Length: 34:29
Voice: Mistress Mia Croft

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4 reviews for Make U My Bitch

  1. Jack

    Hot, seductive fantasy, mixed with genuine hypnotic skill. The kind of file that calls to you before you even purchase it, the one you know you shouldn’t be drawn to, but you are. And once you do listen, you’ll find yourself only going deeper and deeper… a must have for any who fantasise about being dominated by a powerful and alluring woman, and hypnosis so good you’ll have little memory of what transpires…

  2. Braxton


    Allow Mistress Mia to manipulate you, program you, and seduce you with ease in this kinky session. Mistress Mia captivates in this session, bringing you to your knees. She has plans for you, while you’re down there.

    Great session Mia

  3. Abe

    At first, this session’s description might suggest that this is one of those sessions that isn’t for anyone, to think very carefully if you should or should not add it to your growing collection, well it will be either one of the two. For me, well let’s just say that this wasn’t what I expected at all. And that’s what’s the best part. This session went past my expectations ver far, taking the words “Make You My Bitch” and making them a wonderful pet name that Mistress Mia would know me as, simply as her bitch. When you’re a submissive male, being called a bitch, at least in the rightful place and right position, bitch just sounds perfect and your submission to your dominant Mistress gets that much deeper.

    Again this session could not be for everyone and should only be listened to on the right time, and the right day(s) if you’re a Chastity pet or have days when you’re freely for self pleasure

  4. Orella

    Make U My Bitch… what an apt title. Should you be lucky enough to listen to this session you will join Mistress Mia’s bitch collection too.
    I love being Mistress Mia’s bitch.

    The session got me thinking, exactly when did I become Mistress Mia’s bitch?

    Was it during one of the great many exquisite richly woven fantasy mindscape sessions?

    Was it during my journey into the obedience loops?

    Was it when I was desperate to breathe during the breath play sessions?

    Was it during my devoted chastity slave journey?

    Was it during an immersion in the subliminal sessions?

    Was it lost in mindless mantras?

    Was it during one of the many other sessions that Mistress Mia expertly created?

    The more I thought about when I became Mistress Mia’s bitch, the more I realised it was the moment I first heard her beautiful, enchanting captivating voice, the voice of the Goddess that I worship.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, I am Your bitch and I love being your bitch, thank you for permitting me to be Your devoted bitch Mistress.

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