Length: 56:51

Voice: Mistress Mia

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7 reviews for Locked & Loaded

  1. Andi_S

    I thought I knew know what to expect when I heard the term ‘Locktober Challenge’. But once more Mistress Mia completely blew away my expectations and made it even more fun and exciting and sexy than I could have imagined.

    I say this is the perfect opportunity to join in the fun and see for yourself what chastity with Mistress Mia is all about. Seriously, if you read this and have not joined the challenge, it is not too late. Get yourself a copy of this session and see for yourself how it feels like.

    Certainly, in my estimation this challenge is perfect as an entry point to try out chastity. It can be challenging and seem like a huge sacrifice at first but Mistress Mia is extremely skilled at preparing your mind and body to do this. And who knows, maybe you too will, once you have gotten a taste of how amazing this feels like, soon realize that the reward in so many ways actually far exceeds the sacrifice.

    Thank you so much, Mistress Mia, for giving us this great session and letting us attempt to please you. I am enjoying and loving every minute of this challenge. I love how each and every month you find new ways to make this journey so much fun for yourself and for all of us.

  2. SafetyDance

    Mistress Mia may have all of my cookies if she so desires, it’s not even something I would question as it would require thinking. MMM….I have done locktober for years but always on my own and both with a cage and mental chastity or a mix of both depending on work so I see this as a brand new experience and something that will push me deeper than I have been before. I had to listen to this session multiple times before making it all the way through and able to remember what was said in the session. Thinking about what Mistress Mia will be doing every day is already messing with me and it’s only been a few days, I can’t wait to see how the rest of locktober goes and who knows what may happen over the next two months.

  3. tymissmayihaveanother

    I enjoyed this audio, and felt like it was a personal message while Listening to it. I was able to sink so quickly for Mia, and I could relax but be very focused on Her words. I love love loved the counting while breathing, especially breathing with Her. I will be thinking of Her most of the day, but most certainly at 7 am Her time. And I felt compelled, like an absolute duty, to put the notification on my phone. Training or no, She can always have my cookie. I am very interested to see how Locktober develops. Yes, simply because She directed it, I will obey Her. Am I mindless, hallow, empty and blank for Her? Does She want me to be? Then I am. It’s always a privilege to listen to You Mistress Mia. It’s always my honour to obey.

  4. MicHam99

    Just listening to Mistress Mia Voice it is already so much pleasurable but knowing that my sacrifice of 31 days will please even more my Mistress then yes I will complete my task as an obedient doggie.

    It will bring me so much to the edge and torture me but really want to please. knowing that I can’t have cookies but watching my mistress heating all of them ! Just thinking about it! It arouse me so much and seeing her please, that is all I need, pleasing Mistress is why I am here after all.

    Locked and loaded ! again another beautiful session of Mistress Mia, I did have to listen twice as my subconscious was the only one who hear everything, so when i pull myself out of trance, realize that I didn’t get the MMM hours to arrange my alarm. Lol ….. but the second time I was all there.

    It is a good session to show Mistress how much she is important to me.

    Thank you Mistress to letting me please you. I just want to be a good boy. A good doggie. 2 days done 29 to go

  5. Abe

    I’ve always said that women are a gift to men, they tend to know what’s better when it comes to decision making when we think we are right, and when it comes to pleasure we tend to think that pleasure is mostly just about sexuality. Mistress Mia is a beautiful gift to Femdom in general. She’s made me realize that pleasure and even arousal can go beyond than just erections and cum burstings, yes her voice causes that in me for the longest of times. This session showed me that in reality, these during these hard times when I’m extremely aroused, I can get up and do other things to fade off the hardness and stiffness in my cock and the arousal surrounding my body, fading away and letting the orgasmic energy fade off just as quickly as it came. Though I never took Locktober very seriously before, now, my thoughts have changed because I want to please my Mistress the best way I can; by handing over what I most crave, desire, but mostly need…. She holds everything that defines me as a submissive, my will to become aroused, to how my body and even my mind respond to the pleasure, all that is given to her so that she may use it for her pleasure and arousal. This session is truly wonderful, beautiful,very emotional to me and left me a very happy boy in knowing that I will be part of the pleasure she will be feeling through out this entire month. I hope deep in heart that I’m able to make it to the end, to do something I’ve never accomplished, to hold off from sexual release for at least one month.

    I know that by the time this month is over, I will return to this review and tell it all… It’s always a pleasure to pleasure my Mistress, it’s far more important than my own pleasure

  6. river

    It is funny how a session can change the entire landscape of your mind, your needs, and your desires. We live with many assumptions in our lives, going day in and day out without verifying the truth for ourselves. As a submissive boy, I had assumed I knew what pleasure meant when I surrendered to a powerful woman. But I was simply unaware of the truth that there is a far greater purpose and satisfaction to be had focusing on the higher power. And Mistress Mia’s power knows no bounds. I am grateful to behold that power, and so will you if you listen to the session.

    I thought it to be a wild notion to be in chastity for the entire month. But I am convinced beyond any shadow of the doubt that it is rather best for me. And a vital step as a submissive. The true testimonial for the session will be when I reach end of the month is perfect chastity for her, but it goes without saying that I will.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for enlightening me and giving me an opportunity to submit to your power and… your pleasure.

  7. Orella

    Wow, what can I say? I am without doubt locked and loaded & Mistress Mia.

    Locked & loaded and loving every moment of being permitted the intense pleasure of pleasing Mistress Mia, filled with thoughts of her pleasure especially at a certain time of day in the Netherlands throughout Locktober.

    I have a warm hazy swirl filling my mind, MMM, cookies, puppies, locks and keys……

    Oh! boy! How desperately I desire a cookie, but given the choice of savouring a delicious cookie lost in moments of intense pleasure I would much rather experience the endless pleasure I feel from the beautiful vision of Mistress Mia consumed by pleasure, sweat soaked, moaning and groaning to shuddering exhausted panting and pulsing.
    A dreamy post cookie smile of a happy Mistress glowing in my mind. Happy Mistress, happy pet as it should be.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for allowing me to try to please you. Obedience is pleasure, pleasing you brings me purpose and pleasure.

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