Length: 45:18
Voice: Mistress Mia

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2 reviews for Madame Fate

  1. Orella

    I simply love the intricate mindscapes and worlds that Mistress Mia so expertly creates in my mind, experiences that feel so real and immersive.
    In this session I am drawn deeply into the mindscape being painted and woven into my mind, taking in every intricate detail as they are described by Mistress Mia’s beautiful enchanting voice. My senses coming alive with scents, sounds and visuals.
    I find myself in the waiting room to see the fortune-teller, her business card announcing her as ‘The High Priestess’. The building is eerily silent except for her echoing voice, I am instructed to ‘follow her’ and find myself willingly looking for someone to follow but finding only a cat, as the cat nearly disappears from view I quickly decide to follow, I move faster and faster to try and catch up with the cat but never seem to close the distance as I go deeper and deeper along the corridors of the building.
    The cat suddenly turns and enters a room and I follow at such a speed that I arrive crashing into shelves and a table causing wine to spill across it.
    I find myself looking at The High Priestess, the cat now sitting on her lap. I sit in the chair indicated for me and take in the unusual details of the room, colours and scents fill me. I take in the vision of The High Priestess observing her in great detail.
    I return her business card as requested. She explains why she invited me to a personal more intimate reading experience with her. As she examines my hands, she explains the meanings of the lines on my hands, especially the fate line, one to which I am resigned, and the relationship with the other lines on my hands.
    The High Priestess asks me if I know my fate, I slowly nod yes, she smiles as she remarks that if I did, I would not have come seeking guidance and her eyes seem to change colour as she speaks.
    The High Priestess studies my hands as I cannot help but study her breasts. She remarks that when I came through the portal that I spilled her glass of wine, I think ‘Portal’. She explains about the portal and that I have crossed into her realm.
    The High Priestess studies the spilt wine and residual in the wine glass, the wine is made by her sisters and is used for deep readings and the way I spilled it will give a clear reading. She explains the meaning found in the reading from the wine and from my palm.
    I consider my desire to know my fate, the cat comes to me and sits purring looking at me. I feel a strong feeling that I want to stay and learn my fate, I tell The High Priestess this.
    The High Priestess explains the pattern in the wine marks and the reading derived from them. I am captivated by the stains and her explanation of the large hole in my life that I may have been ignoring. She retrieves a deck of tarot cards from a small chest and explains how the reading with these works.
    The High Priestess warns me that what the cards show what will come to pass from this one reading, I am given the option to leave should I wish to or to willingly stay and submit to the outcome of the reading. I hesitantly draw 5 tarot cards as instructed one at a time and place the cards as directed on the table.
    The High Priestess arranges the cards that I picked and one by one turns them over explaining the meaning of each and their interrelationship to one another. My curiosity increases, what is it that I am so desperately seeking? I watch her eyes and listen intensely, I feel a wave of pleasure start to envelope me as she speaks, I am filled with the presence of this woman and my own thoughts become a distant memory.
    I willingly embrace my fate, my new beginning in happy devoted servitude to The High Priestess my new Mistress.

  2. Taigh (Madam’s toy)

    I have been to visit Madam Fate. In so doing I learned my own fate That fate is who I am, who I always was without fully understanding it. And now I know…that it is, it always was , what I am fated to be. Knowing myself, my new place in the world, my right place, in her world, its true that I am happier. I feel at ease with my place, it feels good, really good. I feel pleasure running in my body as I reflect on the fact that I belong in my place. Since I visited Madam Fate I have felt a strong and persistent urge, a compulsion perhaps, to visit this site and write these words……. I am a good boy.
    Writing that felt good, really good, like liquid pleasure running down my scalp. My legs are shaking a bit. I am so happy to have been shown what’s right for me.
    Knowing my fate. That I have become Madam’s pet. I ask you, would you want to know your own fate? Would you want to know what will become of you. You might wish to visit Madam Fate,. Would you do risk that? Even after you know what can happen. That she might decide to keep you, on a string, or in a box, a toy for her to play with.
    If you want to know your fate she can tell you. I have her card. She gave it to me so that I could give it to you, so that you can find her.
    …. If its what you really want.
    I am a good boy.

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