Length: 12:58

Voice: Lacey

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2 reviews for Listen

  1. Orella

    I love this short session listening to Lacey’s beautiful hypnotic voice, I am drawn into a very pleasant trance where I become so calm, relaxed and happy. When I listen to this session prior to sleep I drift off into a very restful sleep with happy dreams and awake feeling great.

  2. Taigh

    Lacy is a very effective hypnotist. You can feel this in her voice from the moment you start this session. That sense of confidence from a women who seems to know that she is going to put you under, and who is enjoying the moments leading up to it, as your conscious mind start s fade and you begin to slip, she delays the moment a little, holding you on the edge, dangling as you surrender to her hypnotic voice. This session is one you can listen to over and over, going a little deeper each time and enjoying the sense of being in the palm of Lacy’s hand as you Listen.

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