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Length: 46:21
Voice: Mistress Mia

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6 reviews for Lost in Lingerie

  1. mattintrance

    This is such a sexy, seductive, and clever session. It drew me in gradually, step by carefully calibrated step. First I was embarrassed, realizing that the saleswoman had noticed me before, gazing into the store window over and over. Then, I became so confused as She spoke, which worried me at first. But soon Her voice put me at ease, with such skill and empathy for my predicament. After all, what She was saying really is true. I remember the glossy catalogues that were so endlessly fascinating. And that’s okay, because as the nice lady says, it’s just the way males have been programmed, from even before their first erection.

    But, enough thinking—everything felt so much better after She ran that lovely silk over my cheek with her delicate, feminine hand. After that, what I was hearing seemed to matter less and less. By the time Mistress Mia had me trapped in the dressing room, there was nowhere to go but deep down.

    There’s an interesting phenomenon that I’ve noticed over the last few years, in numerous contexts with the only the very best hypnotists. It’s not easy to explain, but it feels as much like magic to me as anything else I’ve ever experienced, and it happened again here. Early in the session, I was thinking that Mia’s saleswoman was really acting less as a hypnotist, and more as an observer, pointing out things that the subject has always known innately about himself, but hasn’t really seen as others see in him. This made me envision a mirror being held up, allowing me to see myself more clearly, as others might. Then— lo and behold—Mia controls us through the two-way mirror in the dressing room later on. How that happens, I have no idea, but it sends lovely chills up my spine, and sparks my arousal every time.

    Thank You, Mistress Mia, for doing this to me, and for sending me off into such a sweet, soothing sleep at the end.

  2. philmslim

    I’ve been lost in lingerie my whole life, sneaking glances in the women’s’ clothing sections a young man. Even sneaking away with clothing catalogs staring at the photos of silky smooth stockings and panties imagining how those feminine bodies might feel in my hands. To this day, my eyes are drawn to all the types of sexy lingerie that seems to exist only to entice.

    Shopping is not always easy with so many choices out there; silk, lace satin, etc. I’m blessed that Mistress Mia was able to suggest some items for me that I would have never found on my own. She know how to make new customers feel welcome and relaxed. I look forward to booking a private shopping appointment in the near future.

  3. 470

    I keep listening to this file. It lures me in. Slowly and with a firm hand Mia builds divine attention and attraction to her captivating universe of ideas. I’m submitting. I will impatiently be awaiting any upcoming file, setting the next stage of this adventure. I feel like I’m kept on the verge, when I reach the end of this amazing sound adventure, and I can’t wait to listen to it again.

  4. Bad Boy Braxton


    Ladies’ lingerie has always fascinated me, it started in my teen years, and now has progressed throughout my adulthood. I’ve never had the urge to wear it, I simply admire it on a woman’s body. The various colors, fabrics, and designs are all there to captivate the eyes of a man and arrest his mind. I personally have my favorite colors, and fabric of lingerie that I appreciate on a beautiful woman.

    Amazing work Mia.

  5. LC

    I never thought of wearing lingerie, now I can Hardly think of anything else!

    Thank You Mistress Mia!!!

  6. Orella

    Who would not enjoy being lost in lingerie?
    The visual stimulation that arises from seeing these undergarments is irresistible.

    As the session begins, having already entered the lingerie store, the scene builds enhanced by the ambient background noises that really do bring the feeling of being in a store to life.

    Mistress Mia plays the role of the shop assistant perfectly. Playfully drawing me ever deeper into the store taking me on a lingerie saturation experience.

    The shop assistant mentioning sneaking around viewing lingerie catalogues brought back memories from my teenage years, no Internet in those days and those catalogues held an irresistible lure for a pubescent boy.

    The shop assistant talks about the delicious feel of silk on skin, having worn silk shirts I do know how this exceptional material feels.

    As the session continues the immersion into a universe of lingerie plumbs new depths and takes a surprising turn, with Goddess Mia playing an amusing game with her slave unfolds……

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for creating this sensory overload lost in a deliciously sensual sexy world of lingerie Mistress.

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