Length: 33:17

Voice: Mistress Anja

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4 reviews for Lick!

  1. Braxton Bryant

    I’ve enjoyed this session a lot!

    Grat job Anja.

  2. Abe

    At any Any given opportunity to Worship a beautiful pair of boots, my knees will always kneel in total servitude. The idea of being called up by a sexy hypnotic HypnoMistresses to her office to service her beautiful high heel boots sends shivers down my spine. To be made to literally make love to her boots is truly an act of intimacy. This session brought me down to being vulnerable, humbled and willing, willing with a desire to worship beautiful leather boots; to lick, kiss and caress in the safety of my own mind.

    Thank you, Anja for such a special opportunity!

  3. Taigh Dupp

    Oh my. I looked at the picture and got instantly caught in the spell of those luscious leather boots. I think my mind just goes right down to the floor when I see a pair of boots like that (thank you Mistress Alexandra for my triggers)
    I don’t know when I finally noticed the actual Title. The command.
    But it was already too late any way. In my mind I was already there on my knees. Worshiping.
    This session from Anja is heaven.

  4. Orella

    Yummy, I see the cover art and read the title ‘Lick!’. Yes, please Mistress Anja, my mouth already watering in anticipation.

    I press play and Mistress Anja’s sensual voice fills my ears and like a spark igniting fuel my arousal levels start to increase in intensity.

    I drift along on Mistress Anja’s words, happily enjoying the imagery and feelings that are being woven into my imagination and core being.

    As Mistress Anja poses questions, I desperately feel a surge of ‘yes Mistress’ deep within.

    The description of Mistress Anja’s beautiful boots is so delicious. I find myself swallowing hard as my uncontrollable mouth-watering increases.

    I have no residence to dropping deeply into trance, I wouldn’t want to even try to resist, I love letting go and relinquishing all control to Goddess Anja.

    The THM ladies are all so wonderful and I love to obey, serve and please them.

    This session is a delicious experience, I love the aroma of the leather, my tongue and lips exploring the texture of Mistress Anja’s boots the taste of the lovely leather filling my mouth. Oh! my the heel…..

    As I am awoken from trance, I feel five words repeating endlessly deep within, they are who I am and why I exist, they give me perfect purpose.

    Thank you, Mistress Anja, I love serving as your devoted ‘Boot licker’, thank you for permitting me to worship your beautiful boots. I am an obedient boot slut who loves to lick desperate for instructions to allow me to serve and please.

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