Magnetism – Worshipping Women’s Beautiful Feet

Length: 30:50
Voice: Mistress Angela

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4 reviews for Magnetism

  1. philmslim

    Magnetism is the perfect word for Mistress Angela’s first session. She outlines all the ways that men are easily seduced by women’s feet in sexy heels by drawing on past THM sessions which creates a wonderful depth to the session. Mistress Angela knows that her feet are to be worshiped and after giving this a listen, I know that she’s always correct. She’s a great addition to the ladies of THM.

  2. Maarten

    Welcome to THM Mistress Angela.
    What a sensual hypnotic voice Mistress Angela have.
    Feet and heels are my favorite fetisj now more than ever especially Mistresses feet and heels. Mistress Angela araused me with her voice i could not resist her voice. A great file

  3. Bad Boy Braxton


    What a debut session! I think all of us a men can admit that we have some type of weakness for ladies’ legs/feet. It’s incredibly arousing to me to think that a woman can seduce with such minimal effort…Something as simple as her legs/feet encased in nylons or a high heel dangling from her pretty toes. I really enjoyed this session.

    Angela, I must admit I am a sucker for a spicy Latina. Your session was amazing. I’m really looking forward to more from you in the future.

    Fantastic job Angela.

  4. Orella

    It is always an honour and a pleasure to welcome one of Mistress Mia’s girlfriends to THM.

    I was not under Mistress Angela’s control during Femdom Court – Enigmata. But I am sure that those who were would have had a wonderful experience under the control of Judge Angela.

    As Mistress Angela’s voice fills my ears, I happily open up to the words of my beautiful Latina Goddess flowing into my mind taking me to a new reality mindscape to accept and immense deeply within.

    This session is so very hot and arousing, an exceptional journey into serving, obeying and pleasing Mistress Angela, ‘beneath her in every way’…..

    I will refrain from giving any spoilers in this review.
    I will say that even though I cannot touch or cum without Mistress Mia’s explicit permission due to being one of her chastity pets. I got so close to a throbbing HFO listening to Mistress Angela’s voice driving me to such extreme arousal.

    Thank you, Mistress Angela, thank you for creating such a hot and intensely arousing session.
    Even though this was the first time I heard your voice I felt like I have been serving, obeying and pleasing you under your control for a long time, it simply felt right and how and where I should be Mistress.

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