Length: 50:46

Voice: Mistress Sophia

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7 reviews for Mannequin

  1. mattintrance

    As a pliable and devoted plaything of Mistress Mia, it made me so happy when She commanded me to run a little errand for Her, to deliver an envelope to Her girlfriend, Mistress Sophia. (I think that I’ve been to Mistress Sophia’s store before, but when I try to remember my thoughts become very fuzzy, and I seem to drift off into a soft, sensual daze.) On my arrival, Mistress Sophia was so sweet and welcoming as She took the message with Her into another room while She tended to some other necessary tasks. It was so kind and thoughtful of Her to give me something to occupy me until She returned, and I felt myself fall quickly into the sexy loop that was suddenly running in my mind.

    I don’t know how long I sat there before Mistress Sophia returned, but I was perfectly content and docile listening to the lovely voices in my ears. Then Mistress Sophia was back, and She wasted no time dropping me down, down, down. Breathing slowly and deliberately at Her direction, I felt myself falling deeper. Always deeper. Then deeper still. Over and over. It felt like a dream. The next thing I knew, I found myself in the window of the store, a blank, empty and programmed toy for my Mistresses.

    Lovely work by Mistress Mia and Mistress Sophia!

  2. Curiously Curious

    I experienced this session for the first time today. I say experienced it, because you don’t listen to a session as incredible as this one, you live it!

    Starting with Mistress Mia’s sexy, sultry voice melting my mind into the usual puddle of goo, then taking me even deeper before handing me over to her girlfriend, Mistress Sophia to play with. Knowing that I would be returned safely to Mistress Mai at the end of the day, there was no fear, no worry, only incredible excitement and pleasure.
    Collected by Mistress Sophia, such a sexy and alluring experience as anyone who has listened to any of her session knows, the sweet innocent sound of her voice, innocent and beguiling. An angelic voice that belies the dominant and powerful hypnotist that is about to control your mind and body. Whether it was just this session, or whether it was being pre-hypnotised by my Mind Mistress Mia before being given to Mistress Sophia, but I dropped into a submissive paradise of mental, emotional and physical ecstasy. Mumbling and then almost shouting mantras and answers to Mistress Sophia’s questions, so aroused and yet so incredibly passive and submissive all at the same time, knowing that by submitting to Mistress Sophia I was pleasing Mistress Mia, there could only ever be one way for me to go… DEEP! This session is an exemplar of femdom hypnosis, one of the finest and most effective mind melting hypnotic experiences I have ever had.

    An incredible trance that I need to listen to again, and again, not just for the pleasure of the experience, but also if I am to have any hope of ever knowing exactly what these incredible femdom hypnotists have done to me.
    As I explore more and more new ways to submit to Mistress Mia, this one ranks as a firm favourite. Being hypnotised and programmed by my mind mistress before being passed over as a well trained toy to her girlfriends to be played with, such a hot way to surrender to the power of THM. Knowing I would be returned to serve Mistress Mia made it a safe and happy place to be in, if only it could have lasted a bit longer… say another 2 or 3 days.

    I want to review this session without spoiling it, and in truth there are many gaps in my recollection of the session. Suffice to say, one of the hottest, sexiest and most submissive trances I have ever experiences. WOW WOW WOW!

    Thank you Mistress Mia, thank you Mistress Sophia, may I come back to play some more?

  3. Abe

    Just how far down is deeper? How further down have I’ve really gone? Just when I feel or start believing that I’m landing on a surface, I’m tricked into seduction and I lose myself over and again. Deeper becoming a trigger word for pleasure to please. It almost feels like I’m being tossed around by TheHypnomistresses, like a ping pong ball being played with as they pass me around this hypnotic world. That’s what I’ve become, a toy to be used and be played with, be tossed around. Mistress Sophia speaks those soft whispered words, and I’m instantly hers. It’s a sexy thought being displayed at the store, probably a bonus item of gift that comes with the purchase of a spicific toy too.

    That’s all I am, what I’ve become, a happy and obedient sexual toy,

  4. Braxton

    Calming. Relaxing. Caring.

    In this great session, you quickly realize that you are just an object of your Mistresses desire. You’re sent to Mistress Sophia’s store “Just For Fun” for extra training in becoming a more pleasing toy, willing to do anything your Mistress will have you do… just for fun of course. Sophia calms you and takes you down very deep, conditioning you to realize that you are becoming a sex toy. You will soon be on display, a model at Just For Fun ready to sexually serve, and please.

    Sophia, you make it so easy to relax during your sessions, with your soothing voice, and calming demeanor. Anytime I trance with you I sleep so peacefully afterwards. When I was 5 years old in 1988, one of my favorite toys I owned was a pull string talking Smurf. I wonder if the Mistresses adore me as a toy, the way I adored my talking Smurf.

    Great session Sophia, I’m very excited for the next installment of Just For Fun.

  5. Andi_S

    This is one of my favorite foreplay talks Mistress Mia has done. She sounds so happy and like she is having so much fun talking about her ever growing collection of delightful toys. I absolutely love the vibe she is giving. She almost sounds like a kid in a candy store, knowing that she has all these toys at her disposal. Of course, as Mistress explains there are some toys that money can buy and there are others that must be seduced. Now…can you imagine the honor and the immense pleasure it would be for you if you actually got to play a part in making Mistress Mia this happy by becoming one of her treasured toys that she enjoys so much to play with?

    Fortunately, there are tried and tested ways for you to go if this is indeed your goal. For example listening to this session. Mistress Mia sends you to Mistress Sophia’s store “Just for Fun” for further programming to turn you into a fun loving toy that is willing to try out any new thing to please and amuse his Mistress. There is a focus on installing a number of triggers that make it easier for any woman to take you into trance and turn you into a mindlessly obedient toy. I must confess I do not remember much of the details because Mistress Sophia quite effortlessly took me into a very deep and pleasurable trance. The way she says ‘deeper’ with her incredibly soothing and sexy voice made me melt like butter. Towards the end of the session I noticed that I was really thinking of myself as Mistress Mia’s toy and that I would do anything to please her. It wasn’t just a phrase I repeated, it was a truth I believed in completely. It felt so fucking good. I believe if you train with this session you will really come to believe you are a mindless toy for Mia and her girlfriends to play with and, at the command of your Mistress, be able to instantly become that toy. Does that sound like something you want? I think we know the answer. So what are you waiting for?

  6. Orella

    Mistress Mia sounds so whimsical and playful in the foreplay for this session.
    Oh, how I love to be an acquired toy that she wants in her collection to be played with for her amusement and pleasure.
    A helpless obedient pet submitting to anything that Mistress wants, perhaps shared with her Girlfriends for their pleasure and amusement too.
    I am so lost in desire and arousal as I listen to Mistress Mia’s words, I am very excited to go back to Mistress Sophia’s store ‘Just for Fun’ for another visit. My first visit to ‘Just for Fun’ was so much fun, I wonder what will happen this time.

    The session transitions perfectly from where Mistress Mia left me standing, in the foreplay, to my mind being picked up and wrapped in Mistress Sophia’s naughty sexy voice. It is such a sexy arousing feeling being handed over from one Mistress to another and I really love feeling like an owned object with no choice in what happens to me.
    I am instantly and completely under Mistress Sophia’s control. I simply must do as Mistress Sophia instructs me to do.
    The added effects in this session are delicious, new loop like aspects filling my ears and mind are so pleasurable to become immersed deeply within floating in bliss.
    Mistress Sophia takes me deeper and deeper so easily, I would not try to resist even if I could, I am so happy to release all control to her, so relaxed and happy.
    I have fallen in love with the word deeper and what it does to me when I hear it fall from Mistress Sophia’s lips.
    Hearing Mistress Sophia’s heels clicking has such a deep effect on my feelings of arousal and deep need to obey.
    I love interactive sessions where I must repeat phrases and mantras out loud, they become so deeply embedded.
    Yes Mistress, please make me a perfect Pleasure Pet for Mistress Mia and her Girlfriends. Thank you for my new programming Mistress Sophia.

  7. Orella

    I love posting reviews of the incredible sessions that the THM Goddesses create, it is a small way to give something back to these wonderful ladies.

    I listened to this session last night, I am awed and lost for words this morning. I will try to assemble a proper review when I can focus my mind properly.

    One thing that I can say with confidence is that both Mistress Mia and Mistress Sophia have found a way to take their already captivating, enchanting, sensual, sexy, erotic voices to a whole new level of off the scale arousing naughtiness in this wonderfully sexy session.

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