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Length: 45:58

Voice: Mistress Alexandra

Copyright © 2023 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

8 reviews for Lessons in Compersion

  1. Tharasmund

    I Couldn’t get the description and especially the cover out of my mind until I decided to get this file and give it a try.

    After listening I have been in two minds.
    This has been my first session with Mistress Alexandra and she is a wonderful hypnotist , her intonation so arousing and trancing sucking me in from the very first moment. It was so hot to witness the Lady’s Lust and arousal but at some point , the thought of not being the reason for those feelings, took over and weakens the athmosphere for me.

    Nevertheless I think i will listen to this again.

    Thank you for this great experience Mistress Alexandra!

  2. Poet69

    Mistress alexandra is truly a devine jewel.
    An icon, Idol and a Superstar.
    A femdom goddess and erotic mistress.
    Pure devine bliss. ♥

  3. Boby Moby

    I can literally not NOT cum to this file like wtf?
    The same part gets me every single time i f*cking love mistress alexandra cant wait for the next session.

  4. Grimbard

    This session made me more at ease when my wife goes to the party with her girlfriends and she comes late, sometimes under influence having fun with many guys, dancing, touching, god knows what, maybe not necessary having sex with them, but uh..

    after listening to this I told her that I wouldn’t mind if she had.. She was shocked to say at least and she said she doesn’t want to.. Well if she would I would deal with it perfectly thanks to Mistress Alexandra. So this turned to be very practical session for me. Thank you mistress.

  5. Braxton


    Cuckolding has never been my ‘thing’ but I love this series. The mind manipulation, and extreme conditioning are elements that I can always appreciate in a session. The idea that we are being conditioned to accept our lady can, and will experience pleasure from another lover, is very sexy. Perhaps she may even enjoy that pleasure right in front of us.

    Fantastic job Alexandra.

  6. Andi_S

    I have listened to Compersion Therapy 2 – Lessons in Compersion on loop almost all day long and it is so hot and irresistible. Mistress Alexandra’s voice and her sexy, seductive, and soothing way of speaking drew me in from the very first word. Mistress Alexandra is not just able to create a vivid experience in the listener’s mind, she also has a deep understanding of the male and the submissive psyche. Maybe that understanding is the difference between a good and a great hypnotist. And there can be no doubt that Mistress Alexandra is a great hypnotist. Her words do not feel foreign, they feel like an authentic expression of my submissive inner self and my deepest held, most intense sexual desires. There was, in fact, not a single word and not a single moment, where anything she says or suggests does not feel like it is exactly what I want and what I need. I have a huge admiration for the skill to make a session feel that way. Furthermore, the images Mistress Alexandra projected into my mind and the sexy moaning that could be heard in the background were unbelievably hot and addictive and let my imagination so run wild and got me close to the edge of orgasm just from playing with my nipples. I don’t think any listener will be able to get these sounds and images out of their minds.

    The truth is, I have always felt about myself and my ability or shall I say inability to please a woman as expressed in Compersion Therapy 2. I have always felt that a woman deserves more than I could offer her in the bedroom. My earliest sexual fantasies I can remember involved the girl I had a crush on using me as a chair or me being her domestic servant while she still only had sex with her actual boyfriend. But I was too afraid to ever explore the possibilities of making these fantasies come true because I was very ashamed of not being “man enough” and also unable to really form a bond of trust with other people that would have been strong enough to possibly move past that shame. I sure seems like I could have used some Compersion Therapy back then to teach me what my role in life really is. But I am glad and grateful that I can receive this therapy now. It feels so good and it is so hot and fulfilling to be under the hypnotic guidance and control of a powerful, intelligent, sexy, and empethatic woman like Mistress Alexandra who knows and understands who I am and who allows me to be myself and lets me learn about and explore my true submissive self in the safety of my mind. Especially knowing that it pleases her and Mistress Mia for me to do so.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia and Mistress Alexandra, for giving us this wonderful session and for teaching us about our role and about female power and sexuality. I trust and believe with all my heart that Compersion Therapy 2 is good for me. I am going to listen to it again and again and I can’t wait to open my mind and my heart to any lesson you decide to give us.

  7. Orella

    When I saw that Compersion Therapy 2 – Lessons in Compersion was being released by Mistress Alexandra in September, my curiosity was on fire and my anticipation was very intense.

    OMG what a hot session this is. The session cover alone is captivating and irresistible.
    I am lucky that as a Gold Tier Patreon subscriber I have access to all new sessions for free as they are released in the THM Showroom.

    As I press play and am rewarded with the beautiful voice of Mistress Alexandra filling my ears, I feel so happy and eager to let go and relinquish control to her. Just her first six words “Hello again boy, this is Alexandra” and I am already lost in her control, a passenger on any journey that she chooses for me to experience.

    No spoilers regarding this session. I will just say that it is exquisitely arousing and very, very hot, hot, hot.

    This session is perfectly enjoyable even if you have not listened to Compersion Therapy 1.
    However, I would recommend that you do listen to Compersion Therapy 1 first, as doing this will enhance your experience in this session.
    I would also say that listening to all of the FLR sessions would be a good foundation for any ‘good submissive boy’ who longs to be in a female lead relationship.

    Thank you, Mistress Alexandra, thank you for creating this very hot session, I loved listening to everything that your beautiful voice gifted into my ears and mind. I loved every sound of pleasure fuelling my intense arousal as I listened with a deep desire for my Mistress to be totally satisfied and overwhelmed by exhausted bliss.

  8. Taigh Dupp

    On my Patreon subscription, I’m a Good Boy, I like being a Good Boy for Mistress Mia and for her lovely hypnotic girlfriends. I know that I’m really supposed to wait ’til Tuesday to get the download code for this session.
    But I couldn’t wait.
    Not once I saw the cover. It was too much, especially after enjoying the first file Compersion Therapy 1.
    I can’t say anything about the session. You just HAVE to experience it for yourself. All I will say is. I have never in my entire life been so hard as that. So aroused.
    My whole body is now tingling. Throbbing with desire. The desire to experience my Queens pleasure, over and over.
    It’s all I want.
    I feel like a spell has been cast over me. And I love it.

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3 months 15 days ago

Deep respect for the 2023 award Winner!!! Mistress Alexandra is truly someone special. Not only a Femdom, a Mistress or a Goddess – she is realy a Million Dollar babe. Much more worthy than all Gold of the World. And she realy deserves the best. If i would be a rich guy and Not a poor poet, i would build her a Temple of erotic devotion. A temple for the devine being that she realy is. Peace to Mistress Alexandra. ♥

9 months 1 day ago

I’ve been refreshing the showroom all day and Just reading the description and Taigh’s review, it’s left me so hard and aroused. I still need to wait two more long weeks to experience what I’ve been waiting for since the first part of this series by Alexandra. No need to listen to figure out what I will getting myself into, but fuck, I so deeply need to!