mistress Mia has trained me. It is such a pleasure to become lost in Mistress Katya’s sexy Russian accent as she instructs me closer and closer to orgasm awaiting her permission to finally cum.

  2. Taigh

    Katya is incredibly hot.
    She had me from the start. I can see why she turns Mia on – so much so that that she wanted to share us with Katya, so she could listen in and watch as we surrendered to Katya’s voice.
    I gave this four stars not five. Mainly because I felt this strong urge for Katya to control my stroking more firmly. Her voice turned me on like crazy and I came like a geyser at the end (thank you Miss Katya) . Part of me wanted her to stop me, to step in and take full control. Surrendering to that voice, sinking into the inky, dark syrup of Katya’s voice would be so amazing. Please let her play with us again soon Mistress.

  3. Abe

    I wasn’t expecting to feel such incredible pleasure and arousal. Exotic accents will defunetly flow my mind even greater thanks to Mistress Katya. This session, from begenning to end forms a connection with this Russan Domme and the listener which makes this trance even more vivid and real. I love the way how we both enjoyed being in trance as we watched one another masterbate in such an intimate way. One of the special moments for me was when I invisioned Mia there with us as well watching us in silence. Thank You both for making this possible Definetely looking forward to more from Mistress Katya.

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