Length: 60:04
Voice: Mistress Sophia

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3 reviews for Lessons in Pleasure

  1. Braxton

    Teachers Pet 2: Lessons in Pleasure

    Gentle. Calming.

    During “Lessons in Pleasure” our favorite teacher returns to take us to the next level of our journey to become Obedient Teachers Pets. Teacher lulls you into a very calming trance and imparts her sexual suggestions into our minds, teaching us how to respond to her… teaching us how we can please Teacher…

    Amazing session Sophia! I love trancing with you. You make it so easy to fall into a light daze. I’m always willing to do whatever is necessary to experience pleasure when you play with me.

  2. Abe

    This session had me pleading almost crying out in arousal and bliss for the pleasure teacher described. I felt shivers all through out my body everytime she spoked those soft and smooth words that educated me about my arousal and the way I had to respond everytime I became aroused by her. A sexy class with an even sexier teacher! I loved the interaction; I followed a dominant teacher’s instructions, I listened, I obeyed and most importantly, I learned.

    One thing I’ll like to point out is that I also hear a second layer in her voice, an even softer voice that soon follows in when she speaks. This makes my hands shake and by body to tremble at times. I first experienced this in her Party Pelaser sessions, and that truely eased out my mind to fall even deeper and easier for this one, for a voice that is angelic, relaxing and very sexy.

    Such a hot fantasy, such a hot teacher and such a hot series I want to come and listen again and again

  3. Orella

    For me, getting the foreplay component of these sessions is a no brainer, they are all incredible to experience in their own right and perfectly complement and enhance the main sessions.
    With this session the foreplay is an absolute must, it is so hot, so arousing and sets you up for the wonderful experience in Mistress Sophia’s class. I was captivated instantly and desperate to change places with the girl that Headmistress Mia was disciplining. What transpired after Headmistress Mia caught me watching had me drooling and dribbling like the submissive obedient pet that I so long to be.

    I love Mistress Sophia’s voice, somehow sweet, innocent, sexy, naughty and authoritative all at the same time, she has both an angel’s halo and devil’s horns in my mind.
    I loved being in the third row for Teachers Pet 1 – Obedience Class and now graduating so to speak to be permitted to sit closer to Teacher in the second row for this follow-on session is simply bliss. That little bit closer to Miss Sophia, that little bit closer to becoming Teachers Pet completely obedient and submissive for Teacher.
    The session is interactive and I love these sessions where I respond out loud verbally as they are so immersive, this session is even better as I can only respond with the phrases that Miss Sophia has instructed me to use, so no matter what her question I have to respond as she wishes me to like a good obedient submissive pet.

    I will not go into details of what happens in the session so no spoilers, you will need to experience the session for yourself.

    Being one of Mistress Mia’s chastity pets I will need to retake the class again the next time that I am granted permission to touch, I will also be guilty of not doing my homework assignment post the session.
    If I am lucky both Headmistress Mia and Miss Sophia will feel the need to discipline me for failing the class and not doing my homework.

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