Length: 32:06
Voice: Mistress Mia

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9 reviews for Lose Control

  1. mattintrance

    This is where things truly begin. You’ve already been lulled into compliance. You’ve finally let your guard down. You feel wonderful, and you start thinking that you’ve already gone far enough, maybe just to the edge of your comfort zone. But Mistress Mia knows better. You have to cross that bridge. Take that leap. Really give in and surrender your control. Lucky for you, you have the best guide you could have. Just reach out, give Her your hand, and let Her take you. Before long, you’ll know that it was meant to be.
    142 ARA

  2. Mia’s beast

    If you truly want to serve Her, this session is a must. Mistress Mia’s voice will engulf You, mind, body, and soul, and deepen your connection to Her.
    Mistress Mia being Your beast is an honor, and Your words in this session were like a wonderful blanket on a snowy evening.

  3. GuyC_UK

    if i had to sum up this session in 4 words it would be “Velvet Heaven with Tingles”
    i envisioned ♡Mistress Mia’s♡ Beautiful Red Lips Mouthing the Harmonious Words as i succumbed into Submission, i am in Awe of how Enticing and Dominating Mistress Mia’s Voice is, the extra icing on the cake was to be awoken and still be Tingling all over and feeling refreshed and so so good. Thank You ♡Mistress Mia♡

  4. Nornog

    I really wish I could give you a in depth review of this file, I remember Mistresses voice so soothing. Almost like a lullaby seducing me into trance, before I knew it I awoke in my room with a burning desire to be her good boy. Nothing is more important to me than that, the more I think about being her good boy, the more important it becomes to me. I don’t want the chase to end, till I am her good boy.

  5. Orella

    What a wonderful feeling to be taken into a deep trance and conditioned to release both mental and physical control to Mistress Mia, deeply submissive and obediently obeying in complete surrender.

  6. Dennis Rosenberg

    The very foundation of being submissive and looking for dominance and a set of rules, control and, through that, stability is an imbalance of those things in a person’s life.
    In this session, Mia picks you up and, while you can’t quite grasp what just happened, leaves you with a feeling of such warmth, contentmend and affection for Mistress Mia that satisfies all those needs mentioned above. I’ve had a similar effect with Bliss and the Trigger Trance but this session takes it to a whole new level and there can be no doubt that, once this afterglow vanishes, I have to come back. Thank you so much for doing what you’re doing, Mistress Mia. It’s a blessing to have found you.

  7. Jared

    This is a must have if you want to begin to feel bliss in your life and to start to train and condition yourself to not only enter trance, but to let go of control to a beautiful woman. I dropped very deep listening to this, and everytime I re-listen I go deeper. I can’t wait to continue my journey with the next parts in the series!

  8. Hard2hypnotize

    I am SO happy to have accidentally found Mia. This was a wonderful start in acceptance Many hours have been wasted elsewhere with others with very minimal success. Mia`s style and voice are perfect and this was both relaxing and powerful. After a few more listenings I will definitely be moving on to the next sessions . If you are seeking a path to relax and submit, you will succeed here.

  9. koda300

    I Love the way Mia’s voice flows through my mind her words are so sweet to the ear. She is very multifaceted in her choices of recordings. This session allows you to enhance your experience with no hidden agendas. Her voice just takes you down and deep into trance oh so pleasant to be under her control.

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