Length: 45:43

Voice: Mistress Mia

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5 reviews for Latex Dreams

  1. Braxton


    This trance was so wonderful! The level of creativity in this file is amazing. Everything that Mistress Mia did was deliberate and had meaning. Going deeper and drowning in Mistress Mia’s latex world was pure bliss.

    Outstanding work Mia.

  2. GoodBoyLance

    Mia starts off this session describing how she made her boyfriend completely addicted to latex and Mia is in charge because she is in latex. The way Mia describes the latex she is wearing and how it feels on her body is so sexy and seductive that you could almost cum from her words alone. Mia will effortlessly seduce you to become helpless to her and you will drown in a sea of latex that will consume you and make you addicted to latex just like Mia’s boyfriend was.

  3. Miaslave

    These session is for all that love latex. I could feel the latex. I was so deep down , that all feel so real that after the session I did wonder that i didn’t wear latex. The arousal is so extrem that I think even after the trance Mia could tell all and I had done it for her. In the session you can feel a little helpless and it feels like if you are not submissive before these session will be after it. and at least it is a good escape from reality.
    These session I think is hard to top at least for me

  4. Orella

    Latex Dreams is an extremely arousing sexy steamy latex mindscape.

    Latex has held a fascination for me for a very long time and this session is a delicious experience into latex dreams fuelling intensely aroused thoughts and images.

    Listening to Mistress Mia talking about her first experience with latex and how much she loves latex is so hot, hearing her describing some of her hot and sexy sensually stimulating latex garments how they feel and how they make her feel whilst she is wearing them is exquisitely arousing.

    My mind’s eye is filled with lovely ladies in latex. Dominated with visions of Mistress Mia and the outfits she describes in exquisite detail.
    I can taste the scent of Mistress Mia, a delicious mix of her naturally beautiful scent, a little perfume, her body warmth releasing an ever-stronger aroma of latex, her moist layer of sweat coating her body under the latex layer clinging tightly to her sexy sensual body.

    I loved the journey into ever deeper relaxation, as Mistress Mia separated my noisy conscious mind preparing me for a lovely drifting experience into a totally relaxed trance.

    I loved the feelings of becoming enveloped and encased in liquid latex. Helplessly surrendering to being completely coated in a layer of latex. Consumed within a tight flexible latex skin, willingly trapped encased in latex lost in overwhelming pleasure.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for being my latex Goddess, thank you for taking me on this hot arousing journey into latex dreams, thank you for filling my mind with images of you my latex Goddess.

  5. Abe

    Mia brings the heat in this super hot sizzling latex experience, Latex Dreams. The weather keeps getting warmer and hotter and sessions here keep getting better and hotter as well.

    A great way to start off the summer and what a heat wave this will bring. For us kinkters and lovers of latex, either for the extravagant daring fashion or indulging with it in fetish through our sexuality, this session is truly one you must experience. I always wondered how it felt to be layered and body sucked by latex material, being tightly wrapped and encased by sexy shinny rubber, oh boy, my body was in for a real treat.

    With sexy latex beach babes everywhere inside the mind, Mia stands out with her sexy shiny black swim wear to show off and enslave every helpless being who she hypnotizes. Mia gives deliciously details on how latex fabric is made, which is a major plus considering that I hardly know how such sexy material is made or where it comes from, she gives sexy information about how latex makes her feel and well, the whole entire hypnotic experience starts from there and leads to helpless surrender, immense pleasure and a deep desire for latex. So sexy!

    A session that I was craving to experience once in my life was Latex Dreams. A session that no water can cool off and one that will keep me from waking from that sexy latex dream. Incredible visuals, feelings, everything about this session for is just too hot. Every word spoken left like a liquidity portion of latex glued to my body. It felt that amazing.

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