Mia’s Black Leather Cock Cage + 20 minutes Foreplay
Length: 60:25 (Permission to Cum) 58:23 (Handsoff)

Mia’s Black Leather Pants
Length: Hands off – 25:01, Cum-on-Command – 28:47

Boot Licker
Length: 18:23

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1 review for Leather Goddess

  1. Orella

    Wow what a wonderful collection of sessions, even more so if you are into leather as a fetish.

    Mia’s Black Leather Cock Cage + 20 minutes Foreplay:

    Oh wow, wow, wow what a hot session this one is, a million stars at least, thank you so much Mistress Mia you are simply incredible and wonderful Mistress.

    The description for this session should already be blowing your mind with anticipation and arousal and in the event that you are not there yet when you read it the foreplay will get you there and then some.
    For those of you who are seeking tease and release there is the Cum version of the session which I may get to enjoy if I please Mistress Mia enough and if my monthly begging request results in permission to cum being granted.
    As you will understand from my comment above, I chose to listen to the No Cum version of this session, how could I resist the lure to be teased to the verge of insanity by my Keyholding Goddess Mistress Mia. I was not disappointed and lost my mind in arousal, frustration and the deepest desire to please my Mistress above all else.
    Honestly if I were not already one of Mistress Mia’s devoted chastity pets I would have been on my knees after the session begging Mistress Mia to ‘please, please, please, please, please, please, please permit me to enter servitude as your chastity pet, please Mistress please will you be my Keyholding Goddess, please, please, please Mistress I will do anything if you permit me to serve you as your chaste slave’.

    I have avoided giving details of the session away, you need to experience this one for yourself without any spoilers. I wonder how this session will make you feel?

    Mia’s Black Leather Pants:

    I have loved the smell and texture of leather for as long as I can recall, the image in my mind of Mistress Mia waring her black leather pants drives me into intense arousal and desire filling my helpless mind completely with her total control, these sessions are perfect as there is one to mercilessly tease me with whilst I am chaste and in turn one to reward me with an earthshattering orgasm if and when Mistress Mia grants me permission to cum.

    Boot Licker:

    Such a pleasurable session, instructed to lick Mistress Mia’s boots whilst envisioning the experience in exquisite detail. Oh yes please.

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