Length: 26:21

Voice: mistress Anja

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6 reviews for Love Stroke

  1. Grimbard

    I am sure that I was doing all Mistress Anja wanted, but I hardly remember what happened. The more I try to remember I just know that I should remember something else..

  2. Braxton


    The more I listen to Mistress Anja, the more I find myself loving her voice. I’ve noticed, no matter what the session theme is, she remains very seductive throughout. Love Stroke is the latest example of that. I’m really enjoying my experience with Mistress Anja’s journey here at The HypnoMistress.

    Wonderful job Anja.

  3. Jalang

    Anja’s strengths come to the forefront in Love Stroke.

    She knows how to allure you, take you down to such a deep state, before unleashing her wild side.

    The point of these sessions is to give up control to your hypnotist, but in this trance Anja claims it completely. Before you know it, you’ll be obeying her every word without even realizing it.

    If you are a chaste slave this might be a challenge.

  4. Abe

    From the first listen it’s simply too hard not to obey Anja, it’s so hard not to please her and not do everything she wants. As someone who loses themselves in the pleasure of masturbating for the pleasure of a dominant women, this session left me in a wonderful sexual afterglow that I sure can’t experience and find with selfish, meaningless ejaculations. Getting rewarded with a powerful mind blowing orgasm for obeying and submitting to Anja is pure delight and long lasting. Anja has a really tight grip and knows exactly what to do to us with it. Sex in its pure raw and wild form. I am amazed, surprised, desperate for another listen and another. Anja; her personality, like that feeling you get when you’re around a down to earth person, but when hitting the bedroom and sheets, a dominant sexual force or nature who will not as of soft or down to earth as she seemed.

    I love that about her…

  5. Andi_S

    I am currently on a quest to break my chastity record and to train myself to be more obedient for Mistress Mia and have not had an orgasm or even touched my penis for pleasure for over a month. So when I saw what Mistress Anya’s newest session was about I really wanted to listen to it but was also wondering
    just how big of a risk it would pose to my quest. I figured that I could play with my nipples instead of touching my cock if Mistress Anya commanded me to stroke. But what if I lost control? What if a desire to obey and possibly to cum for Anya just took over? I was still trying to weigh my options when I saw that Orella had posted a review. After reading it I decided to follow his example.

    As the session started I was almost immediately torn between wanting to obey Anya and remaining in chastity for Mistress Mia. Mistress Anya’s words were so seductive and sexy. Her voice sounds so erotic. And the way she commanded me stroke and spoke about her body and her own arousal got me so hot and horny. My cock was so hard and I did feel a need to obey. Doesn’t Mistress Anya deserve my utmost obedience? Wouldn’t she want me to just mindlessly obey her? And is it not my wish and my role in life to please her? But then again, I have listened to Denied another Day every day for the past month and I feel a deep desire to remain chaste for Mistress Mia. So while I did feel a little bad for not fully obeying Anya, my hands did go to my nipples instead of between my legs. I wondered whether I was I doing so by choice or if I have lost control and was obeying a deeper programming that Mistress Mia has installed in me. And as this question was going through my mind I felt a deep desire for just that. Losing control to Mistress Mia. Being at or getting to a point where a choice to obey becomes a deep need, or an undeniable compulsion even. I surrendered to this realization and I finally settled into a state where I stopped asking questions and felt that I was obeying both Mistress Mia and Mistress Anya.

    The next thought I remember was towards the end of the session when I could hear Mistress Anya counting me down to orgasm. I felt my mind looking for the right response. Do I continue playing? Do I wish to cum? Am I supposed to want to cum? In the end I just surrendered myself to the moment, continued playing, and accepted that I have no control over the outcome. As the command was given I felt a kind of mini orgasm in my mind and precum on my legs.

    I awoke feeling both satisfied that I had not cum as well as denied from experiencing this session as Mistress Anya intended. It is such a good masturbation instruction. The mental images of Mistress Anya’s body and the commands she gives are so hot. I would love to enjoy this session to its fullest one day.

    Thank for Mistress Anya for giving us this wonderful session and for allowing me to spend time listening to your sexy voice and so incredibly arousing words. Even though I did not obey your words to the letter I hope this experience has still taught me something about asking fewer questions in trance and better surrendering to the feeling and obeying without question. But whatever the case may be, it is an immense pleasure and joy to spend time with you in trance and I thank you for this wonderful experience.

  6. Orella

    I love Mistress Anja’s sessions. Her last new release ‘Lick’ back in March was delicious.

    Seeing this new session ‘Love Stroke’ sent a shudder of anticipation through me, the thought of obediently immersing myself in her hot sexy arousing voice sparking deep desire to let go and surrender control to her.

    Reading the session description, I saw the word ‘masturbation’ and as I am a THM chastity pet who cannot touch if it is erect without explicit prior permission, I knew that this was going to be a very hot exquisitely arousing but also deliciously frustrating session.

    Pressing play, my ears and mind were filled with the beautifully sexy voice of Mistress Anja’s, my desperation to surrender control to Mistress Anja seamlessly took over and I obediently drifted along going wherever Mistress Anja chose to take me.

    All I recall was feeling intensely aroused, desperate to obey.
    I have virtually no recollection of details from the session.
    I was suddenly aware that I was back in control, cock was aching and dribbling.
    I had a background feeling that I should be a sticky mess that would need to be obediently licked clean.

    Post the session I was left feeling aroused, deeply satisfied and deeply frustrated and desperate to cum all at the same time.
    I had sore hyper-stimulated nipples, as mentioned I cannot touch erect cock without permission, the default alternate is to tease and play with nipples.

    Thank you, Mistress Anja, thank you for creating this exquisitely arousing session. I loved hearing your beautifully sexy voice making me feel so good with you in control Mistress.

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