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Length: 25:31
Voice:Mistress Mia

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2 reviews for Late Night Call with Mia

  1. Orella

    This interactive session is simply mind blowing. Mistress Mia expertly leads me through my evening setting the scene where I feel the desire and need for phone sex, I am nervous and excited as I call the number for Mia.
    As is talk to Mia I become so aroused by her voice and start to gain confidence as I fall under her spell and become increasingly relaxed as I listen to Mia’s sensual and seductive voice. I eagerly comply with Mia’s instructions to stroke and touch with her voice drawing me deeper under her control.
    I become lost in Mia’s voice, nothing else exists only her voice and obediently complying with her instructions lost in increasing pleasure, desire to obey and submit.
    The counts are exquisitely tormenting but I must wait until Mia is pleased enough with my responses and satisfied enough to command me to cum for her.

  2. Lukas

    Late Night Call With Mia

    since I have been listening to this one for quite some time I feel I should leave a review for this magnificent session. It is safe to say this is my favorite session. 🙂

    What You see in description of this session is exactly what You get. A late (HOT) night call with Mia which You are never going to forget and to which You´ll be coming back all the time.

    What definitely stands out for me in this session is it´s interactivity. It really makes You believe You are communicating with Mia in real time – almost like “live” session. So a little heads up – You better find some quiet place where no one else is around before You start to listen to this… 😀 😀 😀

    Anyway this session is going to leave your heart beating like you have never experienced and the intensity of it won´t give another choice but to always listen to the Late Night Call with Mia at least once more every time You finished listening…
    And every time You do listen… it is always like the first time.

    If You are still hesitating if You should buy this, don´t . This one is totally worth it.

    Pluses: Interactivity
    Adequate length
    Great Voice Acting
    JOI Type of a Session

    Minuses: Session is not Never-ending 😀 😀 😀

    6 stars out of 5 😉 😉 😉

    And if there still be an option for personalization the session available – I would certainly have this one personalized already. 😉

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