Length: 48:09

Voice: Mistress Katya

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9 reviews for Kum Calendar

  1. Bianca

    This is one of my all time favorite files.
    Mistress Katya is hard to describe in words: the impact her words leave in my brain, the sound of her voice and how it penetrates every existing barrier of resistance. She gives me so many point to just stop listening but the more she does so the harder and harder it gets to even remember that I possibly could stop. In reality there is no stopping there is no defying Mistress Katya. She owns these orgasms and therefore she owns me she decides what how when it will happen. I have no impact on all these decisions whatsoever. Mistress Katya just makes me her little mindless obedient doggie that has no will and just follows what Mistress Katyas alltime, unbelievable, irresistible voice says. (ARA)

  2. 836

    I have listened to many of Katya’s sessions, but this one has become one of my favourites.

    For some reason, Katya’s voice has a strong effect on me. Therefore, it was not difficult for Katya to persuade me to play her game, as I willingly accepted all her conditions. It was somewhat challenging for me to follow everything exactly as Katya commanded, but it was a pleasure to obey and please her.

    I have completed the challenge, and it was a very enjoyable experience. Moreover, after this trial, I feel ready to participate in the extended Kum Calendar, if I am granted permission.

    Thank you, Mistress Katya. I’m your obedient doggie.

  3. Domijana

    I always look forward to your posts. This one, like the others, did not disappoint. Fantastic job!

  4. Braxton

    Challenge Complete.

    Fun. Challenging. Rewarding.

    This session was great. Honestly, I am on the fence about long term chastity. I do understand the benefits, and I practice short term chastity often, on my own. I must admit, It is very rewarding to hand over the control to a sexy, dominant woman and allow her to have her way with your sexual behavior. More than likely, I will refer back to this session at least 2-3 times per year to enjoy the benefits.

    Katya, I enjoyed your challenge very much. This was a real treat. I love it when your play with me so much. Teasing, and driving me wild with desire. My goal for the next time I take up your Kum Calendar challenge is to complete it like normal, but then immediately following the 6th release, I will begin the challenge again, but this time in reverse. I’ll start at 13 days, then work my way backwards. Great session Katya. Thank you for your hard work, and dedication.

    Mia, thank you for introducing me to the idea of chastity. I never would have thought I would actually enjoy it, but I do. In fact, I didn’t have my 6th, and final release yet, because with 2 days left in Katya’s challenge, I was captured, and leashed. I’m currently in custody of the Femdom Judges, awaiting trial and of course, that means another chastity period. I have been strong, and I will remain strong. When I am released from Femdom Court I will be at about 25 days without release.

  5. Taigh (Katya’s Kum Puppet)

    Before this session I wasn’t sure what a Kum Calendar is or how how it would work. I wont spoilt for those who are going to try this session out.
    I love the sessions from Mistress Katya where she plays cat and mouse games, using that OMFG voice of hers, dripping sex-syrup into you brain through your ears until you are stiff-nippled, rigid and completely under the spell of that voice. Then she toys with you, makes you say things, makes you want things that she controls. Every time I listen to one of Katya’s files I know I’m going to end up in puppy mode or puppet mode. I just never know which it will be.

  6. TaighDupp

    The Foreplay session from Mistress Mia is worth the price of the full session to be honest. She is so enchanting and seductive and listening to her describe what she was doing to another boy, I really felt she was doing the same thing to to me the whole time…I was nervous, embarrassed when I got hard and she talked about that too, making it harder. She made me feel like a skittish, horny 15 year old, completely seduced by an exotic gorgeous sexy older woman who was probably just toying with me. This is why I say its as good a full session. There’s hypnosis, but there is also entrancement, which is exactly what Mia did to me.. I will write a separate review of Mistress Katya’s Session because it deserves it.

  7. Braxton

    Intriguing. Arousing. Sexy.

    Only the strong will survive. Are you mentally tough enough to endure the challenge presented before you? In this very intriguing session the seductive Mistress Katya entices you with an extremely arousing challenge. Mental fortitude will be needed to complete it. Imagine being controlled by a sexy dominant woman in the most intimate way possible. Are you up for the challenge? Can you prove yourself worthy to earn a spot? Will your name be etched onto the Kum Calendar in the Hypnomistress office?

    Mistress Katya you are very convincing I must say.
    This is a numbers game, and I happen to be a numbers guy. I accept the challenge. I’ve made it known that chastity is something that I’m heavily considering. I must admit, challenges like this persuade me even more. Upon completion, I will do as you instructed me to do, and write to Mistress Mia. I always enjoy post session tasks, and interactions.

    Excellent session Katya.

  8. Orella

    I was planning to write a longer review. However, Andi posted a great and comprehensive review of the session so I will keep mine shorter.

    Listening to Mistress Mia’s foreplay was a lot of fun, I could picture her so vividly in my mind’s eye, her black leather pants stretched across her thighs and ass made my mouth water, hearing the creaking of the leather as she moved, the sweet scent of leather, her perfume and vanilla filling me with desire and arousal. The vision of her perfect painted toes peeking out from her 4 inch stilettos calling to me to lick, kiss and suck in worship.
    Oh yes, there was a young man that she was toying with as well, what a lucky chap to be a helpless mouse for such a sexy dominant cat to play with.

    Mistress Katya has such a deeply sexy voice dripping with dominance, confidence and power. What a pleasure it is to be an aroused pet relinquishing everything to her and submitting to her control.
    What a fun challenge Mistress Katya has for boys who want to obey her, please her and amuse her. Dates, days and obedience is what this session is all about, following Mistress Katya’s instructions on when and how to touch and cum.
    Success in meeting Mistress Katya’s challenge may result in having an entry on the THM Office Cum Calendar.
    I can picture Mistress Mia, Mistress Katya, Mistress Alexandra and Mistress Sophia amusing themselves, perhaps over coffee or wine, in the THM Office. As they chat about each named pet on the THM Office Cum Calendar, giggles and smiles as they exchange their thoughts on when and if a pet deserves to be rewarded, will they permit an orgasm, ruins, edging or deny for a few more days or perhaps skip a month entirely. After all it is all about their pleasure and a pet simply serves and obeys to please and amuse.

  9. Andi_S

    In the foreplay talk of this session Mistress tells another sexy and entertaining story about how she wrapped another poor boy around her finger, leaving him completely flabbergasted, confused and aroused, and lost for words by her charisma, confidence, and ability to just completely take control of a situation. I was thoroughly entertained, smiling all over and getting very aroused as I pictured the scene and basked in the pleasure and energy that Mistress was radiating as she told the story.

    In the main session Mistress Katya managed to keep me very attentive and aroused from start to finish as she explained the new Cum Calendar program. Her voice and personality is so sexy and so deeply attractive and arousing to me. There is something about her that I cannot put into words that I am so drawn to. Her voice feels so arousing in my mind. Increasingly as the session went on I was so completely certain that everything she says is right for me. It feels so good to believe so completely. This belief, this knowledge that she knows what I need and what is best for me and that all my wishes and desires and needs are in good hands with her…this belief manifests as a buzz of pleasure that grows and turns into waves of arousal and bliss. The stronger I believe and the more I have no thoughts of my own the more I am completely engulfed with this bliss. It is the best feeling I have ever experienced and I felt such a deep gratitude to Mistress Katya for letting me experience this.

    As she went on to explain in detail what a boy who wants to earn a place on the HypnoMistress Cum Calendar needs to do I felt myself wanting with every fiber of my being to have my sexual pleasure and my orgasms to be completely controlled by Mistress Katya and all the ladies at the HypnoMistress. Not just when and if I cum but how I cum as well. I know that no pleasure or orgasms I could have on my own could ever feel this good. I know I am at my best when I am malleable and obedient and let sexy confident women make all the decisions and do all the thinking for me. I can’t recall if Mistress Katya said these things or if my subconscious recalls this from prior programming but I know that these were my thoughts during the session and it felt so incredibly good.

    As I am Mistress Mia’s chastity pet I obediently refrained from touching myself and I do not yet know I may earn my place on the Cum Calendar. There is a challenge for boys to complete to prove to the Mistresses that you are able and worthy to earn your spot. I so long to earn my spot. I wish to be a slave to pleasure and a cum controlled pleasure puppet and slave to all the Mistresses at the HypnoMistress. This session and this new program is so sexy. Thank you so much for letting me serve you and for taking control of my pleasure. Thank you Mistress Katya for recording this session. You are so good at this.

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