Length: 45:31

Voice: Mistress Mia

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10 reviews for Madame Fate 2

  1. Jalang

    In Madame Fate 2, Mia demonstrates her ability to craft deep, multi-dimensional, hypnotic experiences.

    Have you ever had a dream within a dream?

    Have you ever dreamt you met someone, and they changed before your very eyes?

    We don’t perceive people in our dreams visually; We create them with our third eye. Hearing a voice, but not having a face to place it, our minds will draw upon our experiences to assign a face to the voice.

    Mia has shared many pictures on TheHypnoMistress website, Patreon, and Discord. If you’ve seen her, you’ll know she’s quite beautiful. You’ll know her hair, here eyes, her lips.

    In this session, Mia will evade your conscious mind, and eclipse your third eye. Who will you see when she pulls back her hood? How will she appear? How do you want her to appear?

    You’ll find your answers deep in this trance.

  2. lorenzo

    Welcome reader. I can give you a whole review about this awesome session, but I feel compelled to just give you Her card. Madame Fate told me you would certainly listen to Her in your near future.

  3. mattintrance

    I have to admit that this lovely session caught me off guard in an unexpected way. I was anticipating a continuation of the story told in the first Madame Fate session, but I was pleasantly surprised to meet Madame Fate anew,, in Her element at the fair. Not long after She explained the intention behind the calling card I had been given (by whom?, when? where? —I can’t remember), She compelled me to look into Her lovely green eyes, as She told me that She uses the card, with its picuure of Her younger self, to ensnare younger men. Within moments, I was helpless to do anything except answer Her every question exactly as She wished me too, as Her voice made me more and more relaxed. When She coaxed the last of my resistance from me, I knew I was totally helpless.

    I have always found older women to be very attractive, especially those who have master the art of covert hypnotic seduction. As She explained, She has learned to use Her skills as She aged, and Her confidence made Her irrestible. By that time, I wanted nothing more to belong to Her, serve Her, and please Her. I will happily be one of Her “clients,” who returns to Her again and again, and will gladly pass Her card on to other curious young men.

  4. Justgoodvibes

    Madame Fate 2 is a well written session. I love the character that is Madame. The mystery surrounding her, the uncertainty of what will be the outcome of the meeting? You’re quickly pulled in, and there’s no place you would rather be. The session reminds me of another intriguing character named Penelope. I’m always in search of collectibles, and trinkets from yesterday. I can only hope to uncover a Madame Fate business card, one day?

  5. Braxton


    The sequel to the 2019 Session was well received by the community. The elder Madam Fate captured us by leveraging our own curiosity, and arousal. Once she began to tell us about our fate, it was too late, we were victims before we knew it.

    Terrific work Mia.

  6. Abe

    This session feelings like it’s from a different timeline, with long years passing since our first encounter and experience with Madame Fate. As a different person perhaps? All this for me makes this session magical as some reviewers have stated. Mia’s incredible skills truly break all resistance, giving life to Madame Fate in much more alluring, seductive, much aged women. A original creation she is, a unique character brought to life and a voice impossibly to surrender to.

  7. Isaac

    So, first review I ever posted, very exciting.
    I have never felt confident enough with my skills in the english language to truly express my thoughts but after listening to “Madame Fate 2”, I decided it’s time.

    I should mention as a starter that the theme of the session is by itself something that always fascinated and charmed me, so I have entered the session with a lot of anticipation- yet I could never have guessed what a magical and overwhelming experience it is going to be.

    Mistress Mia is an unbelievably talented artist (as it is known to every person who ever listened to any of the amazing creations of the THM) but everytime I think it is simply impossible for her to elevate herself even higher than her previous recordings, she does it.
    she masterfully weaves a story that could fascinate and absorb any listener, while her enthralling voice carries it like irresistible spirits intending to whisk you to another world which surpasses your wildest imagination. And high above this magical scenery, there sits Mistress Mia, orchestrating it as a genius compositor.
    This recording, in my opinion, shows it clearly.

    And along her addicting voice and words, which creates the foundations of the story and the world she so masterfully weaves, one should also mention the incredible choice of background music – the role it plays could not be understated.
    The music complemented perfectly the ambiance and the general feeling the listener carries from beginning to end, But even more so it complemented Mistress’s voice…mysterious, bewitching and seems to be emerging from a world far beyond human consciousness…
    The way all the components in this recording fitted together, made it all seem like an elaborate musical creation that one should not try to analyse but simply let himself lose himself into it.

    The eloquent and fluent descriptions of the world made it even easier to feel myself in a real and breathing world, everything comes alive which makes the overall sensation so much more encompassing.
    Before the middle point of the session, I have already felt myself completely enthralled, realising that my fate is now in much more competent hands, which I completely trust.

    Now, as I am aware of the ‘no spoilers’ custom when writing a review, I should only say that this session was like a great short story which I didn’t want to end, beautiful and enchanting, I could not recommend it enough.

    And the end…again without spoilers, I should say that at the end of the session I have found myself on my knees (both mentally and physically) … one reason is the session itself, but another reason is the realization of the experience I have just been through and the almost superhuman extant of talent encompassed in Mistress Mia.
    I found myself in awe, grovelling and trembling, completely owned and filled with overwhelming adoration that one person (or rather Goddess) could have so much expertise to create such masterpieces, time after time, dominating one’s being in the most pleasurable way possible.
    One simply cannot do anything but drop to his knees, it would be the most natural thing.

    For anyone who read this lengthy review, I would like to conclude my prattle in a single sentence: A bewitching experience by our enchanting Goddess.

  8. Orella

    Just reading the title ‘Madame Fate 2’ brings thoughts and memories flooding back on the first ‘Madame Fate’ session released back in early 2019.

    The cover art for Madame Fate 2 is enchantingly stunning. Her eyes drawing me in the more I gaze at the breathtaking image.

    Mistress Mia skilfully weaves a vivid mindscape and sensory rich experience in this session.

    I felt so drawn in looking at the picture of Madam Fate on the card and I could feel my growing obsession as I walked amongst the fairground stalls, so drawn and captivated by her impossibly green enchanting eyes, her raven hair and stunning beauty.

    I think that the reviews by Michael and Taigh sum up the session well without giving away spoilers.

    There are many aspects to this session, three colours permeating my mind, dark yet irresistible tones abound, you will know what I mean when you listen. Green eyes, breasts, green eyes enchant me, those green eyes are irresistible.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for permitting me to take my proper place kneeling at your feet in worship of my Goddess ready willing and happy to serve.

  9. Taigh

    I’m beginning to think that Mia really is a magician, a fortune teller, some fallen angel slumming it down here with the rest of us mortals. There just seems to be nothing she can’t do, can’t make happen in your mind.
    Madame Fate is chilling, thrilling and mind melting all at the same time.
    Of course you end up on your knees, how could you not.

  10. Michael

    Just listen to this session. One of the best that THM / Mia has put out (and Mia has put out a lot of great sessions). Such great storytelling and hypnosis, such that after listening even just looking at the picture that goes with this session makes me feel so good…

    Just listen. Well, listen, and obey…

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